The Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity arc will have four episodes per Blu-Ray and DVD release

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 - A DVD

Frustrated at the ultra expensive 2 episode disks of Sailor Moon Crystal that were released in Japan? Good news! It looks like the Infinity arc of Sailor moon Crystal will be released with 4 episodes per disk on DVD and Blu-Ray in Japan. News about these releases is out on the official Sailor Moon site. This season of Sailor Moon Crystal will span 13 episodes and only 3 disks are listed. Further the disk have been listed on Amazon Japan (Disk 1, 2 & 3) and CD Japan. Though there aren’t specifics on every release yet, the first release is listed at 100 minutes on both sites. Each episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is roughly 24 minutes, so 100 minutes covers 4 episodes. With 13 episodes this season it seems likely that the third release, with an MSRP of 1000 yen more than the other two releases, will have five episodes on the disk.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 - Haruka and Michiru

The first disk will be released in Japan on June 29th with the others being released at roughly 1 month intervals July 27th and August 31st. The first two disks are selling on Amazon Japan for 7,068 yen, about $64 US. The third disk is selling for a slightly higher price of 7,872 yen, about $72 US.

All Blu-Ray and DVD releases of Sailor Moon Crystal’s first two story arcs feature minor updates to the animation from the streaming release. We have no confirmation at this time what changes, if any, might be done to the Infinity arc as it is released on home video.

Still too expensive for something without subtitles? That’s fine. A single disk from Japan costs about the same as the entire first story arc, containing 14 episodes, will cost in the North American release which is coming in August. If you’re able to make due with the free streaming options we already have available it seems prudent to wait.

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16 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity arc will have four episodes per Blu-Ray and DVD release

  1. That special limited editions are totally overpriced… BTW I don’t think Toei will release season 4 right after the end of season 3… I am sure there will be at least few months break, maybe even to April 2017

    • Both of those are called disc/disk for the same reason (because of their physical shape), so while it may be “more proper” in some places to spell them as you say, either way can still be considered correct.

      While we’re on grammar though, shouldn’t “make due” be “make do”?

    • I spent like 15 minutes looking up the difference earlier this week in frustration. I looked through my old posts to see what I said in the past. I couldn’t get a conclusive answer and it looks like I’ve used both throughout the years. I just don’t know any more! Haha. I work with “disks” all day at work as in SAN disk, hard drive disk … so I get confused! I think you’re right and I should be saying “disc”.

  2. Yea, these are a little over fucking priced for a show that is aired for free or $7 a month in my case for a the Crunchy Roll account. No thanks.

    Shout out to everyone who is purchasing it for supporting the series that way and I can’t wait for Dream Arc either.

  3. I’m shocked that Toei did not release 2 episodes per disc again and try to cash in again with season 3 with the new art. I hope they make multiple cover art designs since there are less discs this time.

    • I assume that the cover for the second disc is Pluto and Saturn and the last disc will feature Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon on the cover as a way to hint the Dream arc.

    • Perhaps sales were not great. It may have something to do with the release schedule. They’re all 4 weeks worth of shows. We’re just getting them more frequently now.

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