Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Blu-Ray contents

Over 23 years since Sailor Stars first started airing in Japan and nearly 19 years after the final episode of Sailor Moon SuperS was dubbed into English Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is finally available to watch in English in North America! This new dub by Viz Media includes the same actors that dubbed the first four seasons of their new dub of the Sailor Moon anime as well as Sailor Moon Crystal. Many fans have already had a chance to hear the dub as the episodes were released digitally two weeks ago. With the physical sets being released today some fans have already gotten theirs early!

The set is available to buy both in physical stores and through online retailers. As always if you order the set through the Amazon links on this page, such as those below, you will be supporting the site. A lot of copies of this release have already been pre-ordered by fans using these links. Thank you to all of you for helping to cover this site’s operating costs.

What does everyone think of this new set and the new dub? Was it worth the long wait? Although I’ve been posting about this release quite a bit a part of me is still in disbelief that this is finally happening after all of these years! We didn’t even have to buy any Pop Tarts to make it happen! Are any of you watching Sailor Stars for the first time with this release? If so, what do you think? Is Seiya a worthwhile substitute for Mamoru or clearly a better choice? Is Sailor Iron Mouse the greatest of the Animamates or your favourite Sailor Iron Mouse?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 181 - Usagi and Seiya

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44 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

  1. Guys, sorry for the off topic, but does anyone know if this year bday party will be live streamed on nico nico?

  2. so after amazon snubbed my order by sending me a floor model copy and forcing me to spend more to get the limited edition with no discount after they screwed up for the 3rd time….. I got my copy a bit ago and aside from skipping the super s filler part and going right to the star lights so far I love iron mouse and her voice is perfect for this roll, the starlights so far im mixed on but im sure as the show continues I might like them more, the 3 episodes ive watched so far they sound very convincing as men and I am hearing the voices change when they transform so that’s a wonderful bit so far, if memory serves tho this set doesn’t have where they actually sing out to the princess of olives kagura is it? so hopefully they make that good, so since I never got the limited edition before im happy with the extra booklet and the hard case to put my movies in, angrily tho they have the lyrics in the book for the original song and they have the actual words and they still snubbed the very first word of the song which drives me bonkers how they messed that up, its like talking to a 3 year old and showing them the word cat and they say super man instead, man also the book is huge spoilers to the few that haven’t actually seen the show and have lived under a rock so there that

  3. I chose free shipping, so my copy won’t arrive until the 24th. I already own a (non official) subtitled version of Stars, so the story will be nothing new to me, but I am looking forward to hearing how the dub sounds!
    Iron Mouse is also my favorite from this batch of villains. While I like Seiya as a character, I do not like him/her with Usagi; Mamoru is the only one for Usagi and that’s all there is to it. It’s whole point of the series, that no how many times they are reborn, Serenity and Endymion will always be meant for each other.

    • which error? the only one I came across was the same error that plagued the past 4 seasons intro song, where they cant properly translate the first 2 words from Japanese to English, which is the word “im sorry” but they refused or lazily didn’t bother to translate that and left it in Japanese as “gomenne” which isn’t 1 word its 2, “gomen ne” lit translation is “im sorry” it annoys me that they went out of the way to give us the entire series and messed that up for 4 seasons and at this time one can honestly assume that in the credits for episode 200 will retain this bad translation which for professional dubbing and subbing they kept this error in all prior 166 episodes and will end the series at episode 200

        • after all this time I highly doubt they care since they only have 16 episodes left to print to a disc and send out for us to spend 50 bucks on to get the remaining episodes, that tiny error was started all the way from episode 1 back in what 2013 when they started to redub the show so with that in mind I highly doubt there going to rerelease every single set at this point to fix there error

    • So they are working on a replacement. Not because of the translation eror, but because the little line on the relationship chart lists Uranus and Neptune as “friends” and not partners…

      • so personally I caved in and got the other 4 seasons limited editions boxes and there were errors in all the books not just the lovers parts but one of the books don’t even tell you who chibi usa is, all the books have the same song error for the first word and it dawned on me the last part of the same song isn’t translated either in all 5 books so much for a full English translation lol, also I was surprised they didn’t have mamoru’s star seed picture but then again they don’t really show off usagi’s either if you will or how about how chibi chibi is the light of hope where she’s the sword or even being the star seed to galaxia??? even Pluto doesn’t have her transformation stick granted we all know why Saturn doesn’t have hers, they don’t even have the 2 talisman’s for the outers or even there super forms so yeah I know major spoilers there but we all know how it ends up at this point, at least the box sets look very nice on my shelves along side my other collectors sets of other shows

        • Thinking of making a post about this. I can see people complaining about the “friendship” connection in the chart but what’s the Romaji lyric thing? Viz’s response is really bizarre.

          “Hey you fucked up the relationship between the lesbians in a chart.”
          “Okay we corrected the error. It was with Romaji lyrics”

          And everyone is sort of okay with that answer???

          • Okay now that I’ve review all of the booklets I see it’s the first words of Moonlight Densetsu. The relationship charts are all over the place so I’ll write something up about it.

          • I wish it was just the errors in the books, the lyrics error is in the past 166 episodes in the subbing, plus the few episodes they actually sing the song where it sounds terrible not to mention the episode with venus and moon on the kindergarden bus and even the kids are singing it, its really messed up, the books while there nice there all over the place, one part being how we didn’t get a actual conformation on who would be princess kagua but the book tells us that, if you look at supers book they don’t have the amazon quartet listed aside from tbd?? plus I got the book just recently so I already knew who was playing as them so yeah the books are a cluster mess

  4. I am not going to lie. I am looking forward to watching the dub. However, I have so many disappointments with this season that have nothing to do with the dub, but the story itself. From what I heard from the dub clips Sailor Iron Mouse might be the only voice I actually liked. I actually wish they manga finished before the season so they could have incorporated all of the sailor animamates and the other villains of the manga. Also would have been nice to see if they would have made a Chaos in a human type form. I watched sailor stars dubbed when I was younger in another language and the story was just too rushed and I barely saw my favorites the outer soldiers. Also the fights at the end of the season just like the beginning were kind of disappointing. Overall, I felt this season should have been longer and incorporated more of the outer and inner soldiers. Especially…Sailor Saturn.

    • I liked what I heard of Sailor Iron Mouse a LOT. But then again knowing whom her voice actress in the dub is (Katie Leigh), and thinking back to how much joy she and her fellow castmates on the original Muppet Babies gave me at times when I had none, I might be a SHADE biased.

      • Agreed! She sounds a lot like her other character, Sunni from Disney’s Gummi Bears. I loved her since childhood.

        • I’d go so far as to say her voice is dashing and daring, courageous and caring—faithful and friendly… with stories to share.

          • She definitely seems to perform with a bit of “gusto” in her acting. Too bad she never applied herself to singing as well. She could have won a “grammi.”

  5. I have started watch Pgsm again earlier this month, and I remembered the Pgsm reviews you once wrote.

    We’ve been waiting for the news about Crystal’s new season for centuries, and during this time, the reviews had activated the site and it was fun to read.

    Why did you stop writing reviews? :( I hope you continue where you left off.

  6. so I just found this out on a one off and semi off topic but you are able to purchase the 1st half of this season in either English or Japanese language on the Vudu platform for $39.99 or $29.99 plus taxes, so at least that’s something else if one is looking to buy this season

  7. I think what I loved about Seiya was how she could actually protect Usagi and how hard she courted her during the season not realizing how heartbroken she was.

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