A teaser trailer for Sailor Moon Eternal has leaked but some fans question its authenticity

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Sailor Mars

A clip which appears to show a teaser trailer for upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal movie has been making the rounds online. This is unfinished footage with some placeholder animation but it does appear to be new animation in the style of Sailor Moon Crystal. Toei has been taking down the clip from YouTube as others have uploaded copies. While some fans think this could suggest that it is authentic it is also possible that the takedowns are to avoid confusion once a real clip is released. I’ve embedded a copy of the video which was brought to my attention below. Note that it is very likely that this clip will be removed at some point soon.

I make no specific claims about the authenticity of this clip. I know as much as any other fan in this case. The footage looks convincing enough though I can’t help but feel that some of these clips looks suspiciously like footage from Sailor Moon SuperS.

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Title

The clip starts out with a title image which mentions Gal Enterprise at the bottom. A quick search confirms that this is in fact a company which makes anime trailers. Next we see an insertion of footage from the Sailor Moon S opening which is obviously not part of the Sailor Moon Eternal movie. The letters “CG” in the top left corner of this clip suggest that this may be where some computer graphics would need to be inserted at a later time.

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Usagi

We then see a clip of Usagi and then of Super Sailor Moon. Next is a quick look at all of the Sailor Guardians in the usual order, Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Sailor Moon and Mamoru

We then see Super Sailor Moon hugging Mamoru. Next it’s all five girls and Chibiusa in their high school uniforms, a scene right out of the manga and original anime. We then see Usagi and Chibiusa seeing Pegasus. Then it’s Sailor Moon transforming and then Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon attacking.

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Usagi, Chibiusa and Pegasus

What do you think? Does this look like legitimate footage to you? One way or another we will know once an actual trailer is released! Check out more screenshots below.

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Placeholder footage

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - The Sailor Team

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - Usagi transforms

Sailor Moon Eternal leaked teaser trailer - 9.11

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49 thoughts on “A teaser trailer for Sailor Moon Eternal has leaked but some fans question its authenticity

  1. It looks quite convinving for me, also this is the first time I have seen Toei being so persistent in deleting fan content. The attacks look inspired by the 90s, but they are definetely not redrawn frames and we all expected them to recreate them. I think the footage itself is real, with placeholder animation and audio. Time will tell, but it looks quite convincing. Also the time fits. They were supposed to release news on Eternal, during the cancelled Anime Japan last weekend.

  2. Looks really cool and well made BUT it’s totally a trace from the 90’s anime and crystal season 3 with some alterations. It would be very unprofessional if they did something like especially for a theatrical version. The colour palette doesn’t match the colours from the teaser. The character design changes from scene to scene so are the colours of super sailor moon’s skirt. And other small details. I would be a little let down if this is an actual footage.

  3. I am guessing this is real. The thing that is terrible with this is that they did what season 3 did which I hated. They used stock footage and for the most part did not even come up with new stock footage for the attacks. I mean I love 90s anime version, but with all the time they made us wait they could have spent a little more effort to think of how to design a different take on the same attack if they were going to use stock footage anyway. None of the attacks look like they even tried to do something different. This is as bad as chronos typhoon in crystal season 3 and the outer transformations. They went real lazy with those and the inners attacks that were old they did not even try to change it up. Some of the shots in this movie do not look that great either I mean that close up of Usagi is meh. I am happy that after 4 years we can finally get to continue the series, but I can’t believe we waited this long for something that looks like this.

    • It’s like a damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation if you ask me. If they change too much, it might upset original fans (like me). I can see what you mean though. The Super attacks of the inner scouts are my fav attacks by them from the original anime, I personally wouldn’t want any changes. I am just happy we’re getting the Dream arc, which was my fav arc from the manga.

    • I hope you guys could put on TV so we can watch it on TV and send the Moon is the best show ever even even to watch it in the theaters are watching on TV on Fox 26 or something like that but it’s a good show it just teach people how old Sarah Moon fights the bad guys and wins and and get their place at their place will all be the scale Scouts

        • Don’t forget Tuxedo Max!

          But seriously, I would love Sailor Moon to return to TV as well. I might not watch it when it aired, depending on times and availability, but it would give these whippersnappers some real anime for a change!

