Chibiusa and the Black Moon Clan join Sailor Moon Crystal’s second season starting January 17th 2015

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 Featuring Sailor Chibi Moon

New art has been added to the Sailor Moon official site showing Sailor Chibi Moon. At this weekend’s Animate Girl’s Festival in Japan the cast of Sailor Moon revealed art for the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal which will feature the Black Moon Clan and Sailor Chibi Moon. Though the art shows the transformed Sailor Guardian Sailor Chibi Moon in reality Chibiusa will appear at the beginning of the season, only transforming into Sailor Chibi Moon towards the end of the Black Moon arc. This is in contrast to the anime where Chibiusa did not transform until Sailor Moon S. On January 17th we’ll wrap up the Dark Kingdom arc and kick off the Black Moon clan arc with Act 14, An Ending and Then a Beginning – Petite Etrangère.

Sailor Moon Crystal schedule - French

A photo was added to the Sailor Moon Central Facebook page outlining the upcoming episode schedule. The schedule is in French but titles correspond to the Japanese titles from the manga. Until now all episodes, including next week’s, correspond to original Manga chapters. Some acts listed here do not correspond to original manga chapters however they share titles with the chapters listed for the manga rerelease from 2003 in Japan and 2011 in North America. By going along with the manga rerelease chapter names this means that the first two story arcs will span 26 episodes rather than the original 23 acts that the original manga spanned. This means we will not be seeing Sailor Uranus and Neptune as part of the 26 episodes which are set to be released as part of Sailor Moon Crystal’s first year run. No episodes beyond 26 have yet been announced.

The anime referred to the second season as “Sailor Moon R” but no specific subtitle for this arc has been listed.

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13 thoughts on “Chibiusa and the Black Moon Clan join Sailor Moon Crystal’s second season starting January 17th 2015

  1. I said I’d admit if I was wrong. I was wrong. I thought they’d take the Dark Kingdom arc in a different direction, and I was wrong. Well, whatever. Now I guess I should be more curious about what happens to the Shittenou. They don’t appear in the Black Moon arc, so what will happen to them in the mean time?

    • Hello !

      I like the Black Moon Arc, but the Dark Kingdom Arc and the perspective of having the Kings characters developed (on more than “only” 14 episodes) and eventually redeemed and standing again in flesh and bones on Endymion’s side and then be definitely integrated in the band (while still remaining as secondary characters, of course) had me really happy about SMC.

      So now, like you Rami, I ask myself what is gonna happen to them ?

      I like to think that they (the Kings) might be considered as a whole part of the Earth (and Moon) equilibrium, like some cosmogonic elements, and that they could stay alive even if appearing only for cameo appearances in the Black Moon Arc for those reasons (instead of being turned into stones whose spirits guide Endymion). I have another theory on what could happen to them in the very end after the war with Metalia, but it would be going too far and its a pure fangirl’s theory. Haha, but I totally admit it and sometimes its good to dream.

      Anyway, I find the Black Moon Arc is a step further and darker into the SM story, so its gonna be good to watch. And despite it has some funny defaults, I really enjoy the SMC show in general. And anyway, all we can do for the moment is to wait the ending of this DM Arc.

      (Please don’t pay attention to the mistakes I may have made, since English is not my mother tongue.)

    • I’m so sad that you were wrong. I was hoping they’d do something different with crystal, instead of just moving the manga onto the screen. I wanted them to spend more time in the first Arc, rather than rushing towards Chibi-Usa showing up (I despise Chibi-Usa).

      They’d better do something neat with the shittenou, at the very least…

      • Yeah, all our hopes have been dashed in that respect. On the plus side, Sailor Moon is popular enough that it’ll last another 10-20 years. By that time, they’ll probably make another TV series that’ll go in different directions (we can hope). Or maybe they’ll do a movie series that’ll take things in new directions. You never know with these mega-popular franchises.

        • All very, very true. We’ll get more SM for sure, so we never know what we’ll get eventually! This isn’t like being stuck back in 1996, wondering if there would ever be more Sailor Moon.

          For now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a Code Name Sailor V series or OAV…

          • I’m hoping for a movie post-Galaxia arc that’ll show how Sailor Moon becomes Queen of the Earth or that shows Sailor Chaos versus Sailor Cosmos. That would be something never done before.

  2. Sorry, some little corrections :
    “after the war with Metalia” => after the battle with Metalia fits better,
    “and anyway, all we can do for the moment is to wait the ending of this DM Arc” => the DK Arc, of couse.


  3. At least we can stop speculating that. I’m both happy and sad at the same time. How do you do that to me, Sailor Moon?!
    I’m excited to see the Black Moon Clan, I wonder if they will kill off the four weird sisters or if they will live on too? If they are going to follow the manga I want to see the battles and deaths. This is a web show so they don’t have to worry about TV ratings an the fan base is largely adults, so I wish they wouldn’t tiptoe around the gruesome stuff, as horrible as it is.

    I wish they will continue the series even beyond Stars. But I will watch no matter what.

    • I very much need to see Venus ram a sword through Beryl, so they’d better not let that witch live!

      And I agree… whatever they make, I will watch! I may have preferences and wishes, but I will watch anything they give me.

  4. I wonder if the’ll introduce Helios ^.^
    that would be so awesome

    Chibiusa and Helios ^W^

    ( I also hope if he is in the series, they show more of him)

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