Watch the trailer for the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Usagi

A trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal, the new Sailor Moon anime which will begin airing July 5th, has been released. Watch it now!

This is a good look at the show’s animation in action. What do you think? We have our first look at Luna whose voice actress is not Keiko Han who voiced her in the original anime and the live action series. As was been previously announced we can hear Kotono Mitsuishi, the original voice of Sailor Moon, reprising her role.


Keep reading for a ton of HD screenshots.

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Luna

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon and Luna

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon - Tiara

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Sailor Team

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Logo

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - Info

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27 thoughts on “Watch the trailer for the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. July 5th cannot come fast enough! I’m not sure how I feel about the animation, but I’m totally psyched and I want to see what they do this time around. It should be interesting, to say the least.

  2. Omg omg omg OMG!!! I’m soooooo excited!!!! Why time past so slowwww!!!! The only thing I don’t like it’s the skinny legs…..ok… It’s like extrano graham skinny!! :( Rei legs looks like chicken legs!!! I really rather the old legs :)

  3. The animation so far looks amazing! The only problem I have so far is the way they made the eyes but i’ll get used it ! ^_^

  4. Hmmm, I don’t know, but I don’t get the “Sailor-Moon” feeling I have, whenever I’m watching the old Anime or read the Manga. (I don’t come from an english speaking country, I’m sorry if I make any mistakes! ) I think I have to wait for a whole episode to have a serious opinion on the new Anime. Music, colours and so on are very important for the atmosphere too. But the animation… I can’t help it. I study animation, that’s probably the reason I look at it differently and see when something is not right or fluid. The hair is great! I always find it very difficult to animate hair, I really suck at it ;-) But Usagis running ( as Sailor Moon at 0:50 ) for example is really bad… the movement just doesn’t look fluid in some of the scenes. I have mixed feelings, but I’m definetly going to watch it! It’s Sailor-Moon! My most favorite Anime/ Manga from my childhood. It’s going to be awesome even with unfluid animation. I will try not to pay attention to it XD

    • The animation is clunky, lifeless, and amateurish. There are fan-made videos on youtube that have higher-quality animation than this. A lot of it looks like still pictures displayed one after the other instead of real animation. (It reminds me of the “HD remix” of Super Street Fighter II.) Considering the quality of the animation in the 1990’s cartoon, this is pretty sad. I don’t think the designer is an animator.

      I hope the plot isn’t at the same level as the design and animation…

      • The style is actually very similar to the manga, and to be, gives it a more Sailor Moon feel than ever before.

        • @Tsumi It’s true, the style is more like the manga. And when they really follow the original storyline more and have great music, I try not to pay to much attention to the animation. I think I just see it so much, because I’m studying animation and I’m used to look at my stuff very closely to search for mistakes in anatomie and movement ;-) Anatomie: I really don’t care if it is realistic, as long as it looks good :-D

      • Tsumi is right that the style is more closer to the manga than the old anime series. I like the original anime series, but this new one is a bit of fresh air. I feel like I’m looking at one of the illustrated manga covers when watching this.

        Saying the animation is “clunky” and “amateurish” is a bit harsh. I make both traditional and 3d animations and there’s a lot of work that goes into it. Sometimes I wonder if people who are overly critical has ever looked into what it takes to make a series or even tried animating themselves.

  5. Oh my gah!!!! I can’t WAIT!!! I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I really like the graphics and it looks so much better than the old anime!!

  6. I love the animation and how much closer it is to the source material. I wouldn’t have minded them recasting Usagi, but that’s okay. I can always wear earmuffs if things get too shrill. ;)

  7. CANT WAIT!!!!!!! The only thing I don’t like is the way the characters look. They’re too skinny almost like they’re anorexic. Or maybe not, they just don’t seem anime enough.

    • Yup, the new design looks like that episode in the original Sailor Moon where they were visiting that negaverse-infested gym to lose weight… Looks like the negaverse finally got to the Sailor Scouts…

  8. This is … ugly. The little bit of animation looks sloppy and the style does not at all translate well into movement. Those buns look comical, but fail to be funny, with the tails so thick at the top. Usagi’s face is pretty much expressionless, which is a travesty because all she does is emote all over the place, all the time, for no reason other than being Usagi. It’s like they were trying so hard to make it look pretty that they sacrificed all of the emotion.

    I like the colours. I think I said that about the initial designs when they were released. I really like the colours. Everything else looks like a hot mess.

  9. I love these colors, they’re very vivid! Like most commenters, I don’t like the skinny limbs. They were too skinny for me in the official art and the trailer didn’t make them better. It seems they’re going for a slightly elongated look which also exaggerates the fingers. The defined fingers are nice, because it will make the Senshi’s hand gestures really pop right before they do their attacks.

    Yet the legs and arms are little too skinny for my (most people’s?) taste. The score and theme song are pretty exciting though.

  10. I think it’s a little soon to be judging it one way or another. I do agree that it looks almost cheap in some aspects (the brooch) but in others it really shines and looks high quality.
    I’m sure if it’s supported well the quality will increase.
    Let’s try not to be too hard on it. After all, they are making it look very close to the manga like most SM fans have wanted.
    We also need to not be too quick to attack peoples’ opinions on why they dislike something. If people never get to voice why something feels wrong, bad things never get changed.

    I for one am just excited to see Sailor Moon return and with a story that hopefully follows the manga closely and maybe adapts it in new and exciting ways (is this happening in 1993 or present day?). I love the new theme song so far and I’m glad it’s not just a rehash of Moonlight Densetsu.

    I do hope they add some more emotion to the characters and make sure this feels like Sailor Moon and not a new season of Precure.

  11. I have mixed feelings. The look is definitely straight from the manga, no surprise there, and very beautiful. Still, somehow, the animation is making me think of old school anime. My first thought was “Maple Town.” Then, I thought of Saban Moon. That isn’t necessarily good or bad for me, it just depends on what they do with it.

    I also really dislike the theme song. I don’t particularly care for Momoiro Clover Z or their style to begin with, so I’m not surprised for my lack of enthusiasm regarding the theme song.

  12. First off, this is an awesome first look at what is to come. Trailers (especially Japanese trailers) are 90% teaser and 10 truth. This happen with another anime I liked, Count of Monte Cristo, almost all of the trailer DID NOT even appear in the show. So if anything looks a mock or not right, it’s a trailer not the show.

  13. I must say Im getting mix feeling because is closer to the manga but the skinninest (← not sure if that’s how is spelled) and emotion less face, I dunno is just odd. I’m just going to wait and see what happens, the colors on the other hand are pretty cool.

  14. I understand people’s opinion on the new Sailor moon anime cause it’s gonna be different this time. Sailor moon crystal is suppose to be a darker adaptation than the original but just think about it, the manga was serious with the storyline and so the new Anime has to be like this. Most people loved the wacky expressive faces that the characters gave off. I did but now we have to enjoy this anime as much as we did with the 90s anime. I can’t wait to see Sailor Moon Crystal and the plot

  15. I don’t remember Sailor Moon wearing so much bling blings and decorations (when transformed) in the original anime. Is Sailor Moon supposed to wear so much, um, pretty things in the manga? I can’t even imagine what else they will tack on in her Super Sailor Moon form…

    • Her outfit in this anime is exactly the same as in the manga. Not much is added in regards to accessories in the later story arcs.

  16. Agree with some other commenters – don’t care for the theme song at all.

    I’m excited to see how this version making it closer to the manga would turn out… My favorite senshi has always been the awesome Uranus and Neptune, so as long as they make them true to their wonderful selves… No complains. :)

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