The Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS movies are now available to watch for free on YouTube

Sailor Moon R The Movie Blu-Ray - Princess Serenity

Great news for cheap American Sailor Moon fans! All three of the original 1990s Sailor Moon films are now available to watch for free on YouTube! This includes Sailor Moon R The Movie, Sailor Moon S The Movie and the not so conveniently named Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Guardians Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole. Great … if you happen to live somewhere where you can watch it. I don’t. The movies are blocked in Canada and likely all countries outside of the United States of America.

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Human Luna

But wasn’t the R Movie already on YouTube, you may ask? Well yes indeed. Sailor Moon R The Movie was uploaded to YouTube nearly two years ago on December 13th 2019, around the same time it was added to Crunchyroll. The two other films, however, were added only recently with Sailor Moon S The Movie being added on October 22nd of this year and the SuperS film being added just this past Friday on November 5th.

Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie - Perle, Chibiusa and Diana

With TV and streaming I’ve gotten the impression over the years that although a lot of fans had seen a lot of the Sailor Moon anime many people hadn’t seen the films. These were generally something someone would have to pay to watch. The films did air on TV occasionally but not as often as the series. Now fans have no excuse not to watch the films!

Of course this still leaves some of us without the free option. If you’re looking to pick up the Blu-Rays of the films I would certainly recommend them. The quality is great. If you buy them through these Amazon links you will be supporting the site. The R Movie is only $9.99 right now which is quite a bargain. Unfortunately the S Movie is not currently available from Amazon but can be obtained from resellers. The SuperS film is also quite affordable at $15.99. Of course if you’re ordering from the US Amazon you are part of the audience that watch the movies for free so check out your local retailers. Amazon Canada has all three movies for a pretty good price.

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15 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS movies are now available to watch for free on YouTube

  1. Imagine self-identifying as a Sailor Moon fan and still not having seen these 25+ year-old movies in 2021. Oh wait, this is dubbed? Viz continues trying to squeeze blood out of a stone.

    • The movies were hard to come by legally for years unless you knew someone who had DVDs.
      New fans came about due to the Netflix deal.
      Some fans would rather save wear and tear on their home media.
      It’s convenient now to watch all three films.
      It’s free. (with ads…unless you use ad-block +, but of course I’d never-ever-ever condone using an adblocker on a multibillion-dollar site like YT. ;))

      I fail to see any issue with this announcement and hope they become available to the rest of the world for free, too. If you wanna talk about squeezing blood out of stones (aka books) see the newest manga rererere-release

  2. You know…I waited until two days ago to order S (had to go to DeepDiscount since it was gone from Amazon) and just last night I bought SuperS from Amazon. They’ve both been on my wishlist since they were released.
    And now they do this.
    It really makes me think they were waiting on me to give them money before they’d do it. XD

    Ah well, the goal was always to own them anyway…even though I still have the subbed VHS and DVDs from the old days.

      • Sometimes it feels that way! Same way with games…wait forever for a sale…finally break down and buy it. The game goes on sale within a week. Every time! XD

        • It IS a conspiracy. To further deepen the plot twist, the next time you sneeze, an alien boy will give a friend a rose. No pressure!

          Kinda off-topic, but my best “old DVD copy of Sailor Moon R: The Movie” story is, years ago, I rented that alongside a DVD of Goodfellas. The clerk said, without snark, “Sailor Moon and Goodfellas. … Interesting pairing!”

          • Plot twist: the clerk was a fanfiction author actively searching for a new “interesting pairing” and you inspired them to write a Sailor Moon/Goodfellas crossover, in which Fiore and Mamoru own a flower shop stuffed with red roses.
            Also good thing to know: in French “Goodfellas” is known as “Les Affranchis”, i.e. “The Freedmen”, which leads to the following question: will our dear Saintfighteraqua be able to solve the mystery of his destiny and to set himself free from the strings of the conspiracy he’s been trapped in for a very long time?

            Now that is a great crossover! And a plot worthy of a crackfic :D .

            I’m sure the clerk wrote the whole story and we can read it somewhere on AO3.

        • You’re not a true buyer if this frustrating reality didn’t happen to you at least several countless times in your life XD .

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