Watch Act 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, Rei – Sailor Mars starting August 2nd at 6am EST

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3 Rei - Sailor Mars

The third episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Rei – Sailor Mars, will be available to stream online this Saturday August 2nd starting at 7pm Japan Standard Time which is 6am Eastern Standard Time and 3am Pacific Stardard Time. Watch the episodes on Crunchyroll, Hulu or Niconico. The preview for this episode was only available on the Niconico version of Act 2. It can be viewed below.

Act 3 introduces us to Rei Hino, Sailor Mars, as the cursed 6 o’clock bus is causing people to dissapear and suspicions are thrown on Rei and the Hikawa Shrine. The first two episodes followed the manga quite closely and it looks like this next one will too.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.3 Rei - Sailor Mars

Unfortunately I’ll be out of town and off the grid for the weekend for the introduction of the greatest character in the series but look forward to my thoughts on the episode early next week.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.2 Ami - Sailor Mercury - Rei Hino

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18 thoughts on “Watch Act 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal, Rei – Sailor Mars starting August 2nd at 6am EST

  1. I can’t wait the for next episode on Saturday. But I still wonder in the future episodes, if there will be a beach episode in which either Amy or Mina will wear a two-piece bathing suit, besides Serena (144, 183), Raye (144), Lita (67, 183), and Rini (144)?

      • I know right? Why the obsession with the swimsuit episode? I don’t think they never went to the beach in the manga.

    • no there won’t and the real names are Usagi, Ami, Reo, Makoto, Minako and Chibiusa! Just remember them and forget these awful names you said before! The DiC(k) dub ruined Sailor Moon! If you are a real fan of Sailor Moon go and watch subbed ver and remember their real names not the fake dubbed names!

      • I’m a real fan and enjoy both the English and Japanese dubs. No need to be pretentious. Many people were introduced to Sailor Moon by watching the English (Dic) dub, which to this day, I still enjoy.

        • Then don’t repeat the same nonsense over and over! DiC(k) dub was awful and it’s true. I grew up with Bunny but this doesn’t mean I can’t change my habits and start calling her by real name which is Usagi and I will never understand people using those stupid DiC(k) names because “they’re used to it” it’s about time to learn the truth and be real Moonie!

        • Please call them by their real name. That old dub sucked which och is why it is being redone right with their real names.

    • This really is getting creepy. Do you have to ask this question every time a new topic on crystal is posted? You’re boarding on obsessive.

    • You and me both, dude! I’m hoping for several seasons covering every arc of Sailor Moon and then some! Maybe a movie dealing with how Sailor Moon becomes Queen Serenity and establishes her kingdom on the Earth, or on how Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos come to clash.

        • I really hope Sailor V gets an OVA now. They had originally planned one with the 92 anime, but I believe there was a money issue and it never happened.

          Have you seen the fan-made Code Name Sailor V opening and ending on youtube? They’re pretty well done and show Kaitou Ace and everything. Worth a watch!

      • I still wonder if there’s ever a beach episode in the future episodes of the series, and I also wonder if either Amy or Mina will wear a two-piece bathing suit, besides Serena, Raye, Lita, and Rini.

  2. Greatest character in the series introduced? The greatest character was ALREADY introduced in episode 2! Hehehee ok, we all have our favorites that’s cool. Sailor V may be tied with Mercury for my favorite now that I’ve read the Sailor V manga.

    As for episode 3, I can’t wait to see how they’ll animate Rei slamming that seal on Usagi’s forehead this time. Ooooooh that’s gonna be great!

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