Keiko Kitagawa looks like Rei while dressed as a fortune teller in Your Home is My Business

Keiko Kitagawa as a Fortune Teller in Your Home is My Business

Keiko Kitagawa, who played Sailor Mars in the live action Sailor Moon series, looks a bit familiar in an upcoming episode of Your Home is My Business. The show stars Keiko Kitagawa as a real estate agent and here we see her dressed as a fortune teller. To me this looks a lot like Rei did when she was a fortune teller in episode 189 of Sailor Stars. Coincidence? Probably. The show plays Wednesdays on NTV in Japan but I’m sure you can find it on the Internet if you try.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 189 - Rei the fortune teller

Why am I sharing this? There’s not much to post about with no Sailor Moon episodes playing every week! If you’re a fan of Keiko Kitagawa you should check out some of her drama series. A couple of them, Detective vs. Detectives and Hero are available to view on Crunchyroll.

Keiko Kitagawa in Your Home is My Business

Image source: keikokitagawa0822 on Instagram

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5 thoughts on “Keiko Kitagawa looks like Rei while dressed as a fortune teller in Your Home is My Business

  1. i know there isnt much news to write about but u could maybe entertain your following by posting when upcoming events in sailor drops are and your reviews on the difficulty/prizes whether theyre easy or the prizes are dumb lol i miss your sarcasm and covering the game is definitely sailormoon related, i check back all the time anticipating dream arc confirmation!

    • Speaking of Sailor Moon Drops, they’ve apparently added thirty stages for the Black Moon arc. I’m a little while away before I can get to them, but maybe someday I will.

      • i REFUSE to ask for a ribbon or whatever but 183 wont just give in and give me the god damn key! ive been distracted by all the bonus events and serenity recently but usually when i havent beaten a level with a high enough score the game finally gives in and gives me some decent pieces, but not 183. beat it three times but not enough to get the key! i hate sailor drops moon sometimes!

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