Here’s a tiny amount of new Sailor Moon Crystal information from an interview with the Dream arc’s animation director Kazuko Tadano

Kazuko Tadano Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Official Fan Club interview

The official Sailor Moon Fan Club did an interview with Kazuko Tadano, the animation director for the upcoming new season of Sailor Moon Crystal. What did we learn? Unfortunately not much. Fans have been hoping for new information about this series, which will be taking place in the form of two movies released in theatres, for what seems like forever. It has been nearly 3 years since the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal aired.

The entire interview has been translated by Tuxedo Unmasked. I suggest checking out the full translation for some nice insight into Kazuko Tadono’s involvement in the original Sailor Moon anime. Tuxedo Unmasked is a great resource providing in depth insight into all things Sailor Moon which all fans should check out.

Kazuko Tadano from the Sailor Moon anime

So what was mentioned about Sailor Moon Crystal? A few things, just perhaps not what we’d been waiting for. First she discusses how she was picked for the role, and she mentions that she auditioned. This seems a bit bizarre to me. Did Kotono Mitsuishi audition for the role of Usagi in Sailor Moon Crystal? Why would someone with Kazuko Tadano’s cred from the vastly better looking original series need to audition for Sailor Moon Crystal? I won’t pretend to understand how this industry works. She also mentioned that it was interesting to work on the beginning and the end of Sailor Moon. Does this mean that after the Dream arc she also expects to work on a Stars arc or perhaps that she doesn’t think a Stars arc will ever happen? Beyond Sailor Moon Crystal can anyone really know when the end of Sailor Moon will really occur? We could very well be looking at a new series for the 40th Anniversary, assuming Sailor Moon Crystal has wrapped up by then!

Kazuko Tadano Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus sketch from 2013

Next she was asked how she is approaching the series which is potentially relevant! She says she will be faithful to the past but also to the manga and something modern. Well that’s all well and good but until we see what it looks like we won’t really know how much of the old, the new and the manga made it into the new design. We’ve seen what her newer art style looks like with the 2013 sketch included above but we don’t know how much her designs for Crystal will resemble this. Interestingly she doesn’t actually mention trying to make it look like other seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal, unless that’s what she meant by modern. Not looking like Sailor Moon Crystal might be a move in the right direction, though a lack of continuity might be odd.

All said this is something, it’s just not really what fans may have been hoping for. A release date would be nice, though too early and the date may not stick. Some sort of art would be really amazing! I suppose it’s just good to get confirmation that the project appears to still be proceeding, though we don’t have any indication as to how far along the films are, if any work has even been done at this point.

As always if we get anything resembling new information about Sailor Moon Crystal it will be posted to this site! Be patient fans!

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99 thoughts on “Here’s a tiny amount of new Sailor Moon Crystal information from an interview with the Dream arc’s animation director Kazuko Tadano

  1. It’s like they keep us alive with crumbs to prolong the torture!
    Just when we try to slip into that great Galaxy Cauldron in the sky, they give us just enough to keep us going a little more.

    But at least it still seems to be a thing.

  2. I’m such a big fan of Sailor Moon. She’s my favorite heroine and idol. I really wish there was a way that I could one day get an autograph from her for my birthday since it is coming up in six months.

    • I’m super late with this reply, but, Roberta, that is so very, very sweet! :D I know exactly how you feel, past and present.

      • Suppose a baby was born when KHII was released. Now they’re thirteen-years-old, by the time KHIII launched. Good gracious.

        • Indeed. I started playing KH 1, so I feel like I had to wait a long time for a resolution.
          At least I know how Sailor Moon ends, but Toei still seems determined to make us wait!

          • That was a :D “AAHHH BOI” reaction, by the way. I’m not terrified of Cinderella. I love her. I got her castle on my graduation cap to prove it!

          • Yes, when I saw you switched to Alice, I knew I wanted to switch to my favorite Disney girl as well.
            Also, to kind of stand in solidarity with you while you deal with your personal tragedy.

