Listen to an English clip of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 including Haruka and Michiru

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 - Haruka

The Infinity arc of Sailor Moon Crystal will be released on home video by Viz on December 5th. In order to promote this release they’ve released a clip of the English dub from Act 27 part 1. This clip shows the girls playing a racing arcade game and first meeting Haruka and Michiru. Watch it below!

Since we’ve already heard Haruka and Michiru in Viz’s dub of Sailor Moon S these voices shouldn’t be much of a surprise for some of us. We first heard samples of those voices over a year ago. Sailor Moon S has since been released in its entirety on home video. While Sailor Moon Crystal is currently only available for pre-order from Right Stuf you can buy Sailor Moon S from Amazon using the links below.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27 - Racing

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29 thoughts on “Listen to an English clip of Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 including Haruka and Michiru

  1. I love the new voices, but I always find it funny how I think they fit better so much better in Crystal than the original. Not sure why I feel like that, but every time I see them in Crystal, I feel like they fit better.

    • I agree. I ask you, do you think it’s because of the tone of the original anime versus Crystal? Or the juxtoposition between old video quality and the new voice recordings?

      • Mostly the tone. But maybe a little of both.
        I think the Japanese and even some of the original English dub actors brought a lot of character to Sailor Moon while the Viz dub doesn’t do that for me. Often I cannot tell one girl’s voice from another (with the exception of Jupiter) and there is a lot of monotone, at least in my opinion.

        In Crystal this seems to work.

        • I recently saw a review on Youtube of the 1996 Viz dub of the Galaxy Express 999 movie that had some strangely familiar complaints about flat and emotionless voice acting.

          Looking at the cast of that dub, it seems to have mostly been the same crew of actors that voiced ReBoot, Transformers: Beast Wars, and Shadow Raiders – none of which seemed to have suffered noticable from such things.

          Is flat voice direction somehow part of Viz’s corpoarate DNA going back more than 20 years?

          • I believe you are right, a lot of these actors have more range in other dubs. It seems to be a Viz thing as far as Sailor Moon goes at least, and with the other evidence you shared, makes me think it is recurring.

  2. Wonder if this clip will trigger another “art style war” (Seasons 1-2 vs. 3) in a forum I attend. December 5 can’t come soon enough!

    • Too cool! In Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey novels he suggests that there is a diamond at the core of Jupiter. I think that’s in 2010 but perhaps it was 2061. In 3001 I believe they suggest the space elevators and orbital ring are made out of it!

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  4. Isn’t Usagi Tsukino too young to try race car driving on real life race car tracks? She was still a junior high school student in the Death Busters story arc. Perhaps Haruka Tenoh shouldn’t have suggested that Usagi visit the race car tracks.

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