Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33, Infinity 7 – Transformation – Super Sailor Moon, May 23rd at 10:30am

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33 Preview - Super Sailor Moon

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japanese TV this coming Monday, May 23rd, at 11pm Japan Standard Time. Following this, at 10:30am Eastern Time, the show will being to be available to stream in North America. The show is generally first available on Crunchyroll, though the stream for devices may not show up during the first bit. For example when I used to get up early on Saturday mornings to watch the show I couldn’t watch it on my PS3/PS4 app, but needed to watch it on my computer instead, though after a few hours this was not a problem anymore. Neon Alley usually has the stream available a bit before Hulu, which is at first restricted to Hulu Plus users.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33 Preview - Sailor Saturn

This week we are getting Act 33, Infinity 7 – Transformation – Super Sailor Moon. Good to see someone’s getting a transformation during this story arc! I don’t care about Super Sailor Moon though. I care about Sailor Saturn! Based on the preview and manga we should see her this week, but it’s in the form of a flashback to the fall of Silver Millennium when Sailor Saturn showed up to murder a bunch of people. We won’t be seeing Hotaru transform into Sailor Saturn but she will turn into something!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33 Preview - Sailor Saturn

The original manga version of Act 33 features a comment about how Harukua and Michiru have patrons. I never quite understood the meaning of this comment and wonder if it will be included in Crystal so that we can speculate about it all over again.

Sailor Moon Manga Act 33 - Haruka and Michiru have patrons

“Ho ho ho! We’ve got patrons, so we never lack for money!”

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58 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33, Infinity 7 – Transformation – Super Sailor Moon, May 23rd at 10:30am

  1. Nice image, and I will definitely make sure there will be a Pokemon/Sailor Moon anime crossover with the Japanese voice actors of
    Kotono Mitsuishi as Sailor Moon
    Aya Hisakawa as Sailor Mercury
    Michie Tomizawa as Sailor Mars
    Emi Shinohara as Sailor Jupiter
    Rica Fukami as Sailor Venus
    Toru Furuya as Tuxedo Mask
    Kae Araki as Sailor Chibi Moon
    Keiko Han as Luna
    Yasuhiro Takato as Artemis
    Rica Matsumoto as Ash Ketchum
    Mayumi Iizuka as Misty
    Yuji Ueda as Brock
    Ikue Otani as Pikachu
    Megumi Hayashibara as Jessie
    Shinichiro Miki as James
    Inuko Inuyama as Meowth
    And here’s the English cast:
    Stephanie Sheh as Sailor Moon
    Kate Higgins as Sailor Mercury
    Cristina Valenzuela as Sailor Mars
    Amanda Celine Miller as Sailor Jupiter
    Cherami Leigh as Sailor Venus
    Robbie Daymond as Tuxedo Mask
    Sandy Fox as Sailor Chibi Moon
    Michelle Ruff as Luna
    Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis
    Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum (hopefully)
    Rachael Lillis as Misty, and Jessie (hopefully)
    Eric Stuart as Brock, and Brock (hopefully)
    Ikue Otani as Pikachu
    Carter Cathcart as Meowth (since Maddie Blaustein passed away in 2008).
    And Ash Ketchum will be in Sailor Mars’ arms after being injured and in Sailor Moon’s arms after being rescued in the final battle.
    And in this episode, I hope Sailor Mars will hold Chibiusa in her arms after snapping out of the spell? :D :D :D :D :D :D

        • The way you don’t give up is admirable, but it is still pretty rude to make that page long list of the same thing almost every post.
          Not just to us, but to the blog owner as well…though I’m sure he doesn’t mind as much as the readers.
          I’m not attacking you, I’m just saying that no matter your own thoughts on it, it would be nice to be considerate of others on here.
          No one likes spam.

          I wish you’d at least mix it up every so often, like post which Pokemon each senshi would have.

          That would be more interesting, since we’ve already seen the cast you’d want too many times.
          I bet we’d even be willing to jump in and come up with ideas with you then.

          And while I personally doubt that such an anime will ever happen, coming up with new ideas is always fun and if it gives you something to hope for, I’m glad it brings you happiness.

          • It needs to happen. It will start with Usagi meeting a boy named Satoshi (or they say in English, Ash Ketchum). And at the end, Sailor Moon will definitely hold Ash in her arms after being rescued in the final battle when she destroys a monster. And Ash will be held in Sailor Mars’ arms, too, after being injured. So, nobody will reply that to me. :D

          • If Sailor Moon is being motherly to Ash does that mean she’ll also hook up with Professor Oak?

