Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32, Infinity 6 – Three Guardians, May 16th at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32 Preview - Sailor Chibi Moon reunited with Sailor Pluto

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japanese TV Monday May 16th at 11pm Japan Standard Time. Immediately afterwards it will be made available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu, at 10:30am Eastern Time. This week we get Act 32, Infinity 6 – Three Guardians. Sailor Pluto is back and the gang is all together, but where did she come from? Hopefully the answer we get will be satisfactory.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32 Preview - Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Uranus

We will see the last of the Witches 5 Cyprine. Or is it 6 since we’ll also see Ptilol? Don’t miss it!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32 Preview - Cyrpine

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53 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 32, Infinity 6 – Three Guardians, May 16th at 10:30am Eastern Time

  1. OMG cant wait, it looks very interesting and i haven’t read the manga so it total canon to me, Omg im so excited, it looks so cool, i think so, i hope that is it will blow me away, did i mentioned that i am so excited, if not , OMG can’t wait im so excited

      • Sorry for not expressing my emotions enough, if i couldn’t express my emotions enough then ill tell you that this episode was the most exciting episode… Till i watched the whole episode. Dont get me wrong, i “liked” this episode but at the same time it was nah, the only thing that i loved on this episode was Hotaru and her story, and this wasn’t even in the preview,(i think).

        Am i the only one who hates CGI Holy Grail

  2. With the Castle series finale on Monday, this will help heal the heartbreak.

    Also, there will never be a Pokemon/Sailor Moon crossover, just as there will never be a Code Geass/Sailor Moon crossover (which is what I would like to see!) or a story where Sailor Moon is set in the universe of Battle Royale and Usagi is a badass rebel who uses her Sailor Moon persona as a means to sow the seeds of rebellion in the Japanese people (which is how I would write the series!).

  3. its season finalie week for a lot of shows so I can rewatch the series from the start and not have a huge backlog of shows for the summer, cant wait to see this battle and the soon to come super sailor moon, as well as the heart broches for the rest of the sailors, that and the end of the arc there super outfits

  4. Sorry, but I’m gonna go on a rant here, as I was highly disappointed in this week’s episode.

    The animation and art for this was trash compared to what we’ve seen lately, specially in last episode.

    What was up with the repetitive scenes? No, not just the flashbacks, but the reused shit from last episodes and other episodes like the Prosessor Tomoe and Kaolinite scene or Chibi Usagi eating breakfast, or even the Space Sword Blaster attack that was used TWICE against Jupiter and Mars? I mean really, shit does Toei not think we’re gonna notice?

    And why the fuck did Uranus not transform? Of course they didn’t show Neptune ironically, cause if so then it would have been more condescending not to show Pluto’s, who’s is obviously non existent at this point.

    I was looking forward to seeing some World Shaking, Deep Submerge, Dead Scream in true animation, and no. Just some bullshit half assed animations and jumps.

    This episode honestly felt like season 1 of Crystal – Dark Kingdom art type quality. It’s the worst episode of season 3 for sure. The music was off, they could have used better music that’s already on file. I hate being negative, but I just hate the episode – period.

    • You know the only outer senshi that transforms in this chapter of the manga is Uranus, right?

      And they don’t really perform Deep Submerge or World Shaking in this chapter either…

      We all want to see to many things in this anime, but staying true to the manga gives you this.

      • You do know that they don’t stay 100% faithful to the manga for example all senshi fight Telu when in the manga it was only Jupiter and Moon. Ever heard of Dan service? Have a seat.

        • Who’s Dan and why do we need to service him? He a writer on the show or something? I mean, I’ll do what needs to be done or whatever….

          • Dan is super pushy and completely inappropriate in his demands. Not even a Sailor Saturn transformation is worth his price!

    • WRT animation, you’re spot on, I also felt like I was watching 1st season of crystal. I wonder if they’ll “clean it up for the dvd” again, although even alot of the “cleaning” still look horrendous! So bizarre. And also noticed all the recycled footage. Not sure what the heck happened this week, pretty lame. They also used the weird music again for Uranus’ transformation.

  5. I wonder if Queen Serenity handed her 5 day notice. “We heard you are no longer a planet, we are are the sorries but you are not longer the guardian of the time door

  6. I’m so happy for this episode. However, the times that are specified as air dates need to change because after 10:30 am, they are not available the majority of the time and Crunchyroll always experiences playback problems :(

  7. It’s the impostor again? If you are going to impersonate people, you might start by learning grammar…or at least utilize some form of spell check.

  8. Hey guys !

    There is someone here who has taken my name to insult you all. I would never do that, the fellow commenters here know it. I feel very sorry for all the confusion that happens :( . I don’t understand why people need to pollute Sailor Moon News by impersonating people here.

    I think Adam has the ability to see that the email address used by this impostor is not the same that the one I always use to comment here… I have a life for God’s sake, and I don’t have time to waste to create another email address to cause some bloody mess here.

    From now on, if I have to prove every time that I’m the real Aurelia when I comment here, I’ll do a simple thing : write every of my comments in both French and English. Adam speaks French. I don’t think the impostor does, and if he/she does, I don’t think his/her command will be as good as mine is, even if French is his/her maternal tongue like this is my case (a lot of French people are terrible at writing French). Then, Adam will know who is the real Aurelia. And the real “me” would never insult anyone here, nor she would never cause a bloody mess on this website.

    (BTW, it’s the “other” Aurelia who asked Luke how old he was, calling him “sweet heart” not me.)

    Allez, un dernier mot à l’attention de l’imbécile qui a pris mon pseudo pour insulter les autres et faire croire que je n’étais pas une “Moonie” : essaie donc de parler français avec moi. Tu vas y perdre ton latin, mon coco, je te l’assure. Et si tu utilises un traducteur, je le saurai aussi ! Va t’acheter une vie, et au passage, apprends à écrire l’anglais correctement. Et puis, tu m’imites vraiment très mal, si tu veux savoir ;) . Allez, sois plus inventif dans l’imposture, que diable ! Je te trouve vraiment très velléitaire, mais je suis sûre que tu peux faire mieux que ça !

    • Thanks Aurelia, I think everyone knows it’s not you. I wonder if @Adam has anything to add about the troll. I thought we were all adults, but evidently, not. Bizarro. I don’t think you need to put your comments in French everytime, I imagine that would get exhausting.

    • Yeah, we know. ;) I think we can usually tell when it’s that troll…or trolls, not sure if there are more than one.
      They fail pretty bad at trolling. impersonation is pretty lame.

      Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone thinks it’s you.

    • Thank you guys for your support :D . Yeah Matt you’re right, translations would be very exhausting for me, but also very exasperating and annoying for anyone here. I was angry when I wrote my comment yesterday and I lost my temper too easily…

      I really don’t understand why some people need to pervade this place with their trollling… Bizarro, as you say !

      saintfighteraqua, obviously I’d say we are too clever to allow this guy (or theses guys) to make good impersonations… they lack our intelligence and our class ;) .

      Because of all these troubles, I forgot to give my opinion about the yesterday episode. I’ll try to do it later, in another post.

    • Yeah I caught the post and deleted it. Sorry I should have caught it earlier. It showed up for moderation but I usually just check for spam so I approved it.

      Now that I’ve looked the posts over it was immediately obvious what was going on and who was doing it. The e-mail and IP is logged with the comments and I’ve kept a record of it. I’ll be in touch with the user in question.

      I’m pretty permissive on what I let people get away with posting here in the comments but impersonating users won’t be allowed. The avatar is a good way to tell who’s authentic but when in doubt I can always verify the information associated with the comment if there seems to have been something inappropriate going on.

  9. I agree that this episode was the worst of all eps from season 3 regarding to animation and I can’t believe they used those repetitive scenes! What a laziness!

    On the other hand the plot in this episode was good, a lot of things were explained. And I am glad they didn’t omit Ptilol, I was worried they would do it.

    So let’s just look forward the new episode which will be really awesome and hope for better animation style.

    • I always thought shit after the first 3 (what we saw on the leaked footage) it was gonna go down hill, and it didn’t. In fact, last episode was absolutely mind blowing, like the absolute best so I was in awe, and now this? And such a hype episode too, what a way to drop the ball.

      I had hopers for a Pluto transformation even Saturn which is ridiculously requested, and now my hopes are down and I know it wont happen so I’ll just enjoy the show and cry in my sleep lol

  10. I doubt there will be a saturn transformation. They didn’t even do a pluto one. I wonder what they’ll do when all the girls have heart crystals instead of wands. If it’s the same transformations with glowing hands, ima lose it.

    • ikr I really hope they do the dream arc, and this episode kinda feels rushed and a ton of stock footage in of itself too, at least the next episode we see super sailor moon and her heart ache attack, also iirc they get the heart broaches now and at the end of this arc they get there super outfits, cant wait to see kaolrinite step up and open her can of whoop ass on the senshi

      • I really hope they show Kaori taking the bump-it out of her hair first though! I know they don’t show it in the manga but….

  11. Yes, gravatar. Sorry for the late comment. I have been so busy a lately.

    I was so disappointed with the episode but still hoping for the best on the next one.

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