Yuko Mizutani, the voice of Ikuko Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal, dies at age 51

Yuko Mizutani

It is with great sadness that I report that Yuko Mizutani has died as a result of breast cancer. She passed away on Tuesday, May 17th, at the age of 51. Yuko Mizutani has been a voice actress for many years but Sailor Moon fans would know her best as the voice of Sailor Moon’s mother Ikuko Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal. She has provided voices for characters in many other popular anime series such as Tekkaman Blade, Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (Samurai Pizza Cats), Martian Successor Nadesico, Saber Marionette J and Digimon. She will be remembered fondly by fans in Japan and throughout the world for years to come.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 - Ikuko Mama and Luna

Sailor Moon Crystal is still ongoing and Ikuko Tsukino will continue to appear later in the series. It remains to be seen who will continue in this role in the future.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon - Ikuko Mama

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26 thoughts on “Yuko Mizutani, the voice of Ikuko Tsukino in Sailor Moon Crystal, dies at age 51

  1. OMG this is so sad. She was so young.My eyes got waterish reading this sad news. She was the perfect voice for Ikuko Tsukino and I don’t know if they are gonna find someone as good as her. I belive that all the moonies around the world who heard about this news are are sad and speechless just like me in this moment

    • She will always be remembered for her hard work from all her fans around the world. My condolences to her family. I belive that this is one of the saddest blogs you have ever made Adam. One other sad blog that you have made is the death of Chieko Honda (the voice of Tellu)in the age of 49. The will both be remembered for their hard work :’-(

  2. That’s so sad…she was so young. I loved her voice for Ikuko.

    My condolences to her family and friends.

    • Is you’re heart made of stone . How can you think of something like that in this moment. A precious person for her family and for all her fans around the world passed away and you’re thinking how Toei can replace he. Gosh I can’t belive this

      • I completely understand that you are shocked and feel hurt, Leo, but I think you will harm yourself even more if you give too much importance to Luke’s clumsy reaction. Let your anger go and concentrate yourself on your own mourning so that you end up finding serenity, even in grief. Sadly, the others’ reactions to someone else’s death are not depending on us.

        Yuko Mizutani seemed to be a charming and luminous person, and her angelic voice was amazing, and was surely the reflect of who she really was :) . Wasn’t her smile sincere and soothing ?

        • I’m very sorry about my angry comment. I was just angry that how a life has passed away and someone don’t care about it.

          • Don’t be sorry :) . I felt the same as you did, but in such circumstances we are always the victims of our own anger.

          • This is Luke we’re talking about, I seriously think he may have some kind mental disability. He has the weirdest obsessions and he won’t let go of them even though they’ll never happen. I honestly wasn’t surprised by this insensitive idiot’s comment, in fact I didn’t even have to read his name to know he wrote it.

          • You dont have to say shut up to nobody because your the one who should shut up.I remember in a comment you said that you were 23 years old but you have a mind of a 6 year old.I really wanna belive that youre a troll cuz if youre not,you have a serious problem.

          • Okay dumbass, first off I’m a guy, second if you would just shut up and quit commenting all your stupid ass comments no one would be talking shit about you. Everytime you make a comment it’s always something stupid like seeing someone in Rei or Usagi’s arms or that stupid Pokemon and Sailor Moon crossover that’s never going to happen.

        • Tell Neputne’s in Uranus to shut up and leave me alone, and not call me dumb ass, and say anything stupid about me! I want a Pokemon/Sailor Moon anime crossover special, and I want it NOW! And I also want Ash Ketchum in Sailor Mars’ arms after being injured, and in Sailor Moon’s arms after being rescued in the final battle. ;)

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