New Sailor Moon Eternal clips were shown on an NHK Sailor Moon TV special

Sailor Moon Eternal - Usagi, Chibiusa and Mamoru

This past Saturday, December 5th, there was a two hour long Sailor Moon special which aired on NHK in Japan. This special centered around voting on fans’ favourite characters, episodes and songs from Sailor Moon and also included a number of special guests and clips from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films! Though the special was televised you can watch a version online by following this link. There’s a lot going on in this two hour video so I’ll point out a few places where you can find new Sailor Moon Eternal footage.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa

At 64 minutes and 24 seconds you can see the voice actors who portray Chibiusa, Misato Fukuen, and Mamoru, Kenji Nojima, doing a live read of a clip from the upcoming film which features Chibiusa and Mamoru speaking in the build up to Chibiusa’s transformation.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Usagi and Chibiusa

At 77 minutes and 28 seconds we see a clip of Chibiusa, Mamoru and Usagi speaking. Diana is also present but doesn’t speak in this footage.

Kotono Mitsuishi reading lines from the season finale

And while it’s not Sailor Moon Eternal footage there is something quite interesting at 114 minutes and 8 seconds. Here we see Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Usagi from the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, doing a live recording of some lines from the first season finale. Why is this important? She didn’t have a chance to record these for the original episode as she was off with an illness. That episode, and a few others, were recorded instead by Kae Araki who later returned to voice Chibiusa in Sailor Moon R. I shared this on Twitter after having seen it posted by the Sailor Moon Canada account which prompted an interesting discussion where I learned that this was not the first time Kotono Mitsuishi recorded these lines. As noted in the Tuxedo Unmasked article about her illness which kept her from recording those episodes, she had recorded audio of that final scene. The article mentions that this was an audio tape though I understand there is a CD which exists as well. She also recorded those lines for the 2018 Classic Concert. I have that CD but it is boxed up somewhere but user David Perez on Twitter says it’s on track 9.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Kazuko Tadano

There are some odd things in this video such as footage of Kazuko Tadano with an image of the anime character which was based off of her hiding her face!

Sailor Moon Eternal - Storyboards

We also get a look at some storyboards for the film. Some aren’t easy to make out but there is a pretty close up shot of a couple of pages at one point.

Sailor Moon Eternal commercial - Holy Grails

We’ve also got a new 15 second commercial for Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 which shows Usagi and Chibiusa with the Holy Grails, Helios and Pegasus. You can watch the commercial on YouTube below.

With Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 coming to Japanese theatres on January 8th and Part 2 coming February 11th we are getting a lot of new content coming at us lately! There seem to be new clips and images of the film most days! I’m trying to keep up with the news. Feel free to share anything you spot in the comments!

Keep reading for more screenshots from these clips.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Misato Fukuen as Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - Kenji Nojima as Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa's broach

Sailor Moon Eternal - Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa and Diana

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal - Storyboards

Sailor Moon Eternal - Storyboards

Sailor Moon Eternal - Storyboards

Sailor Moon Eternal commercial - Chibusa and Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal commercial - Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal commercial - Helios

Sailor Moon Eternal commercial - Pegasus

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20 thoughts on “New Sailor Moon Eternal clips were shown on an NHK Sailor Moon TV special

  1. In case anyone wonders about the contest results, I watched it and listed them here.
    I have to say, it’s pretty surprising!

    1. Sailor Uranus
    2. Sailor Moon
    3. Haruka Tenoh
    4. Minako Aino
    5. Kou Seiya
    6. Michiru Kaioh
    7. Sailor Saturn
    8. Makoto Kino
    9. Ami Mizuno
    10. Sailor Mercury
    11. Fish Eye
    12. Sailor Venus
    13. Princess Serenity
    14. Sailor Neptune
    15. Usagi Tsukino
    16. Sailor Mars
    17. Hotaru Tomoe
    18. Luna (Human form)
    19. Black Lady
    20. Sailor Jupiter
    21. Rei Hino
    22. Sailor Pluto
    23. Chibi-Usa
    24. Prince Demande (Black Moon)
    25. Sailor Chibi Moon
    26. Mamoru Chiba
    27. Tuxedo Mask
    28. Kou Yaten
    29. Nephrite
    30. Luna (Cat form)
    31. Sailor V
    32. Zoisite (Dark Kingdom)
    33. Helios
    34. Neo Queen Serenity
    35. Sailor Star Fighter
    36. Sappir (Black Moon)
    37. Osaka Naru
    38. Sailor Star Healer
    39. Koan (Black Moon)
    40. Eudial (Death Busters)
    41. Small Lady Serenity
    42. Prince Endymion
    43. Palla-Palla (Dead Moon)
    44. Kunzite (Dark Kingdom)
    45. Berthier (Dark Moon)
    46. Tiger’s Eye (Dead Moon))
    47. Artemis
    48. Setsuna Meioh
    49. Mistress 9 (Death Busters)
    50. Sailor Galaxia (Shadow Galactica)

  2. This is off-topic, but do you know why the original Sailor Moon movies are only available in English on amazon? Purchased the dubbed R movie by accident and didn’t see the Japanese version anywhere. Also, from the cast list for S, it seemed like they were maybe the original Cloverway dubs? Do you know anything about this?

  3. Some of the shots look good. Cannot wait for the movie, but the linework is a bit too thin for the character outlines. A lot of the lines and colors just seem faded. I still cannot believe it took them this long to give us the next story arc.

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