Did Robbie Daymond, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, secretly confirm that he’s dubbing Sailor Moon Cosmos with a photo of him wearing a Sailor Moon Star Locket pin?

Robbie Daymond, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, wearing a Star Locket pin

Today, December 20th, the Sailor Moon Cosmos films were released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan. International fans are up in arms begging for any news about a release outside of Japan, but we may have gotten a hint that a dub is coming soon! Robbie Daymond, who voiced Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon Crystal and the Sailor Moon Eternal films, shared a photo of him recording “an unexpected & awesome two sessions to finish out 2023″. He does not mention what these are and if it’s indeed a recording of Sailor Moon Cosmos he surely signed an NDA (non disclosure agreement) so I would not suggest for a minute that he’s done anything to violate this. Robbie Daymond is wearing an interesting looking pin in this photo. That is a pin of The Orgel or Star Locket from Sailor Moon. This is the locket that Princess Serenity gives to Tuxedo Mask in Act 6 of the Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s also featured in the original Sailor Moon anime.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Orgel watch

Is this an obvious sign? An unquestionable confirmation that Robbie Daymond is recording the dub for Sailor Moon Cosmos? Well I can’t say for sure but if I wanted to give a subtle clue about recording a show that didn’t violate and NDA this is a nice way to do it. The secrecy behind the recording might explains why he refers to it as “unexpected”. If I wanted to troll people by giving them false hope while I recorded a fry commercial this would be a fantastic way to do it so take it with a grain of salt. Remember that a few years ago Michael Yurchak, the voice of Hawk’s Eye, posted a photo of Instagram which had a barely visible image of the Amazoness Quartet on a monitor which was our first indication that a dub of Sailor Moon Eternal was being recorded for Netflix. The film premiered on Netflix six months after that leak. Let’s hope we don’t wait that long!

Sailor Moon's Star Locket

We are long overdue for news about a release of Sailor Moon Cosmos outside of Japan. Regardless of how it gets released a dub is likely and a dub using the same cast as we’ve had for the first four story arcs is certainly the way to go. The timing for this makes sense and I’m optimistic that this could be a good sign, but we should always wait for official news which I will of course share to this site when I get it.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 - Orgel protects Sailor Moon from suicide

I’m looking forward to getting my Japanese Sailor Moon Cosmos Blu-ray in a few days and I hope that a fan sub shows up some time soon as well. I will always encourage supporting the official releases when possible. Let’s hope we get news of a North American dub and release soon! If that’s indeed what this is I wonder what took Robbie Daymond two session to do. Tuxedo Mask spends most of these movies as a gem. Perhaps he just meant it was two sessions for the two films. I think Taiki’s forehead has more lines than him.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos - The Golden Crystal

Update 2023-12-23: It looks like this pin is from The Lantern Girl’s etsy shop. Unfortunately this particular pin is currently out of stock.

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23 thoughts on “Did Robbie Daymond, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, secretly confirm that he’s dubbing Sailor Moon Cosmos with a photo of him wearing a Sailor Moon Star Locket pin?

  1. Given that Mamo-chawn is mostly a series of flashbacks in this arc, I’m not surprised that Robbie knocked out all his lines in only two sessions. Nojima Kenji’s recording sessions were probably similar.

  2. I just hope they don’t use the honorific dialouge for the English dub of Sailor Moon Cosmos like they did with Eternal.

  3. so fair warning, there are leakers out there that have been posting the movie online… i got lucky and watched both all the way through but with no subs to 100% follow along, the one i watched is already taken down but man without spoiling anything its gonna be awesome, with what time they had to take advantage of it flows much better then the word for word of the dreams arc or eternal movies… some semi differences from the manga but other then that a real good way to end the series high

    • So there are leaks, but all raws? I think I’ll keep waiting. I’m sure I could probably follow along well enough, but I prefer to check what I’m hearing against subs, especially to see if there were any changes.

  4. I’m glad to know Mamo-chan’s VA has finally given us some info. I don’t watch dubs, but I’ll be glad when the sub version is released. I’ve quite missed Usagi-chan and the rest of the group.

  5. I watched both parts with subtitles. No Galactica La Smoking Bomber. Poor Tux.

    He dies, disappears for an hour, comes back to life for five minutes, then dies again and stays dead until the finale. His lines probably only needed one session, with a second session for revisions.

    • From what I’ve seen, the part where everyone just does their usual attacks except with Galactica before them seems like the most annoying part of the movie haha.

      • It looks like the episode of the original 90’s series where Ami hallucinates that all of the senshi are against her just redrawn similarly for the movie. I’m trying to keep an open mind though that maybe when I see the full movie put together I’ll somehow end up liking it still.

  6. I literally just bought that same pin!!! It’s from The Lantern Girl Shop on etsy! She has a lot pf SM related pins and keychains that are super cute. I got myself a Sailor Venus symbol pin, the cosmic heart broach, and the star locket. ♡ Please support her shop (not sponsered by the way (^^;))

  7. I recognized that LG pin right away! It’s soooo nice! I got mine years ago so she definitely restocks still! All her pins are incredible quality! Highly reccomend!

  8. “Tuxedo Mask spends most of these movies as a gem.”

    Huh? You mean as his Sailor– er, Golden Crystal? So is his part even shorter than it was in the manga, because if so, that sucks.

    “I think Taiki’s forehead has more lines than him.”

    Lmao, between you and Tuxedo Unmasked, poor Taiki gets no respect. That really is an awful hairstyle, though.

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