New art showing the Sailor Moon Eternal designs for all Sailor Guardians is included in a product ad for Ichiban Kuji

Sailor Moon Eternal -  Let's Party - Usagi and Chibiusa

The Sailor Moon official site has been updated with an ad for some upcoming products from the Ichiban Kuji line which includes some new art! The images used in the advertisement include a look at all of the Sailor Guardians using the art style of the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal films, which is the two part movie adaptation of Sailor Moon’s Dream Arc, the continuation of the Sailor Moon Crystal series. The theme is “Let’s Party” so we mostly see the characters in party dresses.

Sailor Moon Eternal -  Let's Party - Makoto, Rei, Usagi, Minako, Ami, Chibiusa, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna and Hotaru

The main banner shows us Usagi and Chibiusa, though we’ve seen those two before in this art style so it’s nothing too shocking. What’s more interesting are the first official depictions of Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna and Hotaru. Though we don’t know exactly at what point in the story the first Sailor Moon Eternal film will end it is unlikely these characters will have a prominent part in the film as their roles are mostly contained in the later half of the manga’s Dream arc. I suspect we could be ending the movie with a brief appearance by them, but we shall see in September, assuming the film is released as it was originally anticipated.

Sailor Moon Eternal -  Let's Party - Products

We also see everyone in their Sailor Guardian forms which all appear to be their Super outfits, though it’s a bit hard to see from the photos! You’ll need to look closely to try to make out details. For the above image just click on the thumbnail and then the image size (670×1030) to view it in full size.

Sailor Moon Eternal -  Let's Party - Usagi and Chibiusa

What do you think of these designs? Do you think we’ll be getting Sailor Moon Eternal by September 11th 2020 are it is currently planned?

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35 thoughts on “New art showing the Sailor Moon Eternal designs for all Sailor Guardians is included in a product ad for Ichiban Kuji

  1. I really hope it releases on time, but given their track record, and every thing else in the world that’s getting delayed or canceled, my hopes are not as high as they would be under normal circumstances; it’s a very small hope that I am not allowing to grow any bigger for fear of how sad I will be when the inevitable news comes that it is delayed once again… Please, please, please let me be wrong!

  2. They fixed the gloves of Neptune and Uranus, since the Super version of Crystal season III was wrong. And I guess that Pluto’s skin tone are darker than before.

  3. Those new designs look wondeful!

    But seriously, no one to give Pluto a black dress? What’s the matter with black? When will her aura color be respected and given back to her? I know, it’s nipticking, and it’s not the first time I do complain about this point. But that does really matter to me. As far as I love the new designs, I was disappointed to see Pluto’s dress color, though I like this shade of red. But it has to be black.

    Appart from that, yes, I like the new designs, but I already said it.
    Let’s hope that the movie will be released to due date.

      • Oh yeah, she’s so graceful with this gown! And if they ever show her in a dark red gown, I tell you the truth, and I swear it: I’ll quit, I’ll quit the Sailor Moon fandom forever. But that will be no ragequit. I’ll keep my calm, and I’ll leave with the grace of a stoic philosopher. And I am a man of my word.

        • Don’t quit!! I dread the idea of losing you as someone to talk to on a Sailor Moon News site! Please don’t leave!!! I would move heaven and the Moon Kingdom just to be graced by your presence, and a quit—ragequit or calm—would rip out my heart!!

          I’m trying to win an award for acting right now.

          • Over a dress… But I feel you when they robbed Venus of her moments twice during s 1 I quit for a while and never finished the show till the third season was announced

          • Don’t worry, I was just kidding, writing a ridiculously dramatic message just for fun (but I already know that Joseph’s acting was better and that he is gonna win the award of the best dramatic performance ;)) ;) . Of course, I am not going to stop watching Sailor Moon just because they may mess again (as they did countless times before) with Pluto’s main color. I got used to it somehow, no choice, though it still pisses me off, really.

          • Oh! Oh! An acting contest now?
            LET ME TRY!

            *Turns away with an unreadable expression and leans on the balcony overlooking the noisy night street below.*
            “Fine, go then. But if do, I want you to leave everything. All of it. The merchandise, the memories…all of the good times. Leave it at the door and don’t look back. Because I won’t.”
            * as you turn to go, you hear movement from behind. turning back you see me, on hands and knees, fists clenched. A single tear falls from my eye and is lost on the carpet, but is followed by more. Outside, it begins to rain and thunder rolls in the distance. A moment passes.*
            “Please, I don’t want to be here if you’re gone. I can’t handle all of the wonky eyes and miscolored clothes. Don’t do that to me…”

          • Me: “Bradley I… I do know I do want to leave. And I do know I’ll leave. I could stay here with you, I know but… I feel like my destiny is to leave, I don’t know why, there’s no real reason to it, I assume it is just for the need of our cheesy and melodramatic scenario. *Turns to the camera and wink and smile playfully at the televiewers*
            Honestly, my love of soap opera tropes are forcing me to leave right now, in order to fulfill my tragic destiny, and to allow you to fulfill yours as well in the wake of my departure. *Walks to the entrance door and, putting my hand on the knob, I close my eyes and bow my head in a ridiculously solemn manner, just like an anime character, before saying* Yes, I shall leave, but not now. Because, lockdown prevents me from leaving. So, I guess I shall stay here with for a while. *Turns again at the camera to deliver a message to the televiewers: remember, ladies and gentleman, to stay at home to save lives!*

          • On the next episode, one of us can get amnesia or plastic surgery or both!
            Hmm, can you get plastic surgery as takeout?

          • Or why not being back from the dead? A classic trope and my favourite one so far :D . Or back from the dead with amnesia AND plastic surgery! *The Dead and the Restless music now plays*

        • Well, Sailor Pluto knows all about dying in her show and coming back (with no explanation!!)

          Ah, it is only a matter of time before Adam bans us for hijacking his awesome posts with our nonsense.
          I can imagine being summoned like the Amazoness Trio before Zirconia and given a severe warning.

      • Pluto is wearing garnet because of her Garnet Orb and it is the color of the bows on her sailor fuku.

        Saintfighteraqua…are you Prompto?!!

        • Of course, I know that. But it is still not consistent, since black is her main color (what we call in the fandom “aura color”), and all the others on the picture have clothes that matches their main/aura colors. Of course I could go on and say that black is difficult to “animate” in a cartoon, especially when it comes to some effects, like glowing, sparkling effects, etc. The same is done sometimes with Uranus, who was given a yellow aura in the animes just because navy blue is hard to animate, since it’s too dark for it (to not talk about black, obviously). But when it comes to simple drawings or goodies, this is just not fair and not consistent not to depict the both of them with their respective main colors.

  4. September is a long way from us and this nightmare might be over tilll summer. On this collaboration they still advertize the September as release date, which at least means if there is a delay it won’t be due to production problems or schedule problem, but Covid 19 alone.

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