Keiko Han and Yuko Minaguchi, the voices of Luna and Sailor Saturn, to appear at Animazement in May

Keiko Han, the voice of Luna in Sailor Moon

Keiko Han, the voice of Luna the cat from the Sailor Moon anime and live action series, and Yuko Minaguchi, the voice of Sailor Saturn from the anime, will be making appearance at the Animazement anime convention in North Caroline May 24th to the 26th.

Yuko Minaguchi, the voice of Sailor Saturn

Both of these Japanese voice actors have a ton of anime credits to their name and will surely have a very interesting perspective on the voice acting world in Japan and their roles in Sailor Moon. Though the schedule is not determined yet Animazement generally have guest panels and autograph signings. Check out Animazement’s guest page to see if any other of you favourite Japanese voice actors will be in appearance.

Sailor Moon S movie - Human Luna - Princess Kaguya

Sailor Saturn

Thanks to Rochele for mentioning this on our Facebook page.

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