A new Sailor Moon musical based on the Princess Kaguya’s Lover manga side story is coming in 2020

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga vol. 11 - Princess Kaguya's Lover

We have finally gotten an update about the next Sailor Moon musical! According to an update on the official Sailor Moon site it will be coming next summer, in 2020, and it will be following the manga side story Princess Kaguya’s Lover. Fans may be most familiar with this story as Sailor Moon S The Movie, the film adaptation of the manga. This covers the story of Luna falling in love with a human while the earth is attacked by the evil ice alien Princess Snow Kaguya.

Nogizaka 46 x Sailor Moon musical Blu-Ray - Team Moon - Puppet Luna

Luna in the Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical

Though we don’t have any real details on the musical we can be fairly certain that it will have Luna transforming into Human Luna. As Luna features heavily in the manga story I am curious to see how they handle cat Luna before her human transformation in the final scenes. The recent Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical featured a fairly detailed puppet Luna which, aside from the somewhat distracting puppeteer, made for a very convincing effect. Could this technique have been done in anticipation of this musical? This would probably be a better choice than to just have people dressed up as cats as they did in the first Sailor Moon musical.

Artemis and Luna from the Summer 1993 Sailor Moon musical

Artemis and Luna in the first Sailor Moon musical (1993)

It’s worth mentioning that this was the third “New Musical” which was announced in early 2018 along with the Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical and The Super Live musical. At the time we had no details about what this third musical was about and it was simply referred to as “New Musical”. It was originally scheduled for summer 2019 but we now have confirmation that the musical is delayed until next summer. Without any other news about upcoming musicals it seems like we may not be getting a musical in 2018 which would make this year the first year without a Sailor Moon musical since 2012.

Logo - 3rd Sailor Moon Musical

The name “New Musical” was almost certainly a placeholder so we should expect a better title to be announced at some point! We have quite a bit of time to wait for this musical so there’s no telling how much longer we’ll have to wait until we get more specifics on this one. Hopefully it won’t be too long! Will we be seeing those Dream Arc Sailor Moon Crystal movies before this musical is out? I won’t be holding my breath for either!

Sailor Moon manga - Princess Kaguya's Lover - Human Luna

Sailor Moon manga - Princess Kaguya's Lover

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Human Luna

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Human Luna kisses Kakeru

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Luna kisses Kakeru

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Luna and Artemis

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 - Human Luna

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31 thoughts on “A new Sailor Moon musical based on the Princess Kaguya’s Lover manga side story is coming in 2020

    • Alas… But if the movies are currently being produced, we may still have an hope to see them come out before 2021, i.e. in 2020, just like the musical. Who knows? Having the musical and the movies come out simultaneously could be a great hit for Toei, as it would revive the hype around the Sailor Moon universe…

    • Hahaha, I love your comment! it’s a really good idea to turn “Princess Kaguya’s Lover” into a musical, I think :) .

      • My comment above was replying to Wiseman’s, but I have to 100% agree with you, Joe: now Wiseman is my favorite Sailor Moon villain, too!

          • Good idea! Like this, I could have my beautiful Kunzite always with me by using him as an avatar ;p .

          • When you two, Saintfighteraqua and Aurélia, changed your avatars to mesh with mine, as a sign of respect after I revealed Mom’s ALS, I was taken aback. Not in a bad way! I was just overwhelmed by the respect and kindness. Thank you, both, very much. I will never forget that awesome, unexpected gesture. <3

            Now, if you were waiting for a major update from me before changing your avatars to whatever you like, I guess you can go ahead right now. That's because…

            Mom died. Mon May 17, 6:12 AM Pacific Time.




            (Figured I should make the reveal as Sailor Moon-themed as I could! She and I exchanged dark humor until the very end. Sleep well, Mom.)

          • It wasn’t a “Monday/Mon.” I don’t even know why I slipped “Mon” in there. Huh. I think it was actually a Friday. Eh, whatever day of the week it was, we’ve had better days!

          • I’ve just read your message, Joseph, and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m not lying. Really. Truth is, I didn’t expect this since you had told us that she still had a few months left to live. Therefore, I couldn’t imagine that she would leave you so fast. Also, as you know, I, too, lost my father brutally almost two years ago, that’s why reading your message was like pushing me back to these awful days of Sept./Oct./Nov. 2017. I have to admit that I wasn’t prepare to read your hearbreaking announcement.

