A new trailer and poster for the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal film have been revealed

Sailor Moon Eternal poster

A new poster and trailer have been revealed on the Sailor Moon official site! The poster is above and you can watch the trailer embedded below.

This confirms that the trailer which was making the rounds last month was in fact authentic. The trailer we see here, aside from some minor changes, includes all of the same footage which we saw in lower quality in the leaked trailer which we had posted about.

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Moon S intro

At the time I assumed the footage from the Sailor Moon S intro was some kind of placeholder but even that in fact was included in the actual trailer! The rest of the trailer gives us a look at Usagi, Chibiusa, Pegasus, Mamoru and the Sailor Guardians Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Pegasus/Helios

Also revealed today is that the voice of Pegasus and Helios will be provided by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. He is a veteran voice actor who voiced Kirito in Sword Art Online and has appeared in numerous other anime series.

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Usagi Tsukino

What do you think of the trailer? Do you regret calling out the terrible animation when you thought it was a fake? Let us know in the comments!

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mars

Keep reading for more screenshots from this trailer! These ones are of a higher quality than the ones which were posted last time!

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Super Sailor Moon and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - The gang in their high school uniforms

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Usagi transforms

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Usagi and Chibiusa meet Pegasus

Sailor Moon Eternal trailer - Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon

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28 thoughts on “A new trailer and poster for the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal film have been revealed

  1. Well, based on the trailer, it appears the film will be released on time. For now, anyway. Hopefully it stays that way. Either way, I’m excited.
    Also, it’s hilarious that Pegasus is being played by Kirito’s voice actor. Another over-powered dude in a fantasy world hanging out with a lot of girls who are interested in him but only in love with one.

  2. I was pretty sure it was real back when it leaked, but I too was surprised to see that the intro was part of it…I’m still not sure why they did that unless it was just for nostalgia…and even then, why use the intro from S rather than SuperS?

    Still, I am excited to see it looks like things are on track and now we may get more information regularly.

  3. They really need to work on shading, everything looks really flat. + I hope they’ll change the landscape in the background and put there something more dreamy and aetherical.

  4. Why did they use the same attack animations as from the 90′ s anime? I love Crystal for the new stuff, not for the copy/paste. I fear the transformations will also be the same.

    • I feel like since the transformations in the last season directed by the same woman were all a little different looking, the transformations in these movies will look a little different. What I really hope is when they get to Eternal Sailor Moon’s transformation, they do something way better than the 90’s anime. I would love if they used her pink ribbons, but in an awesome way, and had her say “Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make-up!” instead.

      • I also like the pink ribbons, but she doesn’ t use that phrase until Stars. At the end of SuperS she just upgrades.

        I just hope they do that scene justice – it’ s one of the more impressive ones. Plus we get Plutos and Saturns transformation, finally.

        • I hope they don’t do Saturn dirty like back in the 90’s. They dropped her like a hot potato for the majority of the series after her appearance in the 3rd season.

          • Oh, I haven’t read the manga in forever so I didn’t know she didn’t have a full Eternal Sailor Moon transformation until the fifth arc. But I’m glad you like the pink ribbons, Bast. It was weird in the 90’s anime. They didn’t use the ribbons at all when she was Eternal Sailor Moon but she had ribbons when Sailor Galaxia de-transformed her. And yes, finally will see Pluto and Saturn transform in this series! I, too, hope Saturn gets done well this time.

  5. Why is Pegasus so small? I still hate that they shoved this Dead Moon arc into two movies. What are they going to do for Stars? I will watch it because i am a faithful fan and seriously hope it gets released on sept 11th despite pandemic craziness.

    • If it does well enough, maybe they will give it the Dragonball Super treatment and rerelease it as a series.

  6. I’m having a hunch they did attacks and transformations in 3D but way better than in 1st Crystal season, while rest of the animation is “2D”; tbh, after first season I’m definitely not a fan of CGI.

    Usagi and Chibiusa next to Pegasus looks kinda flat but I’m more concerned if they manage to do better animations than in S3 – while design was much better than in S1 and S2, they made characters barely moving, everything has this slide-still feeling.

    While I do have hopes that third time’s the charm, the feeling that Toei and all interested people aren’t particularly interested in this reboot is still strongly present. As I said here last time, at this point they should either restart whole thing once again so previous series wouldn’t stand aside in terms of quality and design from these upcoming movies or just abandon whole thing at all. You can say that 90s series was poorly done but at least it had its own unique charm (as everything did up until studios switched from hand work to CGI).

    • (Pity there’s no edit feature – sorry for replying to myself)

      The real deal-break for me would be not only a better and more “alive” animations but also inviting all original 90s voice actresses and actors; sure there’s Mituishi Kotono but she feels alone among all these people who doesn’t sound particularly distinguishable one from each other. SMC lacks of Hikasawa’s short giggles, Tomizawa’s sharp scolds, Shinohara’s deep lines and Fukami’s hysteric laugh.

      I get it, some of these women moved forward or aren’t interested – it’s just my stupid wish that this perpetual anniversary would just pick up where series ended up in 90s.

      • It would be a shame to abandon this whole thing. I say if they make these movies really good, and then if they make Stars really good, it will be worth it in the end. From the looks of it, the animation for these movies actually won’t be that great, sadly, but at least it isn’t awful. The attacks are definitely not CGI. You can tell in the little bit we got from the trailer. Anyway, my wish would be that in the future somehow they make the most amazing, long Sailor Moon movies with the best directing and the best animation possible, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

      • I think they should finish it. But I think we need either a new reboot that goes in a new direction, a full series not so strictly manga-based that it feels restricted, a continuation of the old anime (ala Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card) or even an alternate universe with new characters in the same kind of theme, like Precure.

  7. All I can say is, I hope Sailor Saturn is in it and I hope they make her design similar to the 90s version. I’m assuming that’s the direction based on the trailer.

  8. It is cool that they are doing this movie! I would like to see it.

    I just hope it doesn’t take them a long time to put out the Star’s arc…

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