The Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show has been canceled

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice - Sailor Guardians

After numerous delays over many years the Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show has been canceled. This star studded show was originally planned for the summer of 2020 but was delayed until the summer of 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year the decision to postpone the show until the summer of 2023 was taken but now the show has been canceled for good. Two pieces of art done by Naoko Takeuchi have been released. These would have been used as part of the show’s promotion but with the show now canceled they are being shared to fans.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Prism On Ice - Tuxedo Mask and Princess Serenity

This show would have featured figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva as Sailor Moon as well as a number of other world class figures skaters such as Kurt Browning.

Source: The Sailor Moon Official Site

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5 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon Prism On Ice show has been canceled

  1. Word on the street is that this show just couldn’t generate enough in advance ticket sales, so investors just decided to pull the plug on the whole thing instead of delaying another year. After the second cancellation, a lot of ticketholders just decided to take refunds instead of being strung along for a third year of delays and just never looked back.

    I think you’re missing the most glaring point of this announcement: the two art pieces are now going to be incredibly valuable now that they are for a live event that never happened, and ticketholders who still have their tickets get first dibs before everyone else.

    In short, this whole announcement was an advertisement for merch. None of this is being done out of goodwill. Will it make up for the losses in ticket revenue, sponsorships, and DVD sales? Probably not, but it’s still something.

    • You’d have to actually read this article to know what this article is about.
      Might want to also google what the word “cancelled” means.

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