Listen to a short clip of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub

Leaked Viz dub clip from Anime Expo

A 25 second clip of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub has been leaked! This was recorded last weekend at Viz’s panel at Anime Expo where the new dub cast was announced. It features Usagi, as voiced by Stephanie Sheh, from the begning of episode 2. No other characters are present in this scene. Episode 2 was played first accidentally. Once this was noticed the audience was told not to record anything, so no more clips are available. Here’s a transcript of what is said in the clip:

I’m a cancer with blood type O. My birthstone is a pearl and I am a bit of a klutz. Some people might say I’m also a little emotional. So one day this strange cat named Luna appeared, turned me into a guardian in a sailor uniform and told me I had to fight bad guys. Boy does that ever make me nervous, but I’m sure it’ll all work out fine.

Source: Sailor Moon Obsession on Tumblr

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22 thoughts on “Listen to a short clip of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub

  1. oh, man. yikes.

    if they were going to have her impersonate linda ballantyne impersonating terri hawkes (definitely not what I would have done but hey), they should have just hired linda ballantyne.

  2. Sounds pretty good and better than anyone who ever worked for the original dub. I dont know HOW people think anyone (part from Rei) from the original dub was any good…

    • I sincerely think that Rei, Minako, Makoto, Usagi and Beryl’s original dub voices were great. Ami, Luna and Artemis left something to be desired though. They at least didn’t feel completely false and took me out of the whole experience.

      • I agree about Rei and Makoto being perfect, but I’m iffy about the others. I thought Minako’s second VA was better than her first, personally. The first isn’t a bad VA and did fit the serious side of her character, but she never quite the other side of the character for me — which was the energetic goofball. As for our two Usagis, I thought Tracey was almost perfect (and the new VA reminds me of her), but she kind of lacked energy. Terri was a mixed bag. On one hand she had a great energy and could act well sometimes, but she also sounded older and valley girlish, which could get annoying at times.

  3. emotional? She’s a crybaby and she admits it! Nakimushi has only one meaning – crybaby. Not emotional!

  4. The first dub was bad, and if this clip is any indication this dub is bad too. She is baby talking, I can’t stand that, what 14 year old sounds like that?

    • Usagi does sound and act like a cry baby in the Japanese version, so I think it’s pretty accurate. Especially for a 14 year old. We’re just not adjusted to this version yet. In our brains, we’re set on the 90s dub and want the same thing. Different is good.

      • As someone who hates the original dub casts with a passion, I can tell you that it isn’t just nostalgia holding people back. The voice sounds like an adult imitating a teenager imitating baby talk. It isn’t flattering.

        • Agreed, hated the original dub as well so it’s not just longing for the past.
          The higher pitched Usagi in Japanese is a cultural thing, it works for Japan, in America she sounds like one of those brats that thinks its cute to baby talk her way in to getting what she wants. Though I may have been harsh saying a four year old, maybe 12, an immature dis-likable hasn’t even glimpsed puberty yet, 12.
          Lets take for example this short clip, she uses the same cadence in EVERY line, puts an emphasis on almost every other word, and raises in pitch at the end, making all her lines sound like questions. She is asking for approval, she is asking for attention she is asking for you to like her, she is not stating anything. Also, she practically says tehehe at the end. She says how they wrote a laugh instead of laughing. Either the actress is very poor, or as others have stipulated, been given very poor direction, we wont know which until we here the other characters.
          Other dubs have done well with translating teen age characters over to English with out making them sound like they are prepubescent whiners, it’s a shame that Sailor Moon can’t.
          Sorry for the rant ^_^;;;

      • Authentic? Are you talking about Keiko Han or the old dub VA? The old dub VA sounded like an over-the-top old lady witch, when she wasn’t supposed to be old nor a witch.

      • I replied to this twice, but the first was before I was ready so I’m hoping only this one gets approved. But if not, if you plan to reply just do so to this one please.

        Anyway, I understand preferring old dub Beryl, but I don’t understand what you mean by “authentic”. As far as authentic goes, I think the new dub VA has it over the others, because the voice she is using is more realistic (or at least less over the top) and not a character voice, just a differently performed version of her regular voice.

  5. The person they got to play the part has done a number of other roles and she has a decent range of voices, but I do NOT agree with how she chose to go about voicing Usagi at all. Maybe it wasn’t her choice and the directors told her to voice her that way, but I disapprove. I’m excited for most of the other roles (especially Luna/Artemis, and Rei and Ami). Hopefully this will be the only bad voice in the new dub. Unfortunate that it had to be the main heroine though.

  6. Better than Linda but not by much.

    Couldn’t stand Linda’s interpretation of the voice and this one I can *kind of* stand. It’s the “falseness” of the voice that irritates me more than anything. You can tell she’s trying to sound like a young girl with all her might.

    I was really really rooting for her. But at the end of the day Terri / Tracey were so much better. *sigh*

  7. Episode 2 was not “accidentally” played. There were technical problems with episode 1 so they chose to play the second one first (and told the audience this). Episode 1 was played later in the panel. And from the BEGINNING of the panel, the audience was asked not to film any of the show (talk from the actors was allowed to be recorded). Bad form, whoever recorded and posted this.

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