Pre-orders for the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game will begin on February 8th

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge pre-order announcement

It looks like the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game is getting a bit closer to release! The game, which is currently scheduled to be released this Spring, will be available to pre-order on February 8th from Dyskami Publishing. Fans are being encouraged to follow their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and check out the Dyskami web site on February 8th for more details.

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge

I received news from Dyskami Publishing that those who pre-order the game should expect some amazing bonus Sailor Moon Crystal gifts. Some fans have asked if this game will be available in Canada, since often it’s harder to get some board games North of the border. Since Dyskami Publishing is an Ontario based company we should expect to see this in stores here in Canada. Do you plan on picking this game up?

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge

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29 thoughts on “Pre-orders for the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game will begin on February 8th

    • Hello Stephanie,

      We created the game as a two player game, but just like playing a match of chess, where you play both sides, you can play the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge by yourself, taking turns to roll and make decisions for each of the cards.



  1. Can I ask a random question because I come to this site for all my Sailormoon news?

    When is the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal coming out in the English dub? And more importantly where can I get it? Either downloading it for free, for money, or on dvd/blu ray. I just want to own it. *makes grabby hands*

    Thank you if anyone can answer any of this for me! <3 <3 <3

    • All three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal have been released in English on home video (DVD and Blu-Ray). The episodes are also available to stream in English on Hulu and Yahoo! View.

      As for the next “season”, the Dream arc, it hasn’t been released in Japan yet. We don’t have many specifics but the last we heard was that it was going to be two films released in theatres and, once it would be released in Japan, we would eventually get it here in North America first subbed and later in English. This could be a while away as we haven’t gotten any details in a while. Still waiting patiently! Hope that helps.

      • Thank you so much Adam!!! That helps a lot! I found it on Yahoo and can’t WAIT to catch up!!!! AHHH!!! SO excited for the upcoming films!!!!! <3 <3 <3 *bubbles over*

        • All they’ve really said so far is that the 2 Crystal films are slated for Summer this year. Whether it will be a simultaneous worldwide release in theaters is anyone’s guess. Typically, it seems films are launched in North American cinemas 6 months to a year after Japanese theatrical releases (if we’re lucky.) I certainly hope not, though!

          However, that was usually what I personally experienced while living in Japan in the mid-90s – I got the pleasure of seeing films and playing video games there long before my friends in the US were ever able to. ^_^

          • Sounds like good news! However, if the movies are to be aired in the USA and in Canada months after their first airing in Japan, I’d rather not think about their release date here, in Europe… Europe has always been the latest on the list, when it’s about getting toys, movies, animes…, from Japan (or even from the USA!). Yeah, a third wheel, this is what Europe is…

          • May I ask where you heard it would this summer? I haven’t heard any kind of date so I’m super interested to know more. Don’t get me wrong, I hope your info is correct, I just haven’t seen anything solid like this myself.

    • Luke, you should read Pat’s comment above, February 8, 2018 at 10:11 ;) . It seems this is all the information we can get for the moment (about the season 4 of Crystal, which will consist of two movies, as you know).

        • None of us have any extra info or a way to make Viz hurry along. I’m sure Adam will report as soon as he hears anything. He’s not the type to keep secrets when it comes to Sailor Moon.
          In the meantime, you can always scour anime news sites and Google news for Sailor Moon updates like the rest of us.

          • Been trying to reply back to you, but it doesn’t give me the option on my original comment for some reason.

            I read “Summer 2018″ for the release dates in passing somewhere for the 2 Crystal films. However, I can’t for the life of me remember exactly where I read that. I tried an exhaustive search to find the site again, where ever it may be, but couldn’t find ANYTHING at all. So, that means one of three things… the article was deleted, the information about a “Summer 2018″ release has been changed and is up in the air again, or production has been delayed.
            I assure I did see those groups of words, “Sailor Moon Crystal films/movies” and “Summer 2018,” all linked within the same paragraph (as recently as this past January)… yet all trace of it has disappeared.

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