Dyskami Publishing is teaming up with Japanime Games to distribute new Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop games

Dyskami Publishing and Japanime Games

Dyskami Publishing, who have released the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game and will soon be releasing an expansion and a Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff game, have teamed up with Japanime Games. What does this mean? It seems like they will be distributing Truth or Bluff with Japanime Games and that they are working on a new game as well.

Sailor Moon Crystal: Truth or Bluff - Contents

The press release announcing the partnership can be seen on the Dyskami Publishing web site’s news section. They mention that this is a distribution partnership, which seems to indicate that Dyskami will continue to be the ones to design the actual games but that distribution will be done with the help of Japanime Games. The purpose would be to bring those games to a wider audience. Having newer seen a copy of Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge in a store, this seems like a good idea. Sailor Moon products are very popular and I’ve seen the Sailor Moon Monopoly games in a number of stores in Ontario and Quebec where I live, so the audience is certainly there.

The press release also mentions that in addition to the Dice Challenge expansion and the Truth or Bluff game that “Additional games in the Sailor Moon Crystal line are under development for release later in 2019 and throughout 2020.”. This is a bit vague but it does seem as if more Sailor Moon Crystal games are coming! We certainly look forward to seeing what else Dyskami is working on. For now Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge’s expansion as well as the Truth or Bluff game can be pre-ordered from Dyskami Publishing’s store.

The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book and the Complete Book of Yoma

Dyskami Publishing has also recently announced that they would be releasing the 4th version of their popular BESM or Big Eyes, Small Mouth pen and paper role playing game. Why would Sailor Moon fans be interested in this? The BESM role playing system was designed by Dyskami Publishing’s Mark C. MacKinnon back in 1997 just a year before he released the Sailor Moon pen and paper role playing game and later the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game. Though the BESM game has evolved quite a bit over the years, meaning a player should not expect any compatibility between the games, fans of the Sailor Moon role playing game would be wise to check out BESM!

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game

Have you picked up Dyskami Publishing’s Dice Challenge game? Will you also be getting Truth or Bluff and their future releases?

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game - Starter Decks

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game - Sailor Scouts

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13 thoughts on “Dyskami Publishing is teaming up with Japanime Games to distribute new Sailor Moon Crystal tabletop games

  1. I still have my RP book. I just realized I never played one game. :(
    It was, however, my first view of some characters: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Starlights.
    My imagination had to give me hair colors since it was b&w and I imagined red hair for Neptune at the time.
    Later I saw some action figures and Neptune had teal hair, of all things!
    Later I felt somewhat vindicated when I found the artbooks had that pic of the girls in tuxedos and Neptune was a redhead in that one.

    I also have the card game…all but the holographic Venus and the expansion. I did play it a few times, but it was just so-so and came at a time when CCGs were exploding in popularity again…I guess you could say it got lost in the “shuffle”. ;)

    • I believe I’ll get Truth or Bluff! That concept appeals to me.

      That is awesome, haha! I Neptune as a redhead. I only knew of Sailor Moon and a few characters, for a while, just by illustrations, yeah. I didn’t get to watch them properly until when I first watched the R Movie.

      I believe my first role-play book was based on Discworld, Terry Pratchett’s series.

      • In case you’ve never seen it, here’s the image I’m referring to with the girls and natural hair colors. Not sure if it’s a stylistic choice or if this is what she’d envisioned them having as natural hair colors (notice Chibi Usa is also ginger).
        Makoto’s hair is usually some shade of rose or red in the manga too.

        I would say her hair isn’t green here simply because green doesn’t appear anywhere in the image, but one would think if that was the case she’d have gone with blue since blue does appear…and even Ami’s hair is black rather than blue.

        There is also this image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8f/71/22/8f71227c1257641612ed34c111d72b7e.jpg
        But since everyone has an odd shade here, I don’t think it’s proof.
        Maybe it’s just my love of gingers making me biased?

        • I love those pictures- especially the 2nd one. Love when Kotono plays with Usagi’s hair styles (you can see her affinity for high fashion come out in her one-off drawings), Rei is serving up some fierce 80’s realness with that makeup.

          • I also love how she conveys a sense of maturity with the eyes, like in the 2nd one:
            Usagi: Daydreamy
            Chibi-Usa and Hotaru: Innocence
            Ami: Observation
            Rei, Haruka, Michiru, Makoto, and Setsuna: Confidence
            Minako: A tad spaced out and energetic

            My main issue with this image is that Setsuna looks like a giant. Her proportions seem off. And now that I’ve noticed I can’t unsee it.

    • Same! I’ve played a lot of D&D and GURPS but my gaming friends would never want to play a Sailor Moon game! Still enjoyed reading part of the books though.

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