You can watch Sailor Moon for free on Pluto TV and YouTube if you live in the US

Sailor Moon on Pluto TV

Great news for people who live in the United States of America and pretty much no one else. There are a couple of ways to watch Sailor Moon for free online! A couple of weeks ago Viz uploaded all episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal to their YouTube channel. You can watch them through this handy playlist. As I’m Canadian I only see an empty playlist but it seems Americans should see actual episodes there. Enjoy!

Yesterday Pluto TV added a Sailor Moon channel to its lineup. What exactly that looks like I couldn’t really say because as a Canadian I don’t have access but Americans should be able to see something.

But don’t worry fellow Canadians! Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal have been free on Tubi for years. The original Sailor Moon anime is also available on the streaming service Crave for those who have a subscription to that.

Of course you can always just buy the Blu-ray sets and watch those if you’re into physical media.

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6 thoughts on “You can watch Sailor Moon for free on Pluto TV and YouTube if you live in the US

  1. What’s will all these low effort posts about the old anime series? They’re free to watch several times a year, and if you’re willing to put in a little effort you can watch both the old and new series for free all year long. Viz also “remasters” the nineties anime so often nowadays that it isn’t really news at this point, especially because there are virtually no new features and only minimal improvements to video or audio.

    There’s actual news you could be covering like the SM Museum or the Chacott goods from the Prism on Ice store or even those hideous Jimmy Choo boots. I’m not sure what your niche is here, but other SM blogs have way more variety and depth than this.

  2. so for the heck of it i took a peek, yes its the full set and crystal… all original dub with subtitles here… the quality of the actual episodes i took in at random of the 90’s anime is very nice, sadly the subtitle error that plagued the last batch of dvd/Blu rays is still present so goumeno is still there, for being free now its not that bad i just hope that my already paid versions on hulu and vudu are in this high quality or thats real dirty of them to make us pay for the lesser quality and offer up the better for free (with ads of course)

    the few random episodes i clicked on in each season of course the quality was very crisp even in the season 5 arc, way better then the 1st blu ray run, only hope they give us this quality with the new blu ray release, havent gone through my season 1 rebuy and im still waiting for season 2 to ship even tho it was released earlier this week and it still is telling me i have to wait til mid april to get it for some stupid amazon reason, also keep in mind there is no english dub in this list as far as i could see its only the japanese dub

  3. A flurry of announcements this weekend about Cosmos followed the press junket at AnimeJapan.

    The new trailer released yesterday shows Submarine Violon Tide, as well as new attack footage from Saturn, Pluto, Galaxia, and possibly Kakyuu. The second wave of pre-sale tickets starting on 4/14 includes two different sets of collectible cards for zenpen/kouhen.

    Not a fan of the new rendition of “Nagareboshi e”. The tempo and heavy use of synth make it sound like a remix, and makes me wonder if the rest of the theme song collection is going to require a cover charge and two drink minimum.

  4. Omg!! I saw the promotional email from Plutotv and I immediately when there if we, Canadians, have access to it. But of course not. Thanks for sharing the details.

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