The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19, Time Warp – Sailor Pluto, is now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 - Sailor Pluto

The latest English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal to be added to Hulu and Neon Alley takes us to the future! Act 19, Time Warp – Sailor Pluto, has the gang following Chibiusa to the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo and getting their lives threatened by Sailor Pluto in the process. Who does she report to anyway? I sort of assumed her boss was Neo Queen Serenity, who probably wouldn’t appreciate her employee killing her past self, but I guess these rules exist for a reason! Fans of the Pokémon anime will recognise Sailor Pluto’s English voice, Veronica Taylor, as Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum. Yes that’s right I’ve found another reason to bring up Pokémon. Sailor Pluto’s adult female voice actually sounds more like Ash’s Mom, Delia Ketchum. Does that make King Endymion Professor Oak?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 - Diana

We get to see Diana the kitten this week very briefly, though we won’t hear her talk until the next episode. One thing we also see but don’t totally see if Usagi and Mamoru having sex! This was hinted at heavily in the manga but in Sailor Moon Crystal not a lot is left to interpretation.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 - The morning after

Next week is Act 20, Crystal Tokyo – King Endymion, has us actually hearing Diana’s voice, though we don’t yet know who will be voicing her. We’ll also see the purple version of Tuxedo Mask and get a bunch of backstory including who Chibiusa’s parents are! OMG who could it be?!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19, Time Warp - Sailor Pluto

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12 thoughts on “The English version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19, Time Warp – Sailor Pluto, is now available on Hulu

  1. Anyone else feel a little weirded out because Usagi sees Chibiusa as a legitimate rival for Mamoru’s affections, even calling her a woman? And then later we see Chibiusa’s silhouette through the shirt Mamoru lent her. I mean jeez, that’s a little gross to say the least. It’s kind of sexualizing Chibiusa. And yeah, she’s 900, but she’s also mentally and physically 9 years old. Talk about weird and gross, right?

    • I thought this was handled better in the 90s anime where Chibi-usa’s feelings towards Mamoru was more of a comic relief joke than something serious.

  2. I am wondering is Luna’s eyes the same color as the manga? I remember her having a different color eyes in the manga(blue?) but the anime changed it? Is Diana’s eyes supposed to be a different color in the manga as well? It’s weird if they changed it because they changed Artemis to green which I believe is the color in the manga so it’s confusing. I can’t wait to see Sailor Pluto and hear the new Diana’s voice.

    Too bad this season wasn’t 26 episodes(or 30 something) by itself to give us some better story development and some character development. It was so fast seeing the first sister die and we barely know anything about her. They just feel evil for evil’s sake. I hope that the third season will be better with giving us some development both story and character wise but from what people have been saying it seems it will stick close to the manga which is good and bad since the manga has issues of it’s own.

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