Check out the designs and voices of the Amazoness Quartet from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films!

Sailor Moon Eternal - The Amazoness Quartet

The Sailor Moon official site has been updated with images and the voice cast of the Amazoness Quartet from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films! Though we don’t know exactly how the two films will be broken up I would assume these characters would mostly feature in the second film, coming out February 11th in Japan, and perhaps appear only briefly in the first film which will be in Japanese theatres January 8th. The Amazoness Quartet are part of the Dead Moon Circus and include CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun and VesVes, all of which are named after asteroids or dwarf planets in our solar system. I certainly hope we’ll also get a look at the Sailor Quartet at the end of the second film!

Sailor Moon Eternal - Reina Ueda as CereCere

CereCere will be voiced by Reina Ueda, a voice actress who’s appeared in a number of anime and video games including the voice of Mallow in Pokémon: Sun & Moon anime.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Sumire Morohoshi as PallaPalla

PallaPalla is voiced by Sumire Morohoshi, a singer and voice actress who’s performed many roles including Acerola from the Pokémon: Sun & Moon anime and Nina from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Yuko Hara as JunJun

JunJun is voiced by Yuko Hara, a voice actress who’s done a number of anime series including small parts in Ghost in the Shell Arise and Akari Acura in Chaika the Coffin Princess.

Sailor Moon Eternal - Rie Takahashi as VesVes

VesVes is voiced by Rie Takahashi, a voice actress and singer who has appeared in many anime series and video games including Mirai Asahina aka Cure Miracle, the main character in Witchy PreCure!

What do you think of these new designs? Are you a fan of any other roles that these actresses have done?

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52 thoughts on “Check out the designs and voices of the Amazoness Quartet from the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films!

  1. Yeah, I have to admit, I think they look better with the tights, it is kind of a surprise how different they look animated with the manga version, though the outfits look less detailed somehow.
    Even ignoring the scanty part (since their Sailor suits will show about as much leg) something feels off without the tights!

    Still, I’m on Team Palla Palla/Pallas!

  2. wow, had to go and look at the orginal versions of these 4 and wow the leggings make a huge difference in there characters, different and cant wait to see how they work in the 2 movies, just need nehilenia and what is the 4th amazon that fights venus prior to the outer senshi come back into the picture, that and how will eternal sailor moon and the eternal sailors will look like at the end of the movie, fingers crossed that we will have a fast turn around to seeing the starlights

  3. No worries! As long as each member of the Amazonness Quartet knows her respective measurements, then they can simply order tights from!

  4. I thinj these designs together with the Trio ones are way better to whatever happened to Moon and company. The Quartet are supposed to be younger yet they look much more graceful and mature than the inners.

    • Totally agree, i think they really nailed it with both amazon trio and amazon quartet designs, but how they managed to f*ck up the sailor senshi that bad is beyond me.

    • I agree with you, guys! You both nailed it! The trio and the quartet are greatly done (I prefer them without the tights), but the Senshi are sloppy (especially Mars’ because of her twisted index finger, as I said in another previous comment. Poor Mars, after the weird faces they gave her in S1, now they are twisting her finger. What is the next part of her anatomy to be butchered by Toei? It’s anyone’s guess!).

      • the should have at least the amazon globes since that is what is used in the manga to trap and get used from saturn to rebirth them as chibi usas guardians so that might be the only thing to get used

    • Doubtful, unless they are there as just an Easter egg since the pool sticks were anime only.
      The Amazon Stones will definitely be included since Nehelenia gifts them to them in the manga.

      • Tje globes are their weapons. But the sticks were anime only. I cannot wait to see Nehellenia and Zirconia. I hope we knew the runtime for the films. I am so worried about all the cuts…

          • They did. The word they translated “Tama” can mean a variety of things and though I can’t read Japanese, apparently the Amazoness Quartet abuses the word in funny ways.
            For example, “Tama” means jewel, gemstone, ball, sphere, marble, egg, or even bullet among other things, and the kanji character used changes depending on how the particular member is using her ball.

            It was really clever wordplay and some of the puns that we lost in translations.

  5. The designs look better without the tights as the tights I felt actually ruined the design although I think the tights did fit in with some of the circus looks I guess. Overall, it is a better look now although it might not be appropriate depending on the audience. I will say that I never liked the Amazoness Quartet. Even after I found out they were Sailor Chibi Moon’s soldiers in the manga, I prefer their 90s anime story. The Amazoness Quartet’s design were not that great so I never liked them even when I first saw them. I actually prefer the trio so it was good that the trio had a focus in the 90s anime. Maybe it was the Amazoness Quartet’s hair design that looked bad to me, but overall I never cared for them in the anime and I prefer them not being sailor soldiers. However, with most things seen so far comparing the character designs to the actual footage, this is no different. The actual animation is going to look worse than the character designs. The character design for the Amazoness Quarter is nice, but it seems so far every animation scene has been a disappointment. The character designs and posters have been nice, but the actual animation has been the opposite.

    • “Maybe it was the Amazoness Quartet’s hair design that looked bad to me”
      That, plus the tights, are what made me dislike the Quartet when I first discovered them in the 90s anime. How can’t they be bald and have terrible headaches with such pulled hair? I thought that them becoming Sailor Senshi would correct those weird haircuts, and that those haircuts were only one of their features as villainess. But in fact, no. Oh, yeah, I forgot: that’s magic!

      Also, I always disliked the fact that CereCere/Ceres had pink hair and clothes, while she was Venus’ counterpart and had a yellow ball. But I recently read a topic on Reddit that solved this problem and apparently false inconsistency:

        • Neither did I! It still bothers me that Ceres is not blonde and does not have a yellow suit, but this theory is really brilliant.

          • This theory helps me make peace with it. :)

            Personally, I can’t stand their hair even now. You’d think after so many years I’d have gotten used to it.
            Ceres’ hair is probably my favorite of the team, Vesta’s is…okay, but Juno’s and Pallas’ are just awful.

          • I totally agree with you and Madd about the hair! And yes, their wacky hair, as you said, are good as long as their are villains, but when they turn good, those weird haircuts are no longer justified nor consistent in any way. Also, just like you, I think that Ceres and Vesta’s haircuts are the best, while still being odd. Juno has the most awful haircut indeed (how can you get used to THAT, for God’s sake?), as for Pallas, I think it’s just the most normal one. She seems to be as sober as Mercury, and it perfectly suits her name: Pallas, or Athena, the goddess of Wisdom!
            If it can help you as it helped me, here is a great fanart on DA with the girls having normal haircuts: It also shows Ceres with a yellow Sailor suit :) .

          • I love what someone wrote in one of the comments: “Naoko definitely had a brain fart when she decided to have Ceres wear pink.” XD

    • @Madd Yes, I don’t like their hair. I feel like it was Naoko getting some kind of revenge on the animators. The designs are wacky, and as villains, I think it was fine. But once they transform into Sailors it looks just awful.

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