Sailor Moon themed condoms, pamphlets and posters will be used as part of a new Japanese sexual education campaign

Sailor Moon condoms

Sailor Moon may fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight but for those who like to do their loving by moonlight, there is a risk of STIs! The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is using Sailor Moon to promote responsible sexual health. She is featured on posters and even on the packaging of condoms which will be distributed in Japan.

Sailor Moon sex ed campaign

Do you like this poster? Do you want to print it out and put it on the side of a building or make it into a massive high resolution crop circle? Well that’s great because you can actually download a ridiculously high quality 32mb PDF of this poster from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare web site! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sailor Moon in quite this much detail.

Sailor Says - Sailor Moon Says wear a condom

Remember kids! If you don’t want to get an STI, wear a condom! Sailor Moon Says!

Japan's Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare promoting Sailor Moon's sex ed campaign

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Anime News Network

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14 thoughts on “Sailor Moon themed condoms, pamphlets and posters will be used as part of a new Japanese sexual education campaign

  1. And from the many corners of Japan, in apartments and studios, hentai artists come out to volunteer. “Let us help you with this,” they tell the Ministry. “We’ve been practicing for this since we started drawing doujins. Haven’t you seen the work we sell at Comiket and which gets distributed and translated online? We just need to tweak a few things, and it’s perfect for this campaign!” And the Ministry wonders who’s bright idea was to do this campaign in the first place.

    • Well, we don’t know that they didn’t just because it wasn’t shown. But if Mamoru had condoms lying around it gives me a new perspective on him.
      I’m still in the camp that they didn’t have sex that night (until the author explicitly says so.)
      To me it’s pretty vague and could go either way.
      We do know they didn’t use one at least once, though. ;)

      I wonder how they judge the sizes for these things? Wands, scepters, rods?

      • But supposing they had sex this famous night, I hope they listened to Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and used Sailor Moon condoms !

  2. First the Sailor Moon is mistreated by Toei, second our heroine is used to promote condoms and sexual education. Why not ? But we have to admit it’s not a glorious end for our beloved Sailor Moon XD .

      • It reminds me of a Rainbow Brite skit I saw once, where she’d fallen on hard times. Don’t give up, Usagi! We still love you.

        • For all people interested, let’s mention the Sailor Moon pads, or the Sailor Moon toilet paper :D . Because yes, that does exist.

          As you can see Saintfighteraqua, Usagi never gives up, even if we flood her with dirty things…

  3. Even though I’m a huge Sailormoon fan I don’t think I’m gonna use them cuz I don’t want a big Sailormoon logo in my dickwhile i have sex, I mean who wants that

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