The Sailor Moon SuperS dub is now available to stream on Hulu

Sailor Moon SuperS dub on Hulu

Great news for Sailor Moon fans who don’t want to spend money on physical media but don’t mind spending money on streaming video services. The new Viz English dub of Sailor Moon SuperS is now available on Hulu! The subbed version has been on Hulu for many years, but the dubbed episodes have only been released some time after the home video releases were sold in stores. I’m not sure exactly when this happened but it seems it was recently. I frequently received questions from fans asking when SuperS will be out on Hulu, so I know some people had been waiting for it! Earlier today I stumbled upon this article from Variety which listed “Sailor Moon: Season 4″ as being released on October 1st. When I doubled checked Hulu’s list of October releases, Sailor Moon was not listed, however the dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon SuperS were already streaming on the site.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 166 - Princess Serenity catching Sailor Chibi Moon

As a Canadian I don’t have the option to watch Hulu without some sort of proxy and I’m not going to bother paying for something which is that much trouble. Other streaming options exist in Canada, such as TubiTV, but that service does not offer the dubbed episodes which stream on Hulu. Fans can also watch subbed episodes on but this also doesn’t include the dubbed episodes. Until recently Yahoo View! was a free option for content which used to stream for free on Hulu but the service ceased in June of this year.

If like me you’re holding out on moving forward with the digital and streaming revolution you can listen to Viz’s Sailor Moon dub by buying the seasons using the links below.

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14 thoughts on “The Sailor Moon SuperS dub is now available to stream on Hulu

  1. I’ve wondering about this too! I wasn’t sure if there was even a Viz dub of the Super S series because I’ve noticed that only the other season before that are in dub, besides DiC. I first watched the dubs on DiC because that’s what I had found first; I didn’t even know about there being a whole another dub. I hope they add both SuperS and Sailor Stars on Hulu, it’d be a dream come true!! Plus I’m so happy that they finally decided to even do a dub for the Sailor Star’s seasons!! ????????

  2. Wow that’s great news! Thanks for sharing. Very excited to check out the dubbed version of Sailor Moon on Hulu. I normally watch anime on Netflix but recently discovered that Hulu had anime too. Now I have two great streaming sources to binge-watch =)

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