            However I have to confess that, when I saw you had changed your avatar to that of a prostrate Alice, sadly sat alone in the dark, I thought : “Something is happening with Joseph’s mother. I’m afraid that her condition has worsened. Should I ask him or not? This is a delicate question, and in the middle of all my silly bantering posts, I have to find the right moment to ask him.” So, I didn’t ask you… but I had noticed your new Alice avatar and still wanted to get the right moment to ask you about your mother.

            Please, allow me to express my sincere condolences to you and your family.

            Sleep well, Joseph’s mother, and please know that it’s a pleasure to know your son :) .

        • Thanks a ton, Adam! :D I tried my best to be careful with the announcement’s timing because I didn’t want that subject to be distracting to this site. I certainly don’t wanna be a killjoy! That said, I saw the opening (the topic of changing avatars) and I went for it.

          Thank you, Aurélia!! I very much relate to you. I was really sad when I first read about your father, and reading about it now, it’s just as emotional. I didn’t mean to get you teary-eyed, but I’m only the messenger—the news was unexpected because Mom’s death really was unexpected. Well, the speediness of it, I mean. Her symptoms got drastically and hastily worse as the final days came and went, so, “I think I have six months” turned into, “I really don’t feel so good,” to, “I think I’m dying.” The full details are a lengthy story, and that night, when I was beside her (along with Dad) was the longest night of my life. It sucks, but “She’s not suffering anymore!” outweighs the worst of my grieving, thankfully. She and I exchanged morbid humor pretty much till the very end. At one point, she laboriously and haltingly whispered, “This sucks.” Which was typical Mom. Also, seems like Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neptune do prevail in my life—Mom’s final word was, “Water.”

          You’ve got a good eye for detail, by the way. As I wrote above, directed to Adam, I didn’t want to distract and hog attention about this topic, and I only waited for an opening. Please don’t feel guilty for not asking directly, because I wasn’t completely ready to address it, anyway. I really didn’t want to be, out of nowhere and without any context, like, “Cool, some of the voice actresses have been revealed for the Sailor Stars dub! Speaking of Sailor Stars, Mom’s dead! :D” With that aside, you nailed it. When I changed my avatar to Alice crying in her lonesome, that was my quiet way of announcing, “The crap has hit the fan.”

          Thanks again, and I also give my respects to your late father. It sucks whenever good people suffer at the end of their lives but being loving and devoted really goes a long way.

          Aww. Thanks. :’)

          • I’m sorry I’m late to answer your message, Joe.

            Thanks a lot for willing to give more details about your mother’s last days. This is shocking how fast it went, and I admire you both for having been able to keep a humorous mood until the end, for humor and love are the most powerful weapon we know to fend off suffering and accept the inescapable lot of death.

            Thanks a lot, also, for your kind words towards my father. When I visit his grave (I don’t know when, I’m now living far from our native town), I’ll tell him. He was such a sensitive man (I’m not saying that because he was—and still is—my father, but because it was who he really was), he would have been touched to know that someone in the USA—a country he never visited, and a language, English, he didn’t speak at all) would thought of him once he was dead. I believe it matters. I mean, the benevolent thoughts and prayers we may have for other people—whether we know them or not, whether they are alive or dead—are not vain. They make a difference, though we don’t see it, don’t feel it, and can’t see it, because all this takes place in the invisible.

            Thank you for you trust!

  1. I’d eat star candy (or whatever they’re called) while watching this musical. Or, at the very least, crank up the air conditioner and partially freeze myself!

    If this New Musical does eventually get screened in American theaters, I would beg them sweetly to have an intermission. I watched the previous musical, and there wasn’t a break at all. When it was over, friends/lovers ahead of me gazed into each other’s eyes and said, “That was beautiful.”

    Me, being the socially awkward and occasionally (but usually unintentionally) obnoxious dude I am, invited myself and said to them, “It was, but it sure could’a used an intermission! I REALLY have to ‘go’! Heh!”

    I grinned. They looked at me as if I stomped on their cat. I apologized and left. Oh, well! That’ll teach me to enter a conversation uninvited. But I wouldn’t have had this problem if that musical had a dang intermission.

