The Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical is now playing in Japan

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Usagi and Tuxedo Mask

The latest Sailor Moon musical, Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical, began performances in Japan on June 8th! Here’s a look at that musical with photos from the set and other promotional images. As we’ve mentioned previously this musical features band members of the Japanese all girl pop band Nogizaka46 split into two teams, Team Star and Team Moon, which are in two performances of the musical. The rest of the all female cast is mostly comprised of musical actresses.

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Both Sailor Teams

This musical covers the Dark Kingdom arc of the manga which features Queen Beryl and the Shitennou. We can see from these photos that the story will include the masquerade ball from Act 4 of the manga, Masquerade Dance Party.


The musical will continue playing in Tokyo at the Tennōzu Galaxy Theatre until June 24th. It will be performed at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater September 21st to the 30th. Will any of you be seeing this musical?

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Mercury, Mars and Moon

Image source: Modelpress, Modelpress, Kininarunaru Sokuhou, @pickmeShin, @mikakodayo

Keep reading for more promotional images of this musical.

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical - Sayuri Inoue and Mizuki Yamashita as Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon in Weekly Shonen Magazine

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sayuri Inoue and Mizuki Yamashita in Weekly Shonen Magazine

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - The Shitennou

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Moon

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Mercury

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Mars

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Jupiter

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Sailor Venus

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Plush Luna

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - Queen Serenity

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - The Sailor Team and Tuxedo Mask

Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon Musical - The full cast

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34 thoughts on “The Nogizaka46 x Sailor Moon musical is now playing in Japan

  1. At least musicals are annual, never delayed and deliver what their fans are expecting. If Toei could have been this professional…

  2. Why are the male characters (Tux’, Shitennou, Amazon Trio…) always played by women in Sailor Moon musicals? Are there any reasons?

    • I’m guessing it’s meant to be like the Takarazuka Revue, an all-female song and dance troupe. Naoko Takeuchi is a huge fan of them. Former Takarazuka performers have actually played various roles throughout the recent musicals.

      The original musical specials (which ran from ’93 to ’05) have both male and female performers.

      • Personally I prefer the ones with both males and females. It was nice and a novelty to see it done this way, but frankly, there are some notes a woman’s voice can’t hit the way a man can in songs for Tuxedo Mask.

        I’m not against it, I just wish they’d switch back every now and then.

      • Thank you for your views, Rem. I thought it was because the male characters in Sailor Moon being bishounen, it was therefore more convenient to have actresses play them instead of actors. But since some Japanese men are androgynous (I think of the male musicians playing in J-Music bands), I felt my reasoning was somehow wrong.

        I agree with Saintfighteraqua: I prefer musicals with men and women, because it creates vocal variety.

        • Takarazuka is the inspiration the went to indeed. Naoko mentioned that even Haruka was inspired by a Takarazuka actress.

          • Nobody knows, Luke. We just hope they reveal more on Usagi’s birthday, but who knows what and if. They might reveal from key visual to trailer to just new voice actors for the new characters to nothing…Considering they didn’t use the “New information will be revealed” line to attract more people to attend though makes me feel like they won’t reveal much or nothing at all. And keep in mind it won’t be a season but two movies…

          • Haha! I love that phrase, Joseph, it’s so priceless! You made my day!

            You can even do better by saying “Moon Cosmic Bagpipe” :D. And by the way, guys, don’t forget to put underpants under your kilt, you know, for decency :D .

          • But if we wear underpants we can’t be true Scotsmen!
            We’ll just have to censor any up kilt shots that may happen. Especially for the dubs!

          • Dearest Aurélia, I’ll have you know that I *did* think of adding “Cosmic” to “Moon Bagpipe!” … The problem is I only thought of it after I posted, and there’s no edit function, at least none that I’m aware of. But I side with AaintFighterAqua: sub or dub, rain or shine, thorough sanity or barking madness, we must stick true to our heritage for the sake of our kilts. *looks at the clock* I should go to sleep.

          • Another reason why I wish I could edit: I misspelled Saint’s username. I made a typo when addressing them, for pity’s sake! Wow, some comrade Sailor Guardian fan I turned out to be. Forgive me. I assure you, SaintFighterAqua: you are *not* an AintFighterAqua.

          • Knowing you as a perfectionist, my dear Joseph, I suspected that the lack of “cosmic” or “crystal” (or of whatever word you want) in your phrase was indeed unlike you ;) . As for the underpants: you both are right, throw them away, and be true Scotsmen of the Moon!
            (And I should go to sleep too, it’s currently 4:35 am in my country T_T .)

          • Misspell my name? The sacred name of Saint Fighter is his identity and his pride! This is unforgivable! (Yuruse nai!!)
            In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!
            *strikes pose in kilt*

            Just kidding, it’s fine and made me chuckle too.

      • I think they released a novelization of Sailor Moon in Japan, it’s called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon #1: The Chosen Warrior” by Ikeda Miyoko. I hope we get an English translation.

        • I’m sure miss dream will release it asap, for these who cannot wait official translation. It i actually being released next week. I wonder if this adaptation going to surprise with changes and lot point explorations, considering the medium. It is, however a light novel, so I don’t expect things to get too deep.

          • I’ve heard it’s more just a kid’s adaptation, so I doubt we’ll get many if any insights.
            When i first heard of it I was really hoping we’d see like a deep exploration of Sailor Moon lore, maybe hundreds of pages of backstory.
            I can dream, right?

  3. I dont mind an all women cast, but I definitely prefer the male actors!!! Yu Shirota as Tuxedo Mask was my thirstiest of thirst traps. Of course the same can be said about the females who play males… Ono Hikari as Prince Demande woop woop… (tbh I didnt care for the last Tuxedo Mask, but I know a lot of fans clamored for her). At the end of the day, if the casting is right, it doesnt matter male or female. But it should be open to male and female, shouldnt just be forced all female or all male, should be open for all and whoever deserves it most should get it.

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