Susan Roman to appear on Linda Ballantyne’s “I’m Just Sayin'” radio show October 8th at noon

Lita and Serena, Susan Roman and Linda Ballantyne

Tomorrow, October 8th 2013, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, will appears on the “I’m Just Sayin'” radio show, which is hosted by Linda Ballantyne, the voice of Sailor Moon. The show plays at noon on Canada Talks (channel 167) on Sirius XM. With two Sailor Scouts on the same show it’s likely that the topic of Sailor Moon will come up!

Makoto, Usagi and Luna

This was mentioned on Linda Ballantyne’s twitter account. Be sure to follow her @LABallantyne. Tomorrow will be a particularly special show but you can always catch Linda Ballantyne on “I’m Just Sayin'” every Tuesday at noon on Canada Talks on Sirius XM. Readers may recall this show was mentioned during our interview with Linda Ballantyne at Fan Expo 2013.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter

Usagi trying to kiss Makoto

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