    Speaking of cat, I love that Luna puppet! To me, the puppeteer is only distracting because of the style and colors of their clothing. I have suspended my disbelief when I attended productions of Avenue Q, so that’s why I think that.

    • Nothing is more terrible than a play or a musical without intermission. Like, yes, you want to go to the bathroom, and you find out there is no escape. You’re just TRAPPED, glued on your seat like a fly on Fly Paper, and your pleasure to see a show you’ve longed for then becomes a nightmare… Something like this happened to me too with “Hamlet”, in a very small and very dark Parisian theater where the entrance and exit door (a huge, wooden two-leaf door) was BEHIND the scene. Yeah: behind the scene, so that to get to the seats, you had to cross the scene itself. The play lasted for three hours, and when I understood that there was no other exit door than the one behind the scene, I started panicking. I panicked even more when I realized that there was no signs from the actors that we would get an intermission. I began to search for my book in the dark, so that I could follow the progress of the play. But “Hamlet” is a big play. In the end, checking my book was more terrible than refraining, because the play had been running for abour an hour and a half, maybe two, and the actors hadn’t even reached the middle of the book. So, I panicked even more, and the stress increased my burden. My God. On this very evening, I really believed that I would end up peeing on myself, while my husband (who didn’t originally want to go with me) was pleasured by the representation. On this very evening, I learned the true meaning of “loneliness” XD . If Hell was a place, it would be this theater.

      We should start a petition to get systematic intermissions during plays or musicals.

      • Oops, sorry for all my comments on this thread! But I think I made a mistake by using the word “scene” in this context in English and I have to clarify. I wanted to say “stage”. Well, the entrance and exit door was behind the STAGE, and not the “scene”, and we had to cross that damned stage in order to get to the seats. My bad. In French the word “scène” is not only a scene, like in English, but also a stage. That will teach me to type too fast…

      • Epic story! I have a less stressful experience during the movie “Titanic”. I had a big drink which was done about halfway through the film when the boat started to sink. Water everywhere and I had to pee! I was in the middle of a very long row in the biggest theatre so I just held it in while watching the sloshing water.

        Finally relieved at the end I headed for the exit and … sorry someone had a heart attack in the lobby so we have to leave the theatre by the exits and there is no reentry without a ticket! I went to pee at McDonalds.

        • Your story and that of Joseph are epic as well! They had me grin. And I think that being trapped in front of a theater screen showing a boat sinking in the middle of the ocean while you just want to empty your bladder is as stressful as being trapped in front a of play, with the exit door behind the stage.

    • I have to agree. No one should be expected to sit that long without a short break or two.
      I think even one 15 minute intermission would suffice, assuming there are enough toilets!

      Not only is this great for the audience and gives them a chance to take in what they saw, stretch and not be restless, but it gives the same opportunity to the cast and crew.

      I even feel like movies should still provide this if the film is going to be over 2 hours…especially longer films like End Game, Les Mis and the Lord of the Rings.
      Even if they would provide select screens with this service.

    • They usually do, don’t they? They sometimes do little side things like have characters talk to the audience. Since I’ve never seen one live I’ve never experienced the intermission in person.

    • I saw a screening of Le Mouvement Final, and it obviously had an intermission during the live performance. But my theater didn’t pause the recording, so no intermission for me.

    • “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.” — Alfred Hitchcock

      “Go bleach your roots, creep!” — Sailor Mercury

      • Hitchcock’s quote is great! I didn’t know it, and it’s a very clever one. It should become the official motto of every theatre, cinema and concert hall in the world, don’t you think?

        As for Mercury’s quote to Kunzite, I knew it, but I admit I’m not sure of its meaning: is it because of Kunzite’s white hair that she tells him “to go bleach his roots” or does it have another meaning? But, in this case, I don’t understand why he should go bleach roots that already and naturally are bleached? Unless he has lied to us and has been dyeing his hair since 1992… Wow, Mercury, how naughty of you! If I was a creep myself, I would say that you are jealous of Kunzite because he stole your man from you…

    • 1. Thank you all for not grilling me for inadvertently (and seemingly) ruining a pair’s moment.

      2. No matter what differences we have, we are all united by the necessity of urination. Urination United!

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