Sailor Moon Crystal will be broadcast on TV in Japan starting in April 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Zoisite dressed as a woman

The Sailor Moon Crystal anime, which until now has only been available worldwide via online streaming services, will soon be broadcast on TV in Japan. This will not affect the show’s current streaming schedule. Little more information accompanied this news except that it would be airing starting in April of this year. No specifics about the time or channel have been announced. It is also unknown if this broadcast will include the original streaming version of the show or the home video version with small improvements to the art of many scenes.

A few weeks ago we shared news that Canal J in France had plans to begin airing Sailor Moon Crystal on their network starting in March. If there are no delays to these plans, France may be the first country to play Sailor Moon Crystal on TV.

Usagi watching TV

Source: via Anime News Network

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6 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal will be broadcast on TV in Japan starting in April 2015

  1. Excellent! I think now we may be seeing better animation and better quality overall, as there will be money from advertising and such rolling in. The show will definitely benefit from a broadcast television stint.

    • I don’t know that we can count on it. Another Toei series, World Trigger, has been airing on Japanese TV from the start of its production and it looks even worse than Sailor Moon. Even One Piece seems to be suffering from serious animation errors these days. The only property Toei still seems to bother giving attention to is Pretty Cure though even that show still has horrible CGI.

      • That’s disheartening to read. Thank you for the information, I don’t really keep up on anime as a whole anymore and wasn’t aware of that… what a shame that Toei has been putting out such low-quality mess.

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for improvements, but I wont hold my breath.

      • Honestly, for an ONA to turn into a TV show BROADCASTED soon, I think Sailor Moon Crystal is receiving GOOD treatment. I mean, it’s SAILOR MOON, A HOUSEHOLD NAME WORLDWIDE, they know better (or should).

  2. If we’re talking about lately precure’s cgi has been pretty good I think, especially in happiness charge, its only ever used in the dances and in the last shows case the form change attacks so it’s not like its a huge distraction anyway

  3. Well, I’m hoping it can come here to the Philippines hopefully within a year’s time. Love Live! Season 2, A Certain Scientific Railgun S, & Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 2wei will be shown on Philippine tv this year. I’m excited to see these shows in Tagalog.

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