  4. Not true. They are inspired by the 90s, but Ercury is holding actual arph, Mars has an actual bow, so I guess Venus will have her whip and it will be like a mix between the 90s and the manga attacks.

  5. Some of the footage looks real especially where Usagi and Chibiusagi meeting Pegasus. It looks to be in the style they did for crystal. I don’t think I have seen that image anywhere before. I really hope to hear something soon!

  6. If you watch the beginning, and compare Usagi’s hair, you can tell that the first clip is NOT in the sailor crystal style. In Sailor Moon, the bottom of her hair often looks like corkscrew curls. In Crystal, it just looks like a soft wave at the end. The shadowing style is also very reminiscent of the original Sailor Moon. Maybe that was intentional? Seems like there are a couple of clips that seem legit, but someone might have just leaked them and thrown them together.

  7. I think all of the footage except the beginning (that is very obviously from Sailor Moon S) is quite real. And I am very in love with the new footage and also very disappointed by it. All of the scenes that aren’t attacks are wonderful, but I’m a little sad that they made all the attacks (except Mercury’s, seemingly) have the very same poses and motions that the anime did. I will say they are probably NOT tracings, but just new drawings of the original actions, and for some reason it looks like they just flipped the original footage horizontally. Who knows if they flipped the image just the for this trailer or what. I certainly hope so! But at least the animation is very flowy and beautiful, especially for Venus. In fact, the only attack that doesn’t look animated well is oddly the one attack that actually has new character and camera movements, Mercury’s. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t look as good, because they didn’t use the original attack as as much of a guide. Anyway, I really, really hope we see no repeats of footage in the films and get new animation every time they attack or transform. Yes, I realize that’s asking a lot. LOL.

  8. I just saw this on facebook this morning and made a comment that it didn’t look real. Maybe some of the clips are real, but I don’t think it’s real trailer (at least I hope it’s not). I’ll also be really surprised if this releases “on time,” what with the global pandemic going on. I could see them delaying the release date (again).

    • The footage is real. It is not the finished trailer as the first seconds are placeholder animation. This is like a project of scenes for an upcoming trailer that leaked and someone put tem in some sort of order. Look at the effects and the detail, look at the new props used for Moon and Mercury. This is a professional work, based on the effects alone.

  9. I think it has some validity to it. We have to remember that a veteran Sailor Moon designer is helping with the movie and she is from the 90s. She specifically said that she would try to ensure to capture both the 90s and manga.

    I’d like to think that this is also not just Toei animated it but Deen also helped in the process.

    Do hope this is real though.

  10. The image with Pegasus looks like a fan made video I once saw. And all the other parts are either from Sailor Moon S or Crystal season 3. So ya, this is totally fake.

        • Never mentioned a logo. And I never said the original teaser showed animation. The shots from the original teaser aren’t animated.

          • This is so not fake. Except for the opening shot, it is all Crystal style designs in the animation with none of the animation being repeated from Crystal Season 3.

    • Confirmed to be real. I’m not at all surprised. This project has been a joke from the start. Every element has been subpar from story development to sountracking to animation. It’s so bad that you can’t tell if their trailers are fan made or not. It’s been like that since 2014.

      • Give it up, chief. Waluigi will always be an Assist Trophy, and there is nothing, absolutely zilch that you can do about it! And should Waluigi ever get that drastic of promotion and lands a role in Sailor Moon Eternal, then I will kindly return to this thread and admit that my opinion has “not aged well.”

  11. I don’t see Mercury holding a harp. Anyway, anyone who doesn’t recognize the new Crystal designs on the SuperS style attacks, and sees that that is new animation and that those parts are not fake…yikes.

  12. Looks like crap to me. *shrug*
    I really don’t understand how a company continues to drop the ball with its styling and animation choices. Do they just not really give a damn? Probably show, Sailor Moon is their cash cow and they’re just pumping out crap to gain a dollar.

    Forget the integrity.

    • My thoughts exactly, but you and I are few and far between on having this viewpoint. It seems like most people just eat it up. I’m so disappointed.

  13. So… basically they realized how awful the animation, soundtracking and character development were for this ‘manga reboot’ and decided to close-out stat with a subpar carbon copy of the 90s installments. Should have just worked with Takeuchi and the original production team to continue the series arc after Stars. What a waste of 6 years.

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