The release of Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 is delayed from September 11th to January 8th due to COVID-19. Part 2 is coming February 11th.

Sailor Moon Eternal poster

An announcement posted on the Sailor Moon Official Site has mentioned that the release of the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal film has been delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 was originally scheduled to be released in theatres in Japan starting on September 11th 2020 but this release date has now been pushed back to January 8th 2021. In addition to this we also now have a release date for Part 2 of the film, which will be released on February 11th 2021.

We currently have no indication of how or when the film will be released outside of Japan. September 11th was less than three months away when this delay was announced, but we had gotten no news about a simultaneous international release. Were this something which had been planned, I suspect we may have gotten some news about it by now.

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 will cover the first half of the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga. Part 2 will cover the second half. We hadn’t gotten much in the way of details about the second film but with the movie’s release coming up so quickly after the first film, it seems likely that we might get some details about it soon.

I hope none of you had any plans to be in Japan by September of this year! It seems a bit early to be travelling due to the ongoing pandemic. Hopefully the situation will have improved enough by January that some of you are able to travel to see the film and that fans in Japan are able to make it to theatres in safety. While theatres have started to gradually start opening up in Japan and around the world recently, this still presents a risk and movie goers are taking many precautions while attending screenings.

Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

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52 thoughts on “The release of Sailor Moon Eternal Part 1 is delayed from September 11th to January 8th due to COVID-19. Part 2 is coming February 11th.

  1. Yeah, I’m annoyed by this. But at the same time, what are you going to do? You’d need to either be Sailor Pluto or the Doctor to get to see the movie on the original date. The rest of us will just have to grin and bear it.

  2. The lay is not a surprise. It was expected. But do they seriously think it will be better to try a winter release with the current warnings in mind?

  3. I call this bullshit, they gave us NOTHING for a loong time, then say a date to keep whatever dying hope we have, then reraliced that they couldnt make it so they blame it on covid-19. Thats my theory atleast

    • Well, it is Toei, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you were right. I’m just hoping they manage to make these films great with the extra time.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised either, just like you and Joseph! It’s not that we want to sound unfair, but Toei has delayed the different seasons of Crystal sooo many times that at the very end, we doubt their honesty towards their fans.

      Also, I’m sorry to ask, but could you explain what “reraliced” means? I had never read nor heard this word before and couldn’t find any translation on Google. As a non-native speaker I like to learn new words.

        • oh yeah, thats what I meant but I would have spellt it Realiced my self (Im horrible at spelling in my own language and english XD But “Reraliced” was a typo, I accidently got a r into the mix.

          • It’s fine, we all make typos and spelling errors. :) I’m a native English speaker and I make them all the time, too!

          • Thank for your answer, Ida and Saintfighteraqua! I should have guessed myself that it was a typo ;) .

  4. Hopefully, this gives them time to polish these films.
    Sometimes I feel like all we do as Sailor Moon fans is wait.
    But a delay is a thousand times better than a cancellation!

    • “Sometimes I feel like all we do as Sailor Moon fans is wait.”

      Hahaha, that is so true! We are cursed as a fandom. We are like Sleeping Beauty waiting for our Charming Prince (that is to say here: Toei) to come and kiss us to awake us. LOL. Frankly, I stopped waiting and to be honest, I almost feel like I do not care about Sailor Moon franchise fate anymore. Ater all how could I care? I’m supposed to be sleeping right now.

      • Well, Sleeping Beauty had to sleep for 100 years in some versions!
        I feel like once Prince Toei wakes us up it will be so we can pay to join their fan club and buy more merchandise.

      • I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but I’ve stopped caring/Stopped building myself up for disappointment because of personal bummers. After those happened, I lost motivation and warmth for a lot of things. Of course, that aside, a legitimately good Sailor Moon movie would be welcome, should one finally come and I feel like watching it!

      • Or golden teeth made from all the money that naïve fans (like me) have been pouring into the company’s merchandising and goodies… XD

          • Queen Beryl: Blingite! Why haven’t you found me…I mean, Queen Metalia, more cash?”

