Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8, Minako – Sailor V, starting October 18th at 6am EST

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8 Preview - Sailor Venus

This Saturday, October 18th, the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting at 7pm Japan Standard Time. Set your alarm clocks because this is 6am Eastern Standard Time and 3am Pacific Standard Time. This week’s episode is Act 8, Minako – Sailor V. Despite the title Sailor V will indeed by Sailor Venus in this episode. We continue to attempt to keep the worst kept secret in Tokyo as everyone believes Sailor Venus to be Princess Serenity! This is nonsense of course because she doesn’t have pig tails in her silhouette like a certain other character in the series.

Sailor Moon manga Act 8 - It's still only 6am

This episode includes a scene where Kunzite talks to the dead bodies of Jadeite, Nephrite and Zoisite. Since they are still alive, how will this scene play out? Also this week Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask share their first consensual kiss!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8 - Minako, Sailor V

Until now the manga acts have followed the anime acts in a 1 to 1 ratio, even preserving the titles. How long will this last? Many speculate, and I’m starting to think this is correct, that this trend will continue right into the Black Moon story arc beginning with act 14, Conclusion and Commencement – Petite Étrangère. The original expectation was that the 26 episode Sailor Moon Crystal series would be a retelling of the Dark Kingdom arc, but at this rate they will be done telling that story in half of those episodes wrapping up the Black Moon story arc with episode 26. Should there be filler episodes, a reasonable time to start with that would be after all five of the Sailor Guardians are together, so after this week. Should the next episode preview list Act 9 as Serenity – Princess, we know that the trend of sticking with manga titles will continue. Should it have another title, all bets are off and we may not be getting to the Black Moon story arc during Sailor Moon Crystal’s first year.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8 Preview - Tuxedo Mask being killed

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5 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8, Minako – Sailor V, starting October 18th at 6am EST

  1. i feel like the endings to both series with be a two part episode similar to the original season 1 ending and thats how they will stretch to 26 episodes, or, ending 2 episodes into the 3rd arc would definitely be a great cliff hanger to keep people around for the next year of episodes

  2. I’m thinking that it’s unlikely they’ll try to fit the Black Moon arc into this season. I think it’s more likely that they’ll start to go down a different path starting with these next two acts. Maybe Tuxedo Mask will be an ally of the Guardians for a couple of episodes before being kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom, or perhaps one of the Four Kings will set a trap for the Guardians only to end up remembering who they were in their past life. And perhaps Motoki and Makoto will actually fall in love like in PGSM. It could happen.

    Then again, I could be totally wrong. It’s been known to happen with my predictions for certain TV shows.

  3. I am so excited. If they do the Black Moon arc at episode 14 I’ll be happy! But if they add in a whole new set of filler I’ll also be happy if it fits in with Naoko Takeuchi’s ideas and plans. I guess either way it’s a win for me.
    At this point though, I don’t see how they can avoid some “filler” since the four general kings are all still alive. Unless Metalia kills them all. (Beryl doesn’t seem like the type to kill them in this series and it’s obvious they are not letting the senshi kill them.) Do you think they will continue to exist after Dark Kingdom? And will Beryl survive too?
    I’m so happy and excited top think of the possibilities.

  4. Next episode is about Serenity! That means we’ll see Chibiusa in episode 13’s ending!


    • We don’t know that for sure. There is still PLENTY of room for them to take the plot in a totally different direction from the manga and reserve the Black Moon arc for the next season.

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