A Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge tournament will be held in Guelph, Ontario December 3rd

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge

Earlier this year we mentioned that there were two Sailor Moon Crystal themed games coming out soon by Dyskami! The first, Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge, is near release! A free promotional tournament is being held next weekend, on Sunday December 3rd, at The Boardroom: Guelph’s Game Cafe in Guelph, Ontario. The event will be limited to 48 players so be sure to show up early! It runs from 3pm to 7pm. In addition to being able to play the game fans who are dressed as their favourite Sailor Moon character will get a free copy of the game when it’s released! No specifics on how they will determine who exactly your favourite character is, but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you if you’re turned down for only wearing a costume of your second favourite character!

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge - Sailor Moon character card

So when can we expect this game in stores? Dyskami Publishing posted an update to their Facebook Page mentioning that the reason for the delays were that they weren’t happy with the prototype they got from the factory they were dealing with, prompting them to look for a new factory. Current expectation is that the game will be available in stores in Spring 2018. As always we’ll have more information on the site as we get it. No indication of when the other Sailor Moon Crystal game, Truth or Bluff, will be available. By the original scheduled mentioned by Dyskami Publishing that game was to come out after Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge and it appears that this is still the case.

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge - Tuxedo Mask challenge card

Details about the event can be found on the Eventbrite page. Will any of you be attending this event? While I’d love to make the 5 hour or so car ride to Guelph to attend I have this thing on the Saturday where I’m getting married so I don’t think I’ll be there.

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18 thoughts on “A Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge tournament will be held in Guelph, Ontario December 3rd

  1. For some reason the Tuxedo Mask one really turns me off from this game…that’s so un-Mamoru like.
    But at least we get some new merchandise.

          • I’m not talking about dice games. I’m talking about Sailor Moon Crystal. I wish Rei would apologize to Usagi for saying she can’t get into a school for geniuses, or a grading error.

          • If you think that stuff is mean you should hear the stuff my best friend says to me.
            But I know we are still friends and he is teasing.
            I would never want a friendship where we had to walk on eggshells because we were so afraid of offending one another.

            Also, no, Usagi could not get into a school for geniuses, and for that matter, neither could Rei. And they both know it, it’s just teasing.

            People who are so easily offended that they’d wish an enemy to hurt their friends would be the worst friends in my opinion. Neither Usagi or Rei would want the other to be hurt.

        • Why would Usagio want Rei to get hurt by an enemy? When Rei teases her, it’s just playing.
          In the original anime, Rei is possibly Usagi’s closest friend!

          • I’ll tell you why. It’s because in the last episode of Season 3, Rei said something about a grading error, then in the first episode of Season 3, she said something about Usagi (not Usagio) being in the Academy of Geniuses in a million years. And it’s not playing, it’s kinda mean teasing. Also in the manga, she told Usagi to mind her own business about boyfriend.

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