A Sailor Moon Cosmos official visual book will be released on July 4th

Sailor Moon Cosmos Official Visual Book

Yet another Sailor Moon Crystal book is coming in soon! The book will be released on July 4th which is shortly after the June 30th release of Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 2. It will cover both films and will include an overview of the films’ story, character bios, interviews with cast and crew, artwork and merchandise related to the film. The book will be sold at stores and online retailers, though I have not yet seen it listed anywhere.

MSRP for the book is 3300 yen which is about $24 US. Not too expensive, but books are expensive to ship from Japan. Will you be picking this one up?

Source: The Sailor Moon Official Site

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8 thoughts on “A Sailor Moon Cosmos official visual book will be released on July 4th

  1. Depends on the movies if I’ll pick this up or not. I’m pretty disappointed with the Starlight’s transformation sequence video recently released as it’s only marginally better than the CG transformations of Crystal seasons 1 and 2. I wouldn’t want to see something like this repeated in the official visual book.

  2. I already have the Eternal visual book so I will be picking this up. I just wish they had released books for seasons 1-3 of Crystal or at least published a larger sized omnibus of the DVD/bluray booklets and released that instead.

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