          • Site was down earlier this week because the file system was full. Was this due to these massive posts?

            Not really. It was access logs mostly but wouldn’t that be funny.

          • it will be nice to have a report button. I dont care for Pokemon and this is NOT a Pokemon website so yeah a report button for unnecessary over comenting.

    • The comment about “patrons” is a suggestion that they both are escorts of some sort. Of course they are joking but since Usagi is “pure, innocent” she wouldn’t know. And I loved it that they included that :)

      Awesome episode that I watched with watery eyes.

  2. I really like this chapter of the manga cuz it has everything included on it, it is sad, funny, interesting, +18, kinda scary, beautiful etc. Im not gonna spoil anything I’m just gonna say it is one of my favorites and I just hope they don’t change it but if they can somehow make it better than i hope they do cause it would be a huge up from the last episode cuz the last episode was a huge down except for Hotarus flashback and Hotaru being a cyborg but the rest episode was just a huge disappointment for what we’ve seen till now

  3. The “Patrons” comment is this: They are talented and artful women, so rich people pay them to be just that, talented and artful. They don’t have to give anything to the Patrons. The Patron is just supporting them so they can do what they do, and they do it well. it was a huge thing in Italy and France, where all artists had Patrons, Rich people that paid them and kept them alive and afloat so they could sculpt, paint, write, etc. It wasn’t uncommon for them to be primarily rich, bored, wives… and they would have affairs with the artists. It’s not a common thing now-a-days, but it does still take place in European and Asian countries.

    • That’s what I imagined it was when I read it.
      Haruka plays piano (anime at least) and races while Michiru paints and plays violin. Even without patrons their talents probably bring in quite the haul…but not enough for helicopters and swimming pools, maybe.
      Even in America there are still patrons for some artists and writers, though maybe not on as large a scale…there’s even the Patreon website!

      The way Haruka mentions it is kind of funny though, almost like it’s embarrassing or hush-hush.
      I don’t know why, but it always made me laugh and I hope they keep that scene!

      Since we know they were reincarnated, I wonder who their parents were?

    • Indeed, patronage happened in my country (France) and Italy, especially during the Renaissance, I think.. For instance, when Louis XIV was on the throne, I think this practice was very developped. This king had a grip on everything he could : over painting, music, literature, architecture and so on… He wanted the artists to be at his exclusive service and do to his exclusive will, for his own glory (the “Sun King” stuff, you know)… He asked to the French painter Nicolas Poussin to come from Roma to be at his service. Poussin stayed for a few years but if I’m not wrong, he decided to return to Italy because he couldn’t express himself as much as he wanted in his works (he had to do the King’s bidding and his free time was very limited), and some other court painters were jealous of him. There was a bad atmosphere surrounding him, and he couldn’t stand it anymore.
      Patronage can be seen here as a form of mental and moral dictature…

      Anyway, Michiru and Haruka seem to be free in their practices ans this is all that matters. And I’m so eager to see flashbacks of Saturn :D !

      (Oh, and about the fact that Haruka and Michiru have personal helicopters… all I hope is that their patron is not… Christian Grey >_< …)

          • Christian: “Did the world just shake?”
            Haruka: “You haven’t seen anything yet, buddy!”

            It writes itself!

          • And then Christian used his resources to retrieve Cyprine’s staff in order to control all the women who don’t listen to him!

          • What about if the Christian Grey of Sailor Moon was in fact… Masato Sanjoin ? He’s so hot that he can naturally brainwash and submit any women… see Naru and Makoto.

            That would be so funny if Nephrite/Masato was the rich patron of both Haruka and Michiru XD .

            Sailor Moon : “Hey girls, where do your helicopters come from ?”
            Haruka and Michiru : “Er… from a guy who is so rich that he is, himself, a gemstone.’
            Sailor Moon : “…”

    • Patrons existed in Japan as well, traditional artists had wealthy patrons sponsoring them. Especially geisha (traditional female artists) had wealthy patrons but often with geisha the patron was more like a lover as most the men of course we married. The term they used was “danna” which also means husband.

  4. Really can’t wait for this episode.

    I hope Super Sailor Moon will not faint after reverting to her regular form like in the original anime. That is one of my disappointments really.

    • I don’t think we have to worry about that, manga Sailor Moon is practically a goddess by this point when she hits Super level.
      I always felt that it suited anime Sailor Moon to become faint, it made her seem like she was still growing…that Usagi was practically a different character, and even though I love the Japanese voice actress, I somehow feel they should have gotten a new actress for her this time to give her that manga feeling.

