Listen to the English voices of the Sailor Starlights in this clip of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - The Sailor Starlights

As part of Viz Media’s ongoing effort to promote and build up hype for their upcoming release of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (coming to home video on June 18th!) they have released and English clip which includes our first impression of the voices of the Sailor Starlights! This clip from episode 173 is the first appearance of the Sailor Starlights. Check it out below!

As we previously mentioned the Sailor Starlights will be voiced by Melissa Hutchison as Sailor Star Fighter, Erika Harlacher as Sailor Star Maker and Sarah Williams as Sailor Star Hearler. These are their feminine Sailor Guardian identities. I’m anxious to hear if their portrayal of the Three Lights, their masculine civilian identities, will differ.

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Stage on!

Source: @VIZMedia on Twitter

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29 thoughts on “Listen to the English voices of the Sailor Starlights in this clip of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

        • Interesting fact: Molly is the name that was given to Ami in the French dub. Never understood why, though, since Molly is an English name only. So, can you imagine the smart Ami/Molly with a Bronx accent?

          • Some of the French dub choices were so weird. Is anyone in the real world called Bourdu? I only saw about a dozen episodes on TV here back in the day. I have a few seasons on DVD but haven’t watched them all yet.

            The Glénat manga names were pretty good though. Minor changes were close enough to the originals for the most part.

          • Haha yeah, Bourdu! It shocked so many people back then, and it still does, actually. I remember that, as a kid, I was absolutely unable to properly catch Mamoru’s French name: Bondu (like the French vegetable brand Bonduelle)? Boudu (like the two French movies called “Boudu sauvé des eaux”)? Bourdu? Uh, what the heck? In fact, I wonder if “Bourdu” was not intended to be his family name, which is odd, because all the other characters were called, of course, by their first names. Because, really, Bourdu can only be a family name:
            More than 20 years after Sailor Moon first aired in France, the why of Mamo’s French name remains a mystery…

            Despite this, I think the first French dub was good (but maybe it is because I was a kid, unable to make any difference because of course, back then, I wasn’t aware that Sailor Moon was a Japanese show), even though some characters’ voices were recasted for the Dream Arc, if my memory serves me well. Not only that, but, inexplicably, some characters’ names were changed during the course of the story (Sailor Venus went from Amélie to Mathilda, Umino from Marc to Joël, Naru went from Nanou to… Naru…).

            Well, to me the weirdest choice in that French dub was to turn Zoisite into Kunzite’s brother. Just imagine two brothers hugging as if they were lovers… no, just no. The best choice was to turn Zoisite a woman, for sure.

          • “Well, to me the weirdest choice in that French dub was to turn Zoisite into Kunzite’s brother. Just imagine two brothers hugging as if they were lovers… no, just no. The best choice was to turn Zoisite a woman, for sure.”

            That brings a literal meaning to the phrase “brotherly love”!

          • My bad, Adam! I thought the Classic anime had been redubbed in French, but, after reading your question, my research proved me I was wrong. Don’t know why I thought that, I think I confused it with the Crystal dub. Or maybe my mistake is due to the fact that the Stars season was dubbed in French in 2015 by new voice actors, because the Stars season had never been dubbed in French before and, consequently, it never aired on French TV, due to the cancellation of the Club Dorothée in 1997, the famous children’s television programme that was indeed broadcasting Sailor Moon back in the 90’s.

          • So was Club Dorothe like something they had between shows? I am always searching for stuff for “The Bots Master” (my first web page: and “Le Maitre des Bots” and I often find Dorothe magazines with articles about it. I guess this show must have played in the same block?

          • Well, in fact, the Club Dorothée was a full TV programme: there were games, songs and interviews of famous people, for instance, and always in a playful mind. Dorothée was not only a television presenter, she was also (well, she is still alive, but has retired) a singer and a guitarist, just like one of her teammate, François Corbier (he died in 2018). Not only that, but Dorothée was, in those times (90’s), a real star for the children and the teenagers. I remember I had three VHS tapes of her, one of her music videos, and two of her live shows at the concert hall of Bercy. I would watch them over and over again. I remember that missing the Club Dorothée after school was always like a little drama for me, and I guess I wasn’t the only one. Dorothée has left a trace. A lot of people of my generation, from, let’s say, 25 to almost 40 (I’m 29) still have fond and great memories of the Club Dorothée era, and Dorothée and her team still hold a dear place in their hearts.

