Sailor Moon R Complete Second Season is now out on Blu-ray … again

Sailor Moon R Complete Season Blu-Ray - Cover

Today is the day! The second full season Sailor Moon Blu-ray set with remastered video has been released. Why, you may ask, would I buy this set? Well maybe you didn’t buy Sailor Moon R Part 1 and 2 when they were released many years ago or if you did perhaps you’re quite picky about the quality of your anime and want to experience Sailor Moon R in the best quality possible! This set, like the first season set released last year, is made from new masters which are of considerably better quality than the first release. To be clear this is still an upscaled release meaning they used a standard definition source and used software to convert it to high definition, rather than going back to the film source, but the quality of the source material and the process used to upscale it have yielded a better result than what was release in 2015. Beyond that the price is better! MSRP is $49.99 US and the set is on sale on Amazon for only $39.99 right now. If you’re looking to order it you can support the site but using the Amazon link below.

I got my set today and am looking forward to watch it. Did you pick it up?

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8 thoughts on “Sailor Moon R Complete Second Season is now out on Blu-ray … again

    • Just wait ten years and it’ll be back–same exact version with no additional remastering but with a higher price tag because Blu-Ray players will be obsolete by then

  1. preordered it on amazon and currently it says that even though its available right now for purchase… i should be getting it sometime in april??? might cancle and go through target or walmart like i did with my kirby purchase as even tho i preordered it a full month ago amazon is getting real shady with there shipping and refunds… on the plus side i bought season 1 and its much better so hopefully season 2 looks better if i ever get it lol, (prolly by the time season 3 is announced lol)

  2. Second season is so good. Also, very nostalgic for those who watched in the 90’s. Especially with the whole “lost episodes” debacle. ;)

  3. If you guys really want a bang for your buck, just wait for the Blu-Ray format to become obsolete, then just scoop all five seasons up for pennies from the discount bin at your favorite bookstore or garage sale.

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