Listen to the new English voices of Sailor Uranus and Neptune in this clip of Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon S dub preview at Momocon - Michiru and Haruka

Here at Sailor Moon News I occasionally get questions via e-mail, Facebook or other social media accounts. The vast majority of those questions in the past 6 months have basically been “When are we getting the new English dub of Sailor Moon S??!!”. I respond with words but I never really have a good answer and we still don’t have one. Here’s a clip from that new dub from Viz’s official Sailor Moon panel at MomoCon yesterday, May 28th, at 7pm in Atlanta Georgia.

This clip features Erica Mendez as Sailor Uranus and Lauren Landa as Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon S episode 106, The Bond of Destiny: Uranus’s Distant Past. Both voice actors were announced almost a year ago on July 3rd at Anime Expo. Yes we have been waiting a really long time to see these episodes! The video caption says “More news soon!” and we certainly hope this is true. With other new dubbed episodes they are usually announced with some clips and then a Moonlight Party when they appear on Hulu. This is usually part of an advertisement campaign for the next home video release. Season Moon R part 2 has been out since October and was announced long before that.

Here’s hoping for something “soon”!

Update 2016-05-31: The original clip was removed so I’ve added different footage from the same YouTube user comparing the new dub to the original.

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21 thoughts on “Listen to the new English voices of Sailor Uranus and Neptune in this clip of Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon S

  1. Since there’s a break from Crystal they have more time to work on S. So it should be coming online soon.

    • I didn’t think of that but yes perhaps they stopped to work on Crystal pushing off Sailor Moon S. It may also have been intentionally timed so that not too many things were released at a time.

      • Found out the real reason it’s put off. Cause fans were complaining about video quality. So, they’re taking extra time to try to improve something that really was fine how it was. This means it’s the fans fault it’s taking so long for not being happy with what we have.

    • They actually finished dubbing S almost 6 months ago! They’re taking so long because they’re rethinking the remastering process and finally acknowledged that they made season 1&2 look like garbage.

  2. Amazing. Perfect castings. Moreover, likea other YouTube commenter said: finally, actresses who get how to give a proper transformation cry.
    I love how these two gals actually sound a bit likethe original Japanese actresses. Two thumbs up!

  3. I don’t believe this video was the best choice in terms of showcasing the new voices. Uranus and Neptune barely had any dialogue. How disappointing.

    From what I did hear, though, I like the sound of Uranus a lot; her voice actress seemed to possess the strength and slight masculinity that Uranus has. As for Neptune… well, nobody can compete with her Japanese voice actress!

  4. I’m still somewhat attached to the original voice actresses from the Cloverway dub, especially for Michiru, but I could get used to these two.

    • I whole heartly agree with that comment, altho Uranus does sound masculine for the whole lovers and her being butch I could like those 2 completely and eudial sounded awesome, motw sounded more generic tho, I loved the original dub of that episode even tho it wasn’t accurate lol, heres hoping that sometime in the near future we hear a release date, early fall perhaps?

    • I’m the uploader of the video that was deleted. I deleted it because Viz Media blocked it worldwide. I re-uploaded it as a comparison video with the CWi English Dub.

  5. Hey! I’m the uploader of the now deleted video that was in your article. I had to delete it because Viz Media went ahead and blocked it worldwide. I re-uploaded it as a comparison video with the CWi English Dub. Want the new link? I can either send it to you or you can find it on my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is “Teletoon Promos”.

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