            When the Club Dorothée was cancelled, in 1997 (it began airing in 1987), it was a collective trauma for kids and teens, and I mean it. At least I can remember my reaction: I had the feeling that a part of me was removed. I just couldn’t believe it.

            The Club Dorothée was also airing Japanese animated series between the team’s song/games/interviews: “The Bots Master” (yes! ;) ), “Sailor Moon”, “City Hunter”, “Grendizer”, “Dragon Ball”, “Saint Seiya”, “Fist of the North Star”… In fact, though the Japanese anime had been introduced in France in the 70’s, the Club Dorothée was the media by which the Japanese anime really became widespread in my country. The Club Dorothée was produced by AB Productions. AB Productions, in those times, also produced sitcoms, that was aired, too, in the Club Dorothée (the most well-known of those sitcoms were “Premiers Baisers”, “Hélène et les garçons” and “Les Musclés”. One of the “Musclés”, Bernard Minet, was the singer of several French versions of some anime opening credits, including that of “Sailor Moon”).

            A few links, if you have the time and the will to dig it ;) :

            It’s true that the the Club Dorothée now seems, to an adult eye, to be empty, hysterical, cringy and “schoolboyish”. And the truth is that this is what Club Do’ was. But when you are a kid, you don’t see that. You see only the goofy games, the bright colors, the songs… And this is a legacy that can’t be disowned. I would have never watched “Sailor Moon” without the Club Do’ :) .

            Hope that helps you!

          • Very cool. Had no idea.

            So much anime in France back then! You guys were a lot ahead of the US and Canada which didn’t have all that much when Sailor Moon was coming around. No wonder it was so much easier to find French manga back then!

            We used to have TV blocks with PJs (program jockeys) presenting shows but these were only between programs not as a full program themself. I got pretty hooked on watching those characters too and when they would change them it was sad to me. They used to play Sailor Moon, Bots Master and Power Rangers on YTV’s “After School Zone” so I watched a lot of that when I was a teenager.

    • I agree. I just got a copy of SupersS with the new English dub and it’s not good. Close your eyes and you can’t even tell which character is speaking! Oh well, at least when all of Stars is released, Toei will maybe be forced to work on those movies! Here’s hoping!

  1. They’re not bad, but I think one of the strengths of these characters in the Japanese version is that they sound quite a bit different.
    Maker has a rather deep (for a woman) voice while Fighter’s voice is very energetic and Healer’s voice has a sharp tone to it.
    Here they sound a tad similar and a bit bored.

    The actresses have great voices though, crisp and clear and I enjoyed hearing them.
    I also can’t wait to hear their Three Lights personas!

    I’m even more excited for the Anima Mates, since the voice of Iron Mouse was one of my favorite characters as a kid!

    • I have to 100% agree here. Too generic. Also, had major Katie Griffin flashbacks during the laser attack. “Staaaaaaar”- my brain was waiting to hear “fiiiirreeee ignite!”

  2. not bad I kinda feel that healer should have that more higher pitch in her voice like the Japanese counterpart always had, I have to agree tho they sound more bored then wanting to be there, guess it will take time to get to listen to there full dub of the final arc, also cant wait to hear iron mouse I can vaguely remember her girly voice back in the day and that fits that character perfectly imho

  3. I think the voices are fine. Probably because I am not a native speaker, I cannot feel the genericness in the voices. The only Viz voice I never liked was Naru. Otherwise, I find it perfectly fine dub. The video quality though is quite lacking. Even with the Japanese upscale, SuperS was still pretty bad encode.

  4. The voices are not bad, but sound too feminine. I was thinking at least for fighter and maker they would sound a bit more masculine. Overall it is okay, but feels a bit lacking.

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