Sailor Moon S episodes 108 and 109 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Drunk Usagi and Mamoru - Just like their first kiss

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S have been released on Hulu and Neon Alley in Japanese with English subtitles by Viz. This week we get a couple of comedy filled episodes. With episodes 108 we ship everyone with anyone as Usagi gets drunk at a party, yet again. Then with episode 109 Minako strives to be a better person for odd reasons. Where’s Chibiusa this week anyway?

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Drunk Usagi - Nice to meet you - Cream stew

Episode 108, Usagi Dancing to the Waltz, has Usagi yet again going to a party and getting accidentally drunk. How does this keep happening? Mamoru has English friends and an old English man, Edwards, invited him and the girls to his fancy mansion for a party because he’s eccentric, English and likes young Japanese people. He especially seems to like Ami, which is somewhat inappropriate with her being 14 and all, but whatever. Usagi gets sort of drunk. Hilarity ensues! She tries to speak English, which she is terrible at, and what comes out are weird English/Japanese jokes which make almost no sense to English listeners. I suppose to Japanese people “Nice to meet you” sounds like “Cream stew” but in the grand scheme of things there are so many English things rhyming with “Boo” that it’s really not a great joke. It seems to have more to do with how the syllables work together than anything else. This episode is all about shipping as various couples dance with each other such as Mamoru and Michiru or Usagi and Haruka, a throwback to a romance established in an earlier episode. One has to wonder if Mamoru kisses Usagi while she’s intoxicated, repeating his taking advantage of her while she was unable to consent at the masquerade back in the first season.

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Edwards and Ami

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Minako donating blood

Episode 109, The Shocking Moment: Everyone’s Identities Revealed, is yet another Minako episode! She didn’t get her pure heart stolen in the last episode which focused on her and she’s starting to wonder if she ever will! Minako is concerned that the enemy might not be targeting her in Tokyo, a city which was home to over 8 million people at the time. We know that we don’t see every Daimon in episodes but unless the gang are slaying thousands of them a night, it seems statistically unlikely that most of the city would have been targeted at this point. Still, Minako is feeling left out as somehow the people who’s lives intersect with the Sailor Guardians’ keep being targeted and she feels like she needs to do something special to show just how great she is! While reading about pure hearts in books she runs into Haruka and Michiru. On the book shelf are some book titles hinting at the future. There are five volumes of TARISMAN, a misspelling of talisman, and the author is noted as Michiru & Haruka. We’ll see next week what this foreshadows to. Finally Minako decides that donating blood is the way to be a good person with a pure heart. This is reminiscent of a chapter in the Sailor V manga where Minako decides to donate blood. In this case however she wasn’t doing it to be good but to get some orange juice and collect stamps in a frequent donator card. Once Minako has her Pure Heart removed she won’t let it go without a fight and proceeds to grab it and go off running! People without their Pure Hearts sure do act weird! Finally when the fighting ensues, everyone sees everyone transform. Sailor Moon sees Haruka and Michiru turn into Sailor Uranus and Neptune, so that secret it out. Following this Minako comes to join and transforms into Sailor Venus in front of Sailor Uranus and Neptune. With a basic amount of thought everyone is now able to figure out who everyone is, so we don’t need to pretend anymore. Next week we’ll be dealing with the repercussions of these revelations.

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Minako runs off with her pure heart

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Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Haruka and Usagi

Sailor Moon S episode 108 - Michiru and Mamoru

Sailor Moon S episode 109 - Tarisman I - V - Michiru & Haruka

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14 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S episodes 108 and 109 are now available on Hulu

  1. Why does not anybody on this page notice that Portugal channel Biggs which is broadcasting Sailor Moon Crystal OFFICIALLY announced in January 2015 that it will air 52 EPISODES of Sailor Moon Crystal (26 this year and another 26 in 2016)?

    Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 is already in work

  2. You know, it used to bug me how Juban district was the only district targeted by the bad guys, but now it makes sense. Season 1 it’s because the Princess, the Silver Crystal, and the Guardians are in that area (all reincarnated there because that’s where Usagi reincarnated, I’m guessing), so there’s got to be some weird energy from those guys attracting the Dark Kingdom. Season 2, the Makaiju just happens to land there, so I guess that’s coincidence. It’s also where Chibiusa ended up, so that explains the Black Moon Clan. Season 3 has Dr. Tomoe preying on his hometown and where his research is, so that explains that, but I think maybe Dr. Tomoe was chosen by Master Pharaoh 90 because his daughter and the area he lived in had special powers. Season 4 is because Pegasus/Helios escaped to find Chibiusa, who was in that area, and Season 5…I guess that might be Galaxia’s doing, she kind of knew who the Sailor Guardians were because she tried to awaken Sailor Saturn and knew how to do it. Why she didn’t tell her subordinates is beyond me though.

    Am I putting too much thought into this? I only ask it because Minako’s worried she doesn’t have a pure heart.

    • I suppose it all comes back to the fact that the girls all reincarnated in the same area. Though how the Dark Kingdom knew they were there isn’t really clear. Maybe because Tuxedo Mask was operating in the area and also looking for the Crystal?

      • Or the girls themselves, plus the Crystal, give off their own unique energy that made Juban look like an appealing target to them.

        • I don’t think the Dark Kingdom originally knew because the four generals were all in charge of different areas to look for the crystal. Like Zoisite, for example, was in charge of Europe, Nephrite in charge of North America, Jadeite Far East, and Kunzite the Middle East.

          Not sure who was in charge of the rest of the world lol but the Manga makes it sound like they are all looking for the crystal in those areas and once they find out both Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon are looking for the crystal they focus on Japan as they figure that’s where the others are looking too. The awakening of Sailor Moon probably also sent special energies to indicate that.

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