Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18, Invasion – Sailor Venus, Friday March 11th at 9pm EST

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - Calaveras

The next English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available to view on Hulu and Neon Alley this Friday at 9pm Eastern Time. Act 18, Invasion – Sailor Venus, has Sailor Venus facing off against the final Spectre Sister Calaveras who uses antiquated DVDs in her evil plot. They must be cheap 480i DVDs like the Sailor Moon musicals use!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - The Shitennou as ghosts

We’ll see the Shitennou as good guys this week. Mamoru summons them from the gems he keeps. Too bad we couldn’t see more of them in Sailor Moon Crystal, after being kept around for a somewhat anticlimactic ending.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18 - Invasion - Sailor Venus

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11 thoughts on “Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 18, Invasion – Sailor Venus, Friday March 11th at 9pm EST

  1. I think when this episode first came out in Japanese, we had such debates about how Calaveras uses her powers and how her broadcast differs from Berthier’s broadcast. Wow, we have such interesting conversations on this website. Anyway, looking forward to the episode. Should be fun.

      • Season 1 (Dark Kingdom Arc) made her look like a bad bitch which is cool cause I originally knew her as a clumsy dumb blond personality, so I was loving every minute of Crystal. Season 2 (Black Moon) she looked weak not being able to save her friends and not even hitting a target when she fought Calaveras. Isn’t she supposed to be the leader. On that note, who’s the leader of the outer? Pluto?

        • I thought so of the Dark Kingdom arc too, until Sailor Moon killed Beryl instead. I’m a HUGE Venus fan, I loved that scene in the manga where she drove that sword right through Beryl’s chest, so I was pissed when they gave the kill to Moon (and it was such a lame kill).

          In Black Moon, Venus is the only one not captured because SHE fought her way out and survived. She is indeed the Inner Senshi leader, and her years fighting alone as Sailor V give her extra bad ass cred.

          I don’t know if the Outers have a leader. I think Uranus may be the closest thing to that, or Pluto, but I think they lack a leader because they weren’t a group during Silver Millenium, which is of course where Venus originally lead the Inners.

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