The Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray set is now available for purchase

Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray

The new release of the first season of Sailor Moon is out on Blu-ray today, June 14th. We have learned from fans that have received the set that these Blu-rays discs have new and improved video quality as well as features not on the releases from 2014. I got my copy today but have not have a chance to watch any of it yet. I did get myself a new Blu-ray drive and plan on doing a proper review as time permits. The release should be available in stores that sell this kind of thing as well as through online retailers. You can support the site by buying it through the link below.

This is a North American English language release by Viz which includes the original Japanese audio with optional English subtitles as well as the new English dub which was done by Viz using the same voice cast that appears in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Have you gotten your set yet? What do you think?

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25 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Complete First Season Blu-ray set is now available for purchase

  1. so can anyone confirm that they fixed the subtitle issue where they didnt translate part of the song? or is this just the upscaled version of what we should of got the first time around???

  2. Hi, this message is for Adam, because I tried emailing him and it didn’t work. I bought the original Japanese Sailor Moon Eternal films. I haven’t tried them out, but they seem super legit, coming with the CDs and poster. I was wondering, what is that brown ribbon that comes with it for? Is it something to do with hanging the poster? If so, how does it work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Could you please make a comparison with the Australian MadMan Blu-ray releases, since they seemed to have the best quality so far, as well as the price for the whole series + movies?

    • Have you not been following any of the official Sailor Moon media outlets? There’s a ton of news and always more of it, if you know where to look.

      Adam really only posts stuff that interests him, or at least stuff that he thinks would interest “fans outside of Japan”. He’s the webmaster, so he can report on as much or as little as he wants to.

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