A second season of Sailor Moon Crystal is not currently in production

TOEI Animation Europe

Last week many sources reported that a second season of Sailor Moon Crystal was currently in production and would start airing this summer. This began with a statement on the TOEI Animation Europe web site which stated this. The assumption many made at the time is that this would be a second set of episodes beyond the initial 26 which will run it’s course this summer with the end of the Black Moon Clan story arc. Anime Herald has since contacted TOEI Europe who have clarified that there is no second season planned. They have clarified to say that they were referring to the TV airing of the Black Moon Clan story arc.

In Japan, the second season of Sailor Moon Crystal is currently streaming from this January (“Black Moon saga”). What the website news is telling is terrestrial TV broadcasting of the 2nd season in Japan will start from this summer.

When this news broke last week we were careful not to jump to conclusions, clarifying that the original French version of TOEI Animation Europe’s article presented slightly different information and that it could be a reference to the second story arc currently streaming online. The text of both language releases do reference the ongoing 26 episodes as being the first season before mentioning a second, which caused the confusion, but with this clarification it does not appears that any additional episodes are currently planned.

This is not to say that no further episodes will be produced. Now that the series is airing on TV in Japan it may be considered profitable to renew the series. To be perfectly clear there are currently no sources, official or otherwise, which indicate that anything beyond the initial run of 26 episodes is being planned. Should more episodes be announced it seems likely that this would come from Japan, likely on the official site or as a press event.

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33 thoughts on “A second season of Sailor Moon Crystal is not currently in production

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    • To be fair, they haven’t said yet that they most certainly aren’t going to make a second season; just that one hasn’t been announced yet. I imagine if they make any announcement at all it will probably be sometime closer to the summer. That’s what happened with the Black Moon arc as they didn’t announce they were adapting Black Moon until they got to a few episodes till the end of Dark Kingdom.

  2. Well, they picked a very poor way of wording the announcement then. If Toei seriously stops at the Black Moon Clan arc, I am going to be very disappointed. If there are any arcs in the manga that desperately need a better adaptation, they are the Dream and Sailor War arcs! Why even bother doing a faithful adaptation of the manga if you aren’t (potentially) going to do all the manga arcs?

  3. Dammit! I hope they do continue making the series. The Dream arcs and the Stars arcs were made too ridiculous when they were first animated, and the original manga had them as very serious and dark. I really want to see that.

    • It would be a dumb business move on Toei’s part to not continue what they started. While nothing is confirmed, they’ve dumped too much money as it is into the Sailor Moon Crystal franchise to not take it all the way. I’m 100% confident that they will make more episodes, but it’s just a matter of when. I’d imagine we’ll get a proper press release from Toei Japan over the next couple of weeks/months with the Black Moon arc slowly coming to a close.

      • Not to mention all the profit they already got with the tons of new Sailor Moon merch they made ever since SMC started, more seasons would give more material for more merch and thus more profit.

  4. No! All my beautiful dreams and plans are ruined! *Enters a dark mirror and floats off into space to lament my cold fate*…

  5. In better news…Namco Bandai has said (according to Gamespot) that there is a chance of making a Sailor Moon video game. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/bandai-namco-could-make-a-sailor-moon-game/1100-6426559/
    Since they are known for making a lot of anime related fighters, wouldn’t it be awesome to get a new Sailor Moon fighting game in the style of the DBZ and Naruto series or even a beat em up like the One Piece PS3 games?
    It’s nothing solid but still nice to know it’s being discussed.

  6. Toei will not end at the Black Moon arc, I can guarantee it. Why make something and then not finish it? It would be an un-finished project and would leave fans both old and new very, very, very upset and disappointed. We can expect to see this series up until the very end which I think they do plan to do. Sailor Moon has become profitable for them again, it would be foolish to start something that made it profitable once more after so many years just to stop midway through. So I am already expecting a second season. Maybe it will not start so soon after the first season is complete but it will come soon.

  7. Well, we have the answer to our question then…

    But I agree with some people here, it would make no sense if Toei definitely stopped the production of SMC after the Black Moon arc.

    Well… wait and see, again.

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  9. This is a bull faced lie! I’ve seen official artwork from trusted sources of the Guardians that appear in the arc after the Black Moon arc. Heck, I even saw art of Chibi-Chibi.

    • I’ve seen a bit of this but it’s usually credited as fan art. Anything that can be tied to an official source, such as the Sailor Moon web site or twitter account, I would consider to be official. Nothing yet.

        • Unfortunately there’s no such thing as an official wiki. There are lots of very convincing fan arts out there (most on deviantArt.) and they manage to come extremely close to the official stuff.
          However, if you have links to official sources, we’d love to see it. Wikis can’t be trusted though, since they are fan made and anyone can edit them.

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  11. Please give us the whole adaption of the manga in anime form. I wouldn’t like it to end at the Black Moon arc. I want to see Usagi get married and the real Stars arc from the manga.

    • Please continue on with SailorMoon Crystal! I have been enjoying it so much, and look forward to every new episode!!

  12. I loved the old Sailor Moon and love Sailor Moon Crystal even more. I have read some of the manga but not all of it. Please, bring it back is my favorite anime ever!!!!!!! I want to cry!!!!!!! Its no fair!!!!!!!!!

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