Listen to the English voice of Sailor Galaxia in this clip of Viz’s new Sailor Stars dub

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 173 - Galaxia

Viz Media has shared yet another clip from their upcoming dub of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars on Twitter. This scene from episode 173 features Sailor Galaxia as voiced by Carrie Keranen. You can listen to it below.

What do you think of the voice? Sailor Moon Sailor Stars part 1 will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 18th. This is the first time the series will be getting an official release as the fifth and final season of Sailor Moon was never dubbed by DiC or Cloverway back in the day.

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Source: VIZMedia on Twitter

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22 thoughts on “Listen to the English voice of Sailor Galaxia in this clip of Viz’s new Sailor Stars dub

  1. She sounds fine to me. Not as menacing as the Japnese voice actress and definitely not as much so as the Musical versions or other international dubs, but I think she sounds pretty good for the part.

    • That voice would legit terrify me if she was interviewing me for a job. No joke. Weird comparison, but I am unshakable.

      • Tell me, what are your skills, Mr. Joseph?
        Do you have any experience in tearing out STAR SEEDS?!!!

        By the way, the five lights that it shows flying towards Earth when she is commanding them to find True Star Seeds, those are the Anima Mates? Right? So the 5th one was probably going to be a fifth Anima Mate, possibly Heavy Metal Papillon.
        I imagine that at this point the designs were not finished and Naoko had told them there were 5 Anima Mates but the anime as usual outpaced the manga and they skipped the fifth one.

  2. wow she sounds good and evil ready to be the queen of the universe, I cant wait for her to come take my star seed lol, much better then the star lights who sounded so bored, wonder if they will give us a clip of the animamates???

  3. I heard Galaxia’s voice. Sounds good, but not evil like the Japanese version. I can’t wait to watch Stars again. I’d been waiting for this to happen.

  4. You certainly couldn’t watch this dub with your eyes closed. All the heroes sound the same and all the villains sound like the heroes.

  5. This voice sounds so similar to the Japanese one. Really really similar voice, but the acting is not up to the potential. She lacks Galaxia” menace. But we need to hear more of her. Episode 166 will be a good example of the quality of her voice.

  6. Too high pitched. Her voice should sound deep and menacing. Mitsuko Horie’s Galaxia literally almost makes pee tingle down my leg.

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