Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal edited with DIC dub audio

Sailor Moon Crystal DIC dub Sailor Says clip

Here’s something cool that a fan whipped up. It’s the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal edited to fit with dialog from the first episode of the English dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. It actually fits quite well though the episode is shorter than the full version as some scenes did not exist in both version. In a few instances a short clip from the original anime is included but for the most part it’s video from Sailor Moon Crystal and audio from the old Sailor Moon anime. She even included a Sailor Says segment! Watch the episode in the embedded clip below.

Since both the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal and the original Sailor Moon anime followed the manga closely this fits very well. Only in a few scenes did things not really work, such as Molly talking to Serena who isn’t actually in the room, but it mostly worked. A similar exercise would probably work decently for act 2 and potentially act 3 as the episodes where Ami and Rei are introduced in the original Sailor Moon anime followed the manga quite well. I spoke to Jessica who created this clip about the possibility of more episodes but there are currently no plans to do so as this would become impossible as the series progresses and deviates greatly from the source material.

Source: Jessica aka Time Machine on YouTube.

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14 thoughts on “Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal edited with DIC dub audio

  1. I don’t think much of the DiC dub anymore, though I have to admit, it had some epic background music. Kudos to the YouTuber who made this video. Great melding of better-forgotten past and present.

  2. I used to really hate the Dic dub, but I understand now that it was necessary in getting Sailor Moon brought to the west. People like to hate on it a lot, but the truth is, most of them would have never gotten into Sailor Moon or anime (myself included) if it had never been made.
    Is it awful? Yeah, 75% of the time, but I can still enjoy it from time to time and it definitely had it’s charms, like the music (I still prefer the Japanese though) and some of the voices were fun. Even though some characters were bad, I still think all in all it was a high quality voice cast who did well with the material they were given. The only main character voice I ever really remember cringing at was molly in the Dic dub…but now I kind of like it and I can see why they gave her that voice.
    The voice I probably least liked in the whole dub was Cloverway’s Amy. She never seemed to connect with me.

  3. My thing is that there was no need for this when we will be getting an offical dub from Viz of this at some point.

  4. I actually really enjoy the original Dic dub. Was it 100% accurate? No. But I’m more referring to voice acting quality versus differences in names and dialogues. I still think the Dic version is better than the Viz version.

    • Yeah! Viz-Usagi sounds way too young, like Chibi-Usa young. The Dic and Cloverway Usagi voices were almost perfect for the character I thought.

      • The original DIC version was a tad shrill for my liking. I know, she was supposed to be a crybaby, but they didn’t need to go that over the top with it. I like Stephanie Sheh’s portrayal MUCH better.

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