Here are more images of from Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1

Sailor Moon Eternal - Rei

Some new images of Usagi, Chibiusa, Mamoru, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako were released earlier this week. Though these haven’t been posted on the official Sailor Moon site they have been seen elsewhere online. I originally saw these on Instagram when they were posted by Sailor Moon Collectibles who mentioned she had seen them on animate Times. These images were shared in three different posts, the first showing Chibiusa and Usagi, the second showing Ami and Rei and the third showing Makoto and Minako.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Ami

The civilian images mostly seem new. Some of these, including most of the transformed posed images, had been seen before though they previously had the Lawson Print Shop “Sample” watermark on them. Since those have been for sale at Lawson Print Shops since August many versions without the water mark are out there.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Makoto

With the trailers mostly focusing on transformations and Sailor Guardian outfits it’s nice to get another look at everyone in their day to day clothes. What do you think?

Sailor Moon Eternal - Minako, Ami, Makoto and Rei

Sailor Moon Crystal Part 1 will be released in theatres in Japan on January 8th 2021 with Part 2 following shortly afterwards on February 11th. There has not yet been any announcement of when and how the films will be released outside of Japan, though there is speculation that Netflix may be dubbing the movies.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa and Usagi

Keep reading for more of these stills.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Eternal - Chibiusa

Sailor Moon Eternal - Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sailor Venus

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9 thoughts on “Here are more images of from Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1

  1. Overall some shots look decent, but some shots do not look great. I was not expecting movie quality and it is definitely average, but with all this time they spent you would think they could have came up with something better. What really bugs me is after all 3 seasons and even this movie no one seems to be able to draw fingers especially ones that are pointing. The iconic on behalf of the moon pose sailor moon is so off after all 3 seasons and this movie. So is Venus pose and Mars pose.

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