  3. Honestly, Sailor Moon Crystal has been a mess since the very beginning. The art has no consistency, any storyline changes seem hopeful at first only to do absolutely nothing in the outcome (e.g. keeping The Four Kings alive longer only to kill them off in one swift move) and the fact that we’ve had to wait such a long time for the Dream arc which is getting a point where it just doesn’t even seem like it’s even started. What the hell is Toei doing? They need to get their act together, this is getting ridiculous. You took a perfectly beloved franchise, attempted to revive it but only turn it into a bigger mess than the half-assed art style and pacing of the first season. I’m just so frustrated as a huge Sailor Moon fan to have to look at a franchise being tossed around like nothing. I still don’t like the idea of turning it into two movies which at this point doesn’t even seem like it’s gonna see the light of day. If you started it out as a TV series, END it as a TV series. They have made such a mess of this show now.

    • You know what’s actually terrible and beyond comprehension? The fact that they didn’t consider doing the same thing as with Dragon Ball. Which would be the most logical thing to do: take the 90s anime as source and either cut its plot down to the manga story keeping up all its features that made whole franchise popular (animation style, humor, music, voice actors) or just redraw whole 200 episodes (instead of just doing some quick HD ports). Warp it up as Sailor Moon Renaissance or whatever and that’d be a success greater than Crystal. Instead, they pick this long path of trying to strictly follow manga (even copying same body disproportions) and we know what happened.

      It’s SM that in the majority fueled Toei Animation in 90s so they could at least give it a proper respect. The people standing behind SM Crystal and this perpetual anniversary celebration certainly are aware of what people are saying about this version of anime and being in their shoes, I’d *strongly* consider fans valid opinions.

      It’s still not too late to admit mistake and start again and do it properly this time.

    • Darn it, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve been feeling the same way. I was mad when I heard this was going to be a two part film, now, it’s probably not going to see the light of day, as a Sailor Moon fan, I am very disappointed.

  4. I’m starting to think the two movies will actually be both Dream and Stars. The first movie will wrap all of dream and end on a cliffhanger into Stars

  5. This is getting ridiculous. I wish they had just continued with the season 3 production staff and just did 13 or more episodes each for the last 2 seasons for dream and stars arc. How is it that we have been waiting 3 years plus for 2 movies? I don’t understand. Unless they are giving us a run time of 4 hours each movie I do not see why they are still in production. That is if they had even started production yet because from the information given to us it seems like they had just wrote the front page of the script that says “Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4: The movie part 1″ and then everything else they still have yet to figure out. At this rate it will be the 40th anniversary before we get the movies. They should have just continued with what they were doing with season 3 and we would have had finished stars already by now. I am slowly giving up on this show.

  6. Can’t wait for more crystal, it’s been too long.. I was in my teens when the original series came out, in my 20’s when Pretty Guardian was out, then in my 30’s for Crystal, now I’ll be in my 40’s. :-O Can we please get more sailor moon before i’m 80 years old :)

  7. The waise thing is to wait until after June 30th. The amount of info we get will be wuite telling on how far in production they actually are. They announced the project as films in summer 2017. Considering the fact they are doing 2 films probably on the longer side, aslong as they are further in produjction now, it was not really such a long wait.what makes it long is their silence. If they don’t release part one next year, this would be autrocious. It is bearable so far, time wise, not update wise.

    • Trailer is probably too much to expect, but additional cast, key visual, character designs and stuff should be revealed!

  8. When I think of all the people who were complaining because the 8th season of “Game Of Thrones” would be released two years after the 7th, and who still complain because of that (well, now that the final season is being aired, maybe they could stop living in the past and enjoy what they are given in the present ;) ?), all I want to say to them is: “As long as you are not a fan of Sailor Moon, too, you don’t have any right to whine. Two years waiting are nothing. And, on this matter, Sailor Moon fans have bigger scars than you. They could teach you the unbeareable longing for news, the endless waiting in the coldest night of cosmos–their sanity threatened by the massive black hole of melancholy. They could teach you what the night of faith really is, the loss of all hope, the resenment and bitterness that tightly bind you to an eternity of darkness, with no guarantee to ever see the Light again; the feeling of anger and, even, hatred towards an animation studio that would not let any news leak from its gut. They are veterans. They are warriors and they are saints. Them defeating the Night King would be a piece of cake. Because they have a bigger enemy, even. And that enemy is called… Toeilight King.”

    Well, dear Moonies, we should consider writing our hagiography while we wait for more news :) .

    It is currently 11:15 am in my country; and I swear I’m not having weed for brunch :) .

