Original Sailor Moon anime to replay in Japan starting May 5th

Sailor Moon episode 1 - Usagi removing a bandage from Luna's head

Japanese satellite channel TV Asahi channel 1 will begin replaying the first season of the 1992 Sailor Moon anime starting on the 5th of May. This is not a free channel so the show will not be viewable by everyone. The TV Asahi web site mentions that the show will be airing from 5 to 6pm on Sundays, meaning that they will be playing two episode per week in this time slot. The site only mentions the original 46 episode, having run from March 7th 1992 to March 23rd 1993, so there is currently no indication of specific plans to follow this airing up with Sailor Moon R. Replaying this first season will take roughly six months at this rate.

Fans have been waiting for more information about the new 2013 Sailor Moon anime but such information has still not come. Is TV Asahi trying to capitalize on the impending hype for the new series? Unfortunately we can’t consider this move as an indication of much since Sailor Moon has been replayed in Japan a number of times since it’s original airing back in the day.

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