      I look forward to seeing Sailor Moon transform and the destruction of Silver Millenium. :)

      • I “super” agree on that. Someone unknown can be a breath of fresh air but it seems that Kotono Mitsuishi knows her craft very well that Usagi’s tone has a mature vibe now.

        Yes, that transformation is feeding my anxiety LOL.

        Even though Tuxedo Kamen rarely speaks now, he is still important in the creation of the Holy Grail. His psychic abilities complement his lack of action scenes most of the time.

    • this episode was AWFUL! Seriously! The animation and effects were crappy and low standard. Say whatever you want about seasons 1 & 2 but I prefer that animation better to this. Season 3 is a letdown. Super Sailor Moon’s transformation was subpar, Neo Queen Serenity didn’t have her customary white/silver hair. The transformation last episode of Sailor Moon into Princess Serenity was terrible. I hope that the next episodes are better but I’m losing hope.

      • Eh, not really. This was a really strong episode, animation-wise, and miles ahead of what we got during the first 2 seasons.

      • I could not agree more. Maybe season 1&2 animation had flaws, but the design was beautiful. Now they look like child’s drawings and they are trying so hard to copy the 90’s version, it’s painful to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 90’s version, but if I want the 90’s, I’ll watch the 90’s. I loved Crystal because it was different. And I hate what they’ve done with the lips. I want the lips back. Everyone was complaining about the “lipsticks”, which was not lipstick. People just have pink lips, naturally. I don’t know about you guys, but my lips have a different colour than the rest of my face. So now they just look lipless to me, which is just silly. Anyway, I hate to be the one to complain, because it irritated the hell out of me the first two seasons, but I don’t feel like they have improved. They still make sloppy mistakes and they even messed up the character designs. Way to go…

  5. What! I actually thought the art and animation on this episode was outstanding! Maybe not as good as the Jupiter/Telu episode, but damn good, specially the Silver Milenium flashback scenes.

    • Well… For example: Look at that crap when Sailor moon and Tuxedo Mask run together into Hotaru’s house, look what they did to Space Sword – they totally change it to look like in original anime although we can see in Crystal how it should really look like, the Super Sailor Moon transformation is just so lame and cheap as the transformations in first 2 seasons were, luckily the part when Mistress 9 awake was OK and yes also the flashbacks were OK, but the rest of the episode was a big downgrade compared to first episodes or Telu episode

      • I thought the animation was okay, except for the transformation and how weird Usagi’s face looks during the pose she makes when performing Rainbow Moon Heart Ache. That was such a cheaply drawn face!

        • I think we can all agree that the animation is not as good as the first episodes of season 3. Telu’s episode was by far, the best, hands down. The previous episode (Three New Guardians I believe) was shit compared to this most recent episode.

      • The sword in the manga is small when it’s not being used. It extends when she’s using it. Look at this part in the manga and you’ll see.

      • In the original manga, which the original anime is based on, the Space Sword shrinks when not being used. So the way it’s depicted in Crystal is spot on.

        I thought the power-up was done really well. Overall I felt like this was a strong episode as far as the animation goes.

    • IDK about you guys but I personally loved this episode,and about the animation,I noticed just one part that was poorly animated,that part was in the and when Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were running,except that,the whole episode was gorgeously animated.I loved Super Sailor Moon transformation and Sailor Saturn history,it was incredible,they kept the jokes with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune,the last five minutes were incredible,I think everyone should express they’re feelings and they’re thoughts and my thoughts are that this episode was fantastic and a million times better than the last one :)

  6. Also guys….was too lazy to check the manga but “moon crisis make up”? pretty sure “moon” was added when they upgrade in the dream arc…

    • either way, kotono was On Point woth how she said Make Up! i always loved the enthusiasm the origibal cast used when they said “make up!” sailor moons last attack phrase was spoken pretty weak but this new was was close enough! i also think “raye’s” (english) attack “mars celestial fire… SURROUND!” was done fabulously as well

        • moon spiral heart attack, it sounded weak compared to how she did rainbow! she improved her emphasis, nostalgia for me

          • My question was for the attack mars celestial fire surround but i did some research and i find out that that attack was burning mandala,i agree with you,it looked pretty awesome,but i think that it looked much better on season and 2

    • I think you’re right. I can’t remember if she said anything at all in the manga, but in the anime she definitely says “Crisis Makeup!”

        • I believe they just wanted Sailor Moon to be consistent this time, I suppose. In the Dream Arc, she is still called Super Sailor Moon without the Holy Grail so that is it.

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