Sailor Moon S Part 1 is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Amazon Video

Sailor Moon S Part 1 - Blu-ray

Sailor Moon S Part 1 was released on DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday, November 15th. It is available in stores across North American and from online retailers. The set includes episodes 90 to 108, which covers half of the season introducing Sailor Uranus and Neptune and then covering the return of Chibiusa. The episodes are in Japanese with English subtitles and dubbed with Viz’s new cast which did Sailor Moon Crystal and the last two seasons.

The English episodes have not shown up on any streaming sites like Hulu and Yahoo! View yet. The dubbed episodes are available to view on Amazon Video. The digital price is $3.99 per episode and $39.99 for the whole half season in HD. It doesn’t look like a standard definition version is currently available on Amazon Video. The entire series in Japanese with English subtitles remains available subtitled on Hulu, Neon Alley, Yahoo! View and Tubi TV.

Have you gotten your set yet? I’m still waiting to get mine in the mail! Support the site by ordering the set from Amazon using the links below.

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21 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S Part 1 is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Amazon Video

  1. Cool episodes! But, sadly, according to the booklet, we have to wait until spring for part 2. By the way, please tell me that was Laura Bailey playing the Shin-Chan boy on episode 105. It sounds a lot like her. :)

    • So I had a little Twitter chat today with Hulu, and they didn’t say that there would be developments, but they hinted that if there were, one should put Sailor Moon on their Watchlist for notifications. So there’s the latest news on Sailor Moon and Hulu.

  2. Did anyone notice the box art changed? It shows her transformation pose in Adam’s photo but she’s holding the holy grail in the photo on amazon…

    • That’s because the chipboard box summarizes the entire season which is the entire climax of the entire main point of the season the Messiah… Part one Blu-ray case does not have that so chill lax

  3. For anyone that hasn’t bought this latest release yet, don’t. The video quality is literally getting worse by the season. It’s so bad you might as well hold on to your old Pioneer dvd releases. The sound quality is good, but the video shows a lot of pixelation and distortion. Not to mention that all the colours are practically bleeding. Even though it’s being released on blu-ray, it’s definitely not HD. Viz should be ashamed of themselves for charging us this much and giving us so little.

    • That’s disheartening. I guess my Pioneer sets will get to stick around awhile longer then.
      If Viz is being given bad quality to work with, they need to deal with that cheap monstrosity that is Toei. Toei is notorious for this kind of think at this point…and there is zero reason to be that I can think of.
      If I were getting a box set for like $25 it would be bad enough, but these are way too overpriced to be so old and of such low quality. I’m really sad…

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sad myself. Sad that an anime like Sailor Moon seems to be cursed here in North America. It never gets the treatment and release that it deserves. As far as I’m concerned, Toei should do a full restoration frame by frame and try to make it stereo as well. Then provide those masters around the world and have a successful release.

        • so dumb question then has it been confirmed the japan release was actually given a tlc? if so I totally will just have the sets air mailed to me stateside since blurays and players are almost always region free and work on all 3 blu ray regions

          • TLC?

            No Blu-Ray announced in Japan and frankly I don’t see the point. If they went back to the source and mastered them in HD then they would be worthwhile but if they just used software to upscale the video then the DVD releases they have are going to arguably look better.

    • My reason exactly for not paying full price for any of these sets. I refused to buy Pioneers sets of Sailor Moon S back in the day due to my hating the Cloverway dub and all it’s censorship. Viz dub of S is worth owning for their dub, which I do like, but the video quality means I am ONLY purchasing S and Stars with a gift card. That would cost me way less out of pocket. Heck picture quality alone looks only worth $10 anyway.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if Viz continues to use the hulu footage for the rest of the TV seasons; they probably don’t have the time or money to make it better at this point. I appreciate VIz for giving us
      1. all 200 episodes and movies.
      2 a quality, uncensored dub,
      the video quality lost points. 2 out of 3 then.

  4. so far im enjoying these remasters, altho the price tag is a bit much for getting the same quality of video from my original pioneer copies, the new vo are very nice and to be honest a different story so far from the original which I like much better, my only true gripe is I wish that when they do the translation subs for the opening and ending that they actually do the full translation and not be sloppy and keep some words in Japanese which takes the reason to get a remastered sub when the old subs are better and actually fully subbed, u and n new voice actresses are very nice and fitting for the character, haven’t gotten into the lessie/cousin parts but from what I watched so far im loving, truth be told the $50 price tag isn’t worth it but at least its black Friday and cyber Monday coming here this weekend so maybe you can find it under a deal or get a store card or coupon to knock the price tag down, personally I got the normal Blu-ray dvd combo set instead of the limited edition with book set since the last 2 box sets weren’t of the best quality, hope the later half of S and superS will be better and I cant wait for Stars to have an official English dub, hope its not gonna take years to get that far, btw is there any word on crystal season S in English dub? or crystal Super S?

    • good point super sonic
      I’ve always wondering why the words” gomen ne” and shinjite iru” weren’t translated in the Viz DVDs, or so I’ve heard. any clues on that?

      • im glad im not the only one who see it and got mad at them for not doing the translation all the way, on a slightly funnier note ive watched the show enough times that I know what the whole song says without using the subs lol, but for younger audiences its so dishearting seeing a professional company do a sloppy job on subbing a show as timeless as this, its as bad as the last super sentai release of ohrangers where they were so lazy of doing the subs that they just took a fan sub and gave zero credit to the group that did the subs prior to getting official release, any ways that’s the biggest gripe other then the color bleed, but to me I find the original color bleed is just how im use to it even tho I just looked at the ford commercial and seen it cleaned up to look like it was just painted right as they needed it

    • As for super S and stars the answers know they’re gonna take their good old time with this release we’re finally getting Sailor Moon R promise of the rose. In theaters in January we still have 91 episodes to be released

  5. I am happy they finally released this. Thanks to Viz Media for that. However, the image for the limited edition and regular edition covers is just a bad idea. For the limited edition they probably should have used a less spoiler image. I mean for me I do not care since I already know what happens, but for new viewers maybe they could have used a nice image that did not show the grail yet. The regular edition cover art is pretty bland though. They should have found a better image. These are obviously not as important as the product itself.

    I cannot believe they keep on saying they were taking time to work on a different process for the releases. The video quality has not improved. The script and dialogue has changed from the original version in ways that do not make any sense. I really do not know what took them so long. I thank viz media for releasing the product, but we waited a while for a disappointing release. Overall, I like the viz media dub, but it definitely could have been better especially for this season.

    • Boiler image? Sailor Moon S is 21 years old! If people have not watch the season and think there are spoilers that’s like crying that the ending of little mermaid lion king beauty in the beast and Aladdin were all spoiled when those films are more than 25 years old. The reason the chipboard box has the holy Grail is the entire season is summarized on that box the Messiah season one part one DVD case does not have that so there you go

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