            Blingite: “I’m sorry, my queen. The mortals don’t seem all that interested in the Sailor Moon themed hygienic products you keep having me make.”

            Queen Beryl: “But mortals love having sex and pooping. I was sure those products would fly off the shelves. It doesn’t matter. I want more personal hygiene products made now. End of discussion. Period!”

            Blingite: *sigh*

          • But I don’t understand… aren’t the mortals supposed to buy more toilet paper in times of Covid-19??? Queen Metalia should be as rich as Masato Sanjoin by now… oh wait…
            So Nephrite/Masato created this new coronavirus so that people would buy Blingite’s toilet paper. And then, he ran away with the cash… the cash that was for Metalia… He bought a Ferrari with all this money and then… hasta la vista baby!

          • You found the plothole! Luckily, this will never be acknowledged in any forthcoming episodes!

    • Very interesting! Thank you! I should read Tuxedo Unmasked more often. The fact that the movie is delayed due to that f*** new coronavirus totally makes sense. Let’s hope that this s*** is over soon…

      • Yeah, I get notifications or I’d never know when he posts.
        He only posts every once in a…Blue Moon. Badum…tsss!

    • To Toei, it’s a nostalgia cash cow. To be honest, it’s always been about the merch to them. I don’t mind that, but they could definitely show such a beloved franchise some quality love and attention. In fact, I’d probably buy even more merch if they would!

      • That’s true. But I guess it’s been that way since the beginning when they added certain cues to the 90’s anime just to sell makeup and stuff. Even now with this new series that’s been dragging on, it seems that most of the merch is still based on the original show.

        • Yeah, I don’t mind that to an extent, but sometimes they take it overboard. Not to mention, Sailor Moon merch is often on the expensive side.

  5. I don’t expect the films to premier till next Summer. With the current state there is no way they release anything in winter of all times.

  6. i heard that the third trailer will come around next tuesday the 30th i’ll probably hear about the dead moon circus’s Japanese Voice Actors

      • We all hope for some info about the films on June 30th despite the fact no event has been announced. Still on June 27 there will be a wjolevmagazine issue dedicated to Sailor Moon, which will also feature Eternal. Where did you hear that about the new trailer, Ricardo?

  7. not surprised one bit considering everything else that has been canceled or moved to a new date… everything in Wisconsin has been pushed so far to next year so nothing for summer at all… and as far as covid goes, I personally just had a very (extremely) close call with it… 1 staff where I work came back positive and another who I had contact with was neg… being in the medical field its super scary stuff and what not but I have to carry on even with this horrifying scare… also my partner of 20 years ran away to South Carolina, and I found out when I went to surprise him and wish him a happy bday… ran 3 months prior and dealing with that heart break on top of everything else… but that’s life I guess… please every and I mean this from the bottom of my heart everyone stay safe and healthy

    • Aw, I’m sorry supersonicjc. That’s really sad about your partner leaving you. I hope your life will have bright days soon, and contining on through your whole future.

      • one day at a time and thank you, karma is getting her sweet revenge on him already several times over and I don’t have to do a single thing… on the plus side I still have my health even with a covid scare at work

    • Good luck to you, dear supersonicjc. My friendly thoughts cross the Atlantic ocean to find you! Stay safe and healthy too. May you find the peace and solace you deserve despite and amidst the hardships you’re going through.

  8. Cannot wait for that Saturday edition of With dedicated to Sailor Moon. The movies got delayed, but they cannot remove the Eternal featuring. Fingers crossed for more art and new cast announcements

  9. This means we can also expect a lot more figures right?
    I’m not crazy about the new pulip style figures being released but the new S.H figuarts look cool.

    I also can’t wait for the new eternal editions coming out!

    Lets hang in there for a few more months and hope for amazing movies!

  10. Not Eternal Movie related, but I saw on two different Sailor Moon facebook pages that they’re doing a full color release of the manga:
    Isn’t this a little soon considering the Eternal editions haven’t even been out that long in Japan and they haven’t even finished releasing in North America? I mean, I love the new cover art Takeuchi created for it, but if she’s going make new art, I’d like to make a spin off series rather than just making new alternate covers.

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