      • Thanks for reading, Adam! I had fun writing this :D . And, just like you, I didn’t think 2 years waiting was a long gap. Also, our daily lives are filled with so many more important things, that we don’t have “time” to think constantly of TV shows and longing for their return. They are guilty pleasures, and there’s no real need to be obsessed with them. The same goes with Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s not as if our lives depended on it.

        • It was great! Because I really wanted something dumb to do… I actually recorded a “dramatic reading” of it. Maybe I’ll upload it to YouTube (link-only access).

          • Oh my God, you… you really did it? You really recorded a “dramatic reading” of my message?! But this… this is… this is so great:D!!! I feel really grateful, Joe, and I thank you so much for doing this. I am so happy that my message gave you such a good and goofy time in the middle of the storm that hits you. I hoped that people would laugh reading those crazy and falsely eschatologic lines, because I love to make people laugh. I reached my goal and this makes me very satisfied and grateful :) .

          • *Sees your changed avatar* Oh, boy. What I have I started? lol

            Thank you for writing it! It was a great laugh, and only a Sailor Moon fan who is so used to waiting could’ve written it. Laughter is indeed an awesome medicine! :D

      • Hey, Matt! Thanks a lot for laughing hard to those lines :)! You said you were dying laughing, but I hope you are still alive X”D . Blessed be thee, my son!

    • SMC fans have certainly suffered more than GoT fans, but imagine being a Twin Peaks fan from the very beginning, only to get that mixed bag of crazy that was the third (and most certainly final) season.

      (For the record, I came in late, so I only waited for 3 years instead of the full 25.)

  9. After a personal tragedy, waiting for the next Crystal isn’t even a big deal (to me) anymore. I got my perspective in order. … WHOA! I’m back!

    • I am happy to see you back, Joseph :) . I had noticed your absence and hoped you were fine despite all. But I read you now, and I send you my warmest thoughts. Words lack or are clumsy, but thoughts are real and sincere.

      • Aurèlia, my fellow Moonie & buddy! I missed you, as well! Thanks for the warm welcome and feelings! :D Indeed, words may be insufficient in conveying true emotion, but I understand you.

          • Do not mind with the accent! This name can be written with or without accent, so, do as you like with it !

          • (Also, just to say: I saw that Saintfighteraqua had changed his avatar, just like you. I know that Alice is an important character to you :) . And I know that you both love Disney princesses. That’s why, if you allow me, I changed my avatar and put a picture of Princess Aurora. I took her pink dress because, as you know, I don’t like blue but love red and pink. Also, I chose her because in fact, my first name is not Aurelia, but Aurore, the French version of Aurora. I don’t like commenting on Internet with my true name, that’s why I chose Aurelia, because they both have the same Latin etymology.)

          • Whether it’s Aurore or Aurélia, that’s a swell name! I didn’t know that, about that particular Latin etymology. Thank you both for changing your avatars! A surprising but flattering gesture. (I think Professor Layton needed a well-deserved tea break. :P He’d been with me for years.)

            I have happily canceled the War for Blue, in the interest of keeping good relations with foreign people. *Nods sagely*

            Thanks a lot, Saintfighteraqua! Cin-Darrella! Sainterella. Cinderaqua? Fighterella. That last one sounds like Cinderella as a Street Fighter character. *She and her mice beat up M. Bison!* But, yes, your thoughts and prayers are extremely kind and comforting!

          • At least, Professor Layton is not alone for his tea break! Sailor Pluto and the character in Saintfighteraqua’s former avatar (I don’t know whoever he is, oops :/ ) are with him. And I’m pretty sure they are bantering a lot! They may joke about what is hidden under Layton’s hat, or about the fact that Pluto’s status has been changed to that as a dwarf planet, or about the fact that Sailor Moon Crystal sequel may never come and instead be sent on Uranus, a planet where the sun does not shine, or… or… hem, I think I should stop there :p .

      • I think the more the merrier. :)
        Also, Aurora is perfect for you and since your real name is the French form, it makes perfect sense.
        I don’t have such an awesome name, mine is “Darrell” (also a French name) and it doesn’t quite match up, though I’ve joked that I could be “Cin-Darrell”.

        And to Joseph, I really hate that this is happening to your mother, but I am glad you have some answers now and that you are taking the right steps.
        I will send prayers and good thoughts your way.

        • Whoa, I didn’t know that the name Darrell originated from a French place name! I really like the sound of Darrell, and the word play between “cinder” and your name is a neat one! If you want it to stick to the French etymology (Airelle), you may also have this pun written “Cindairella”. I tried it with the English voice command of Google Translate and it sounds almost the same as “Cinderella”. Sounds bad however with the French voice command. Are you sure it does not match that much :) ?

          • Typo-rella, you misspelled the word “you’re”!
            Typorella, your grammar skills’re like manure…

          • Wait. I didn’t make a typo. MY bad! Can’t delete it. I’ve got a cold, so I’ll blame the awkwardness on THAT. Huzzah!

      • Saintfighteraqua! My other fellow Moonie & buddy! Howdy! Good seeing y’all again. :)

        Thank you. My mother’s been diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease. An incurable, neurodegenerative nightmare. She’s got a 2-4 year prognosis. Aaaand that’s the “personal tragedy.” :/ For a while, we didn’t know exactly what was wrong, but we’ve cared for her as we had appointments. She finally got the answer, but… yeah. So now I’m one of her two permanent/live-in caregivers until the day she transfers. That’s why I took a break from everything. Setting all that crap aside, it IS great to be back. 8)

        So, that’s why I’m no longer irritated by the ever-delayed Sailor Moon Crystal. There are far, far worse things that could happen. Heh…

        • I feel so sorry to hear this, Joseph. I don’t know what else I can say, and to be true, I’m not sure that something else has to be said. I could be clumsy and it’s even harder when you use a second language.

          I could say that I could relate to what you, your mother and your family are going through, but that would be terribly pretentious. To tell you (I hope I will not be indecent nor indelicate writing what follows), I lost my father almost two years ago, in late October 2017, due to a carcinomatous meningitis, a rare complication of cancer that directly implies terminal stage. In my father’s case, the terminal stage emerged of its own, without even any signs of prior cancer. It lasted only for one month and a half. What impressions remain of those terrible days are rather supernatural and imbued with sideration and pain. You hit a wall, a black wall you cannot break, nor you can avoid.

          So, yes, that would be pretentious to tell you that I know what you are going through when, in fact, I don’t, and can only imagine it from my own perspective. But I know, for sure, that, as you said, when you face disease, and death, you discover what really matters in life. You learn what the true meaning of love and faith is.

          Blessings to your dear mother, to you and your family.

          • There really isn’t much to be said, yeah. I get you. I mean, right after I found out, I said out loud, “Well… shut my mouth.” lol

            I don’t think you’re clumsy or pretentious at all. You’re empathizing and sharing a personal tragedy of your own, and I understand completely. And… yeah, that IS a personal tragedy! That sucks. :( You’re right about hitting that wall. That day of the diagnosis, I felt like I was detached from reality–time was a blur, and nothing–nothing else in the world mattered. That wall smacks you right in the face and just glares down at you.

            Thank you very much for sharing that, and for your kindness. Forever losing an especially important loved one, from my experience, is not something you simply get over–it’s something you get used to. I offer my own condolences for your pain.

          • Actually, I haven’t said everything I meant to. I’ve lost several relatives and friends to cancer. I don’t think any of them had carcinomatous meningitis, but if cancer was personified, I’d punch it square in the face. It’s terrible.

          • Thank you for your understanding, Joseph. Yes, it was all empathizing from me, by sharing what my family and I had gone through one year and a half. But since it didn’t end well, to be true, I was afraid it could be clumsy and uselessly depressing. And I assume this is not what you need at this very moment.

            Please, send my warmest and kindest thoughts to your mother. These thoughts come from the other side of the ocean, but don’t worry: they travel as fast as the characters in the 7th season of Game Of Thrones XD . May my thoughts be “lightbringers”!

          • You are strong. :) Haha, aww! Thanks! I’ll pass those words along to them. While I’m personally not interested in Game of Thrones at all (not my thing), my family goes apey over it!

          • Oh, I love to read people that are not interested in Game Of Thrones! I didn’t read the books (and will not do it), but I like the TV show, though I will never force people to watch it, nor I will never make fun of them. This is just a TV show!

  10. well i finished SuperS’ Amazoness Quartet Arc again. Just a Movie (Dream Black Hole) a special (Ami First Love) and a Season (Sailor Stars) to be done

      • I would love too but i feel like i dont do justice to the “good ol’ disney princess” memo. I can be the driver tho lol

        • Hey, Denis, then you are hired as our driver! Congratulations :D ! After all, you were the one who tempted us by showing us those wonderful Figuarts, so… you too have to take part in our robbery ;p !

          Also, I’m sorry you’ve had to discover that, behind the scenes, our “Mary Sue” Disney princesses are, in fact, real thugs ;p .

          Anyway, it’s super cool that you had fun reading us :) . We may be the worst bank robbers ever, but we are great Sailor Moon humorists ^^ .

      • Good idea! I’m going to help you! Alice and Aurora are so cute, who would think they are out there to rob a bank? Are you in to join us, Denis? :)

          • This was such a fun read lmao you guys are hilarious. How can someone be the best and the worst bank robbers ever at the same time lmao. The most entertaining ones for sure.

        • Nothing like wearing a dress while performing a bank heist. Indeed. *Holds a money bag with his pinky finger daintily extended*

        • I’ll have to sit this one out. I’m pretty bad about leaving things at the scene of the crime, and apparently, glass shoes are as good as fingerprints for identification.

          • As long as you don’t lose one of your glass shoes, I’m sure you have nothing to be afraid of :D .

          • I’ll try to keep the on this time. Hopefully you won’t fall asleep during the heist.
            Maybe Alice will bring some “Wake Me” cakes or something. XD
            Also, I have to be home by Midnight. Curfews suck!

          • *This whole time, Joseph (Aliseph? lol) has been going through random books. He’s clearly not paying attention.*

            Books without pictures? Laaaame. Picture books are way cooler. *Happens on a wordless comic book* Sweet!

            Hm? Oh. Hey, you two. I’m listening. Say, you two are concerned about your heroine-specific problems during the heist? Saint, what a great idea! I’ll see if I have any “Wake Me” cakes in my Bag of Tricks.

            *He rummages through his magical Bag of Tricks and calmly announces each item he pulls out. If the item is not what he’s looking for, he drops it back into the bottomless bag.*
            “Hangover Remedy” cookie? No. “Love Potion #9–” OOF, why do I have that? Forced-upon romance never works well. Um…

            *His eyes widen in shock when he pulls out a very specific, magical item.*
            G-guys! GUYS!! I got it!! It’s the Mirror of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – The Dream Arc! All I have to do is say a few magic words to my reflection, and the newest Sailor Moon will be here, presto! Okay, let me just–

            *In his excitement, he drops the small mirror. It shatters, way more loudly and dramatically than necessary, all over his feet. The mirror is instantly defunct, never again to work.*

            … Oops. My bad. Well, it’ll come eventually. Hopefully. Heh. Ahem. Anyway. *Goes back to what he was looking for.* AH, here it is! A genuine “Wake Me” cake. Here you go. *Tosses it to Saint without warning*

            A midnight curfew isn’t so bad! I mean, my childhood bedtime was 9 PM.

          • You know, my dear Cindarrella, you really need to come with us. I insist. Because we need your super turbo coach to run away once we get the cash. And because we need you as our driver, of course. I promise you we will rob this friggin’ bank before the curfew. Also, I swear I do not suffer from narcolepsy and that, if I ever had to fall aspleep during the heist, only the touch of a freshly-robbed golden bar would bring me back to life.

          • I need to precise: if I fall asleep, it will be because the perspective of this robbery will have me so stressed, that I will feel the need, before we get into action, to take one or two pills of Xanax. But, there again, a “Wake Me” cake will have no effect on me. No, the only remedy to my slumber will be a golden bar. Both of you know what Oscar Wilde once said: “I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.”

        • I would love too but i feel like i dont do justice to the “good ol’ disney princess” memo. I can be the driver tho lol

  11. I was thinking of an idea sequel after Sailor Moon Eternal, what if Queen Beryl, Witches 5, Mistress 9, Prince Demande, and many other villains aren’t dead but instead being send into another realm then later being summoned by Chaos under mind control then later the Sailor Guardians then realizes that they are feeling pain and suffering and decided to save them. Then they would help the Sailor Guardians fight Chaos and remain alive at the very end.

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