Sailor Moon Crystal voice actors and character artwork plus new musical information

New character designs for Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Crystal

The Sailor Moon live event featuring new information about the upcoming Sailor Moon musical and Sailor Moon anime is complete and with that we have a great deal of new information. For the new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, we have some new character art for all five of the main cast as well as the full cast listing. Most notable is the return of Kotono Mitsuishi, the original voice of Sailor Moon from the 1992 Sailor Moon anime, who will be reprising her role as Usagi in Sailor Moon Crystal. This was heavily insinuated at the original event announcing the new anime but now we have official confirmation.

New character designs for Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Crystal

New voice actresses will be joining the show for the voices of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. The new cast will include Hisako Kanemoto as Sailor Mercury, Rina Sato as Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu as Sailor Jupiter and Shizuka Ito as Sailor Venus. Click on their names to view their Wikipedia pages and see what roles they’ve done in the past.

The cast of Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère

In addition to the new information about the new Sailor Moon anime Sailor Moon Crystal we also got details about the Sailor Moon musicals! Last September’s new musical, Sailor Moon La reconquista, will be released on DVD on July 9th 2014. Most of the cast, with the exception of Sailor Mercury, will be returning for this summer’s new musical which is titled Petite Étrangère, which is French for “Little Stranger” with the feminine usage of both words leading us to believe we’re talking about Chibiusa. The musical will play in Tokyo from August 21st to the 31st and in Osaka from September 5th to the 7th. The new Sailor Mercury will be played by Momo Koyama.

Here’s a look at all of the new voice actors from Sailor Moon Crystal:

Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Crystal

Hisako Kanemoto, the voice of Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon Crystal

Rina Sato, the voice of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon Crystal

Ami Koshimizu, the voice of Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon Crystal

Shizuka Ito, the voice of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Crystal

Image credit: Moon Kitty, @animevoice
Cast info: @fredjfrancis
Musical info: Moon Kitty, @sossailormoon

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20 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal voice actors and character artwork plus new musical information

  1. I am totally okay with the voice cast. Like…completely and utterly satisfied. Hopefully they will choose every single character from here on out just as painstakingly, because I feel that they got the voices spot on (regarding the character’s personalities, etc.).

    Not sure about the art. I like it, but I’m still iffy on it. Have to see it in motion :D

    Also, Koyama Momo is literally the most adorable thing ever. I love her for the Sailor Mercury role in the new musical.

    AAAAND. Last, but not least, premier will be on July 5th at 7PM Japan time. That’s 5AM CST in America, if that helps anyone else.

  2. Is it just me, or does that look like amateur fan art (based on the original anime) that someone downloaded off of Deviantart? From the first image I thought the art was actually going to look like the manga. :-( No women involved in the production… And Mitsuishi Kotono didn’t make a good Usagi the first time. (Anime Usagi was so different from how she was supposed to be.) Now I’m worried. (But I’ll just watch the live action series again! :-D )

    BTW, “Petit étranger” was part of the title of the first “Black Moon Clan” chapter in the comic book and it did refer to Chibiusa! (Although she Takeuchi origianlly used the masculine form of it.) I’m sad Sailor Mercury is new, but glad the others are returning, and gladder that it looks like they replaced Mercury’s wig :P If only they would do something about the horrible underskirts…….

    • For the new anime, were you expecting, in terms of art, eccentricity just like in the manga? Sailor Moon Crystal has more solid lines than the manga does, making the series fun-looking.

  3. That artwork is a BIG difference from the pretty image they were showing off this whole time.
    I have to agree with Janessa. It looks very amateurish, really like fan art.
    I wonder if it’s all going to look like that…..

  4. I thought Mitsuishi Kotono was perfect the first time around and am so excited that she’s back. The concept art looks like major fan art but I’m hopeful that when the series begins that will have improved as I still do see original manga features in there. Either way, so long as they stick with manga story I will be so happy!!! I cannot wait!

    • Well, like it’s been reported, the storyline will follow the manga as opposed to the old anime… but the storylines are still very similar, regardless. It will be the Dark Kingdom arc to start, and even if they make a lot of changes it will still be that same basic idea.

  5. I’m more worried about Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship throughout the series. otakus wouon’t like it because the main characters love interest is going to be a man and apparently to otakus that type of relationship is taboo.

  6. I do have to say that this artwork look very dated. It reminds me acutely of 80s anime. The faces are too serene and not as expressive, in my opinion. But what do I know. I’m hoping it’ll look much better when animated.

    And like E said, it’s a far cry from the original poster they were advertising. Then again I took one look at that one when it came out and said “That looks like promo art, not anime.”

    Anywho, hoping for the best! There are some very high expectations that have been set!

  7. Hope Funimation gets it. Saban screwed it up when it tried to Americanize the Anime (Mighty Morphin style) with Toon Makers, inc. Toei instead made the wise decision and went with.DiC (now DHX Media) for SM and SMR.

    At least this design is better than the flashy eyes, back when my parents told me that watching the show would give me seizures.

  8. As “amature” as this may look, its a lot better than we could have gotten. I was really worried they’d look like K’On! Or Madoka Magica characters. The style feels like a decent blend of the old and the modern anime style.
    …Though I do wish their legs weren’t so skinny. Not to sound creepy, but they could stand to look more plump. They look a little too thin at the ankles and wrists.
    Other than that, I like the designs.

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