Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17, Secret – Sailor Jupiter, Friday March 4th at 9pm EST

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 - Makoto kissing Asanuma

The next English dubbed episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available on Hulu and Neon Alley this Friday night at 9pm Eastern Time, 8pm Central Time and 6pm Pacific Time! If you’re from Newfoundland you’ll just have to do the math as usual. Act 17, Secret – Sailor Jupiter, is all about Makoto. She befriends Ittou Asanuma, who would much rather get a kiss from Mamoru!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 - Makoto's father was Brock from Pokémon

This episode features some back story on Makoto’s past in which we learn that her father is Brock from Pokémon! Funny her mother look nothing like either Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy. Johnny Yong Bosch, who voices Artemis in this English version of Sailor Moon Crystal, also provides the voice of Brock in Pokémon Origins! This means that if for whatever reason future episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal deviate widely from the manga and include a spoken scene from Makoto’s father, he can not only look like but also sound like Brock in the English version! Here’s a picture of Brock I drew decades ago when I was trying to make a Pokémon site. Apologies for all of the broken links. It was 1999.

Brock from Pokémon

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17, Secret - Sailor Jupiter

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18 thoughts on “Watch English dubbed version of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17, Secret – Sailor Jupiter, Friday March 4th at 9pm EST

  1. Makoto and Asanuma are a couple I ship. I’m surprised it’s not more pursued by adaptations or fans. I think Makoto could do well with a younger guy. Especially since Motoki is seeing Reika and isn’t interested in junior high girls.

    • I’ve loved Makoto/Asanuma ever since I first read the manga too and I also wish it was explored more. On the subject of Makoto’s dad, I’m not sure he’s intended to look like Brock as much as it is that anime characters with closed eyelids are a common character trope in anime. Yamazaki from Cardcaptor Sakura had the same type of character design as well.

  2. And Johnny Young Bosch was a Power Ranger too ! Blue, green or black, I don’t remember what was his color as a Power Ranger…

      • Yeah you’re right, he was the second black PR, I have checked after reading your comment. Thanks ;) . But I didn’t know he was everywhere (lol). Johnny and Brock are everywhere, even in Sailor Moon ;p …

    • I had PMed Viz about that before and all they told me was the packaging and coverart weren’t ready for release yet so I assume sometime after they finish streaming all the dubbed Crystal episodes they have so far.

  3. Don’t forget this weekend is also the exclusive live premiere of Crystal season three! I hope Viz will release some streaming details about it soon.

  4. Never mind, I remember now, the event on March 6th. My apologies – I can’t delete the comment entry.

    Also, is this Brock being Sailor Jupiter’s father thing true or a joke? I’ve never, ever heard anything regarding that, and Google has nothing but fan stories.

    Can someone confirm?

    • It’s a joke on the character design of Makoto’s father. The character Brock and Makoto’s father are not the same person, Brock doesn’t exist in even remotely the same universe as any of the Sailor Moon characters. Pokemon is an existence unto itself, it doesn’t take place in Japan.

  5. y say we CANADIANS can watch on 2 different sites that REFUSE US?!?!?! i WAS hoping to watch the new episode tonight, but im no american with a credit card and money to blow on ONE EPISODE of a show, looks like im waiting till digitalmotion puts it out in a few days. :(

    • A credit card isn’t necessary to watch things on Hulu but yes you will have problems from Canada. I’m Canadian and I use a VPN which I pay for so that’s hardly a free option but there are ways to watch it.

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