Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Blu-Ray set box art

Following last week’s news about Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on June 18th fans can now pre-order the set from Amazon. This includes the less expensive DVD version, selling for just $28.26, as well as the standard Blu-Ray version, which is selling for $61.12 and the Limited Edition Blu-Ray which is $71.73. This is slightly less expensive than pre-ordering from RightStuf, which currently costs $71.99, though users ordering from RightStuf will be able to get the exclusive coin. If you pre-order from Amazon using the links below, or any other Amazon links such as the ones on the left sidebar on the main page, this will support this site.

This set includes episodes 167 to 183. This includes the short six episode Nehelenia arc, which is a sort of bridge between the SuperS season and Sailor Stars, and the introduction of the Sailor Starlights and their alternate identities, the Three Lights! The set will end with the introduction of the mysterious Chibi Chibi! These will be available for the first time with English audio, featuring Viz’s new English dub of the series, as well as Japanese audio with English subtitles. We never got a straight answer as to why Sailor Stars wasn’t originally dubbed but some fans believe that it was because the content would have been considered inappropriate for some viewers. If that was ever true it seems like this is no longer the case!

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - The Sailor Starlights

Do you ship Seiya and Usagi? Will you be getting this release? I’m certainly looking forward to watching it in English for the first time. Though I’ve imported the Japanese DVDs and laserdiscs of Sailor Stars over the years the copies I’ve watched the most were VHS fan subs and a bootleg DVD, both of which used the VKLL subtitle scripts.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 182 - Chibi Chibi

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 174 - Taiki, Seiya and Yaten - The Three Lights

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30 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 1 is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray from Amazon

  1. 2 Things for the First Comment 1 First and 2. 12 sets down and only Part 2 to have Preorders like after The Release date is Revealed

  2. Seiya and Usagi? Ew! No way! Though the moment on the roof still makes me feel so sad for Seiya, when she asks if she’s not enough. That scene makes me feel so much for both of them, the vulnerability Usagi shows when she breaks down and Seiya’s pain. I don’t know that she realized how much Usagi was hurting until then…but she was also kind of a selfish jerk to Usagi…

    Anyways, I digress, I’m really happy to see it available for preorder, but I think I will wait for the inevitable price plunge before getting this one. 16 episodes for $70+ is a bit steep.
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. I already preordered it a few days ago when it first popped up on Amazon (I was checking back multiple times a day until it was finally there). I like Seiya as a character, but I do not ship Seiya with Usagi; Usagi is just meant to be with Mamoru (that’s kind of why they were reincarnated together).

    • I agree. Seiya was for tension and plot but was obviously never meant to be a serious contender. (plus, if she ends up with anyone it’s most likely Kakyuu. (But maybe not even her.)

      • I feel like it’s mentioned somewhere that Kakyuu’s lover was killed by Galaxia… but maybe that was in the manga (I can’t remember).

        • I think that is in the manga, I also don’t know if any sort of romance is even mentioned between Kakyuu and Seiya in the manga.

          In the anime, it could be implied, though it’s also just as likely it’s not a real thing. (When Seiya thinks of Kakyuu, the image changes to Usagi.) This could be that Seiya just feels like Usagi is taking the place of Kakyuu in her heart (not romantically but as a loyalty thing) and it’s troubling her.
          Or it could imply she had a crush on or a relationship with Kakyuu but she is now beginning to have those feelings for Usagi. Either way, no wonder Taiki and Yaten get so upset with Seiya.

          • Indeed!

            With a day late, happy birthday to our purple-haired, scarlet-clad astral Khaleesi; notre dame des flammes, Sailor Mars!

          • Naoko Takeshi often drew her with both black and purple hair, alternatively. Also, Toei gave her black hair in the 90’s anime, while her hair color is between purple and black in Crystal. And it’s the same for Sailor Saturn. That’s why, to me, though I prefer Sailor Mars with black hair, I keep on imagining her with purple hair, only to make a difference with Saturn’s black hair. At least, I think that Mars’ hair color is a lighter shade than Saturn’s hair. But you are free not to agree with me.

          • Well, her hair is supposed to be black, that’s true. But they definitely color it purple.
            The truth is, her ribbon was also originally supposed to be black. (Her theme colors are red and black and in the material collection her initial design had a black ribbon.)
            But the ribbon is also colored as purple in the anime and in the manga.

          • Indeed! Both Luke and you are right.

            And the truth is, I would have found great if Naoko Takeuchi had kept this black bow on Sailor Mars’ outfit, because red and black really fit together. Also, since Sailor Saturn’s outfit colors are purple and a shade of dark red, and since she also has black hair, it turns out that her and Sailor Mars almost have the same color palette, which is a bit annoying. This is why I like thinking that Mars has purple hair, only in order to make some kind of a chromatic difference between her and Saturn.

          • I agree. I think the black ribbon looks good with the red.

            You know, I’ve never noticed that they have similar palettes. Of course, if they had kept Mar’s ribbon black, then she’d share a sailor suit palette with Pluto. (I believe Pluto’s hair is also supposed to be black and is just green for effect and so it doesn’t clash with her suit.)

          • “Of course, if they had kept Mar’s ribbon black, then she’d share a sailor suit palette with Pluto.”

            Haha, I agree wih that!

            But if you look closely, Uranus and Neptune both have a navy blue back bow; and blue is a color that often comes back in Sailor Moon clothing (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune). What I mean is that the more Senshi there are, the more it is difficult to find unique colors for each of them (also fitting each Senshi’s elemental powers).

            As for Pluto’s hair color, I share your feeling: I’m sure too they are black in reality, but indeed, black hair on a dark skin and black clothes would have been too much.

  4. cant wait, and had to look to see where the split is, looks like they will just introduce lead crow and aluminum siren to the show before making us wait to see tin nyanko and the final episodes, funny thing is remembering back to how they had the disclamer up stating that the final 2 episodes were rated M for (not spoilers for us fans) the final battle it makes one wonder if they will rate the entire final box set M or will they just give it the TV 14 rating the rest of the series has held???? not that it really matters as its still funny seeing as that was the straw that gave it a M rating when there is so much more in the past episodes (black ladys first transformation comes to mind) but I guess that’s a thought for another time?? got mine on preorder I cant wait to get it and hear who I hope do a good job on the music and the star lights, still wonder if they will make them male like so many other dubs have in the past as well as the original audio (that or a really good female actress doing the voices) or if they go in the direction that crystal did for Uranus which was a more masculine female voice which did very well for what was going on there lol, cant wait for the list of cast members who will finish off this awesome and sometimes very backwards(dic dub) show

    • Huh?

      The starlights were men that transformed into women in the original anime, that wasn’t a dub thing. They were always women only in the manga (women taking fake male identities, but still women).

  5. I adore Seiya and Usagi. No one can deny, there was definitely chemistry there. I just really hope Seiya’s voice is good, or I’ll be so disappointed.

  6. I really wanted to buy the VIz set back in the day. I have the Italian set, but I wanted it on language I somewhat speak. The video quality turned out to be so bad that I cannot believe they sell it as official product.

      • Speaking of the ADV sets, they are the most confusing releases for me.
        I remember there is one episode where the audio switches to the Dic audio for a few moments. I was stunned and pretty mad, back then.
        Also, the fact that they were sold and advertised as “complete” but were still missing episode 67.
        Also, they used artwork from the S or SuperS season on the boxes…such a mess!
        The quality was atrocious, they were overpriced, but I still have them after all these years.

  7. I don’t know if anyone on this board will agree with me but seeing Haruka and Seiya getting territorial over Usagi is a real guilty pleasure.

    I think deep down Haruka and Michiru would do anything to keep their princess safe and so would the Seiya and the rest . As a viewer I love when enemies should be friends if only they had a closer look, its a good for spicing